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Andy Black

Pick a direction. Get started. Keep going.
Staff member
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May 20, 2014
I can't find my own threads so created this.
They're in the order they were created.
Hope it helps.

001) INTRO - AdWords dude saying hello
002) The Biggest Benefit of AdWords
003) Your Goal Is To INCREASE CPCs
004) Launch & Learn
005) Are You Only Buying Traffic?
006) AdWords Sneaky Extended Headlines
007) The Trick To Understanding AdWords
008) Newbie Mistake #1 - Limited by Budget
009) Newbie Mistake #2 - Our Landing Pages Don't Convert!
010) James Clear is awesome
011) The Holy Trinity of Paid Search
012) The allure of "easy money"
013) The Single Biggest Reason People Lose Money With AdWords
014) Don’t Let Google Control Where Your Traffic Goes
015) 18 Advanced AdWords Tips
016) Hidden Dangers of Wide Funnels
017) What's Your Problem?
018) Online Direct Response Metrics
019) The Most Important Formula in Business
020) Segmenting AdWords Data By More Than One Dimension
021) The Online Buying Lifecycle (video)
022) HOT TOPIC - Andy's AdWords Posts
023) Article: 32 Lead Generation Tactics
024) Harnessing Your Entrepreneurial ADD (video)
025) Unbounce article: common blogging mistakes
026) Default search engine for Firefox - changed from Google in US
028) [Video] How to get started (includes ice cream!)
029) The Need For Speed
030) Stop Thinking and Start Doing: The Power of Practicing More
031) How to get profitable or fail fast with AdWords
032) Article from Justin Jackson: Just Help People
033) HOT TOPIC - Getting Started - Ready, Fire, Aim: Stage 1 (0-$1M)
034) OFF-TOPIC - Productivity tip for Windows users
035) Video: Why growing 10x is easier than growing 2x
036) NOTABLE! - Yes, but... (no, Yes, and!)
037) TED Talk: Do schools kill creativity?
038) O/T: FUNNY - Funny lead came through this morning
039) Cheap database programming courses
040) The WHAT & WHY of Lead Gen
041) Articles by Richard Koch
042) Amy Hoy on "Why Blacksmiths are Better at Startups than You"
043) HOT TOPIC - Lead Gen for Local Service Businesses
044) What's better than low hanging fruit?
045) GOLD! - Please Bid On Your Brand Name!
046) Shane Parrish on "Goal Induced Blindness"
047) Article: 100 lessons from 100 entrepreneurs
048) Finding your focus
049) Who's dream are you building?
050) Article: The 13 Habits of Hyper-Productive People
051) What Happens When You Increase CPCs
052) Clarity of Purpose
053) NOTABLE! - Why not take off your coat and stay a while?
054) The GOLD Index
055) Excellent Free Udemy Course: Increase Your Influence
056) OFF-TOPIC - Merry Christmas TFLF (and best wishes if you don't celebrate Christmas)
057) NOTABLE! - [Progress] #AndyTalks
058) Gary Vaynerchuk: How to build a personal brand from nothing
059) What changes when you become an entrepreneur
060) This Secret CPA Method + Ninja Traffic Tactics = $1,000+/Weekly
061) HOT TOPIC - 10+ Years IT Contracting at €300-900/day (Learnings)
062) HOT TOPIC - Learnings from 700+ PMs with fellow forum members
063) HOT TOPIC - You don't need to be an expert
064) #AndyTalks AdWords (70 min video interview)
065) Are you a man amongst boys?
066) How I screwed up a sales pitch
067) OFF-TOPIC - Coca-Cola Hired This Man to Laugh Really, Really Hard on a Crowded Subway Train
068) Get started. Keep going.
069) AdWords location targeting tip
070) It's all about processes
071) People listen to experts, they follow leaders
072) The biggest mistake
073) Is it worth being Google AdWords certified?
074) Who can you help?
075) Segment your AdWords data!
076) You can go slower than you think
077) Local Lead Gen - Simplified
078) Social Media Image Sizes - Cheat sheet
079) OFF-TOPIC - WARNING: Amazon Phishing Attack
080) Categorising Keywords with MS-Excel
081) Maths Exam Tips
082) NOTABLE! - (Radio interview) How to quickly get started in business
083) HOT TOPIC - The biggest landing page mistake
084) Appreciate the now (37 seconds)
085) Breakeven to £1,000/day overnight by NOT split-testing
086) Are you *already* employed to solve problems?
087) How I often sell AdWords (3 mins)
088) HOT TOPIC - You don't need a website, you need sales
089) You're selling the wrong product (4 mins)
090) How to write an About Us page
091) It's my fault
092) Show, don't tell
093) You already know enough
094) Start
095) My friend, you are already IN the Fastlane.
096) How to write simply and get your point across
097) Silver lining thinking
098) Woohoo! One in a row!
099) AndyTalks with The-J about AdWords and Conversion Rate Optimization
100) How to record, edit and host Skype calls

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Andy Black

Pick a direction. Get started. Keep going.
Staff member
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
May 20, 2014
101) The crowd isn't starving
102) Sales solve everything
103) Stop Building Stuff
104) (Video) Great interview with a true entrepreneur
105) Oops. Another radio interview tomorrow.
106) Need > Know > Want > Looking
107) AndyTalks with TedM about Blogging, Authority, Services, & Sitting on Gold
108) Your marketing centre of gravity
109) HOT TOPIC - Spend your money on diesel and coffee
110) (Radio Interview) Freedom, Motivation, & Grow What You Know
111) HOT TOPIC - It's just a forum
112) What do you need?
113) You can't break tackles at marathon pace
114) HOT TOPIC - What uncomfortable thing did you do this week?
115) Freedom as an entrepreneur (Amusing PM w/Freelancer)
116) The extra twist
117) AndyTalks with Colum about Vlogging, Content Creation, & Choosing a Direction
118) What needs to have happened for you to be happy with progress?
119) Don't worry about selling your skill or time
120) Quotes to help you start
121) AndyTalks with SinisterLex about Selling & Scaling
122) AndyTalks to Nico about Graphic Design & Selling Services
123) AndyTalks to Random_0 about Growing a Local Lead Gen Business
124) A Quick & Inexpensive Way To Find Out If There Is A Market For Your Products/Services
125) NOTABLE! - AndyTalks with Forum Members (Master Thread)
126) What do you want to get better at?
127) BOOK - (Free) Breaking The Time Barrier
128) The first purchase is a test
129) What do you leave behind after you've spoken to a prospect?
130) AndyTalks with Fox about Selling Websites & AdWords Services
131) Do you want to learn more, or earn more?
132) AndyTalks with nzott about Quitting His Job & Figuring It Out
133) Getting started makes more CENTS
134) How! vs How?
135) AndyTalks with @srtricky about "Give them what they want. Sell them what they need."
136) (Personal Branding Tip) How to build a personal brand in one easy step
137) Scratch your own itch?
138) AndyTalks with @Scot about Sales, Silence, and Building Marketplaces
139) Keyword & Competitor Research for Local Lead Gen
140) Problems that can't be solved
141) (AdWords) Increase your CTR with ad extensions
142) MARKETPLACE - Andy's AdWords Course - Get found by the people already looking for you
143) AndyTalks with Paloma about Creating Courses & Demystifying AdWords
144) AndyTalks with @The-J about Creating Freelancing J.O.B.s by Accident
145) AndyTalks with @Pittman09 about his foray into AdWords
146) Good manners is smart business
147) HOT TOPIC - AndyTalks with @Contrarian about starting his side hustle in local lead gen
148) Money can't be in two places at once
149) 101 Learnings as a Digital Marketing Freelancer
150) Nice Article: Is school preparing our children for a world that no longer exists?
151) AndyTalks with a mastermind of budding business owners
152) AndyTalks with @Nicoknowsbest about Goal-Setting and moving from Freelancer through Agency
153) AndyTalks with @JoeyF about AdWords Local Lead Gen
154) Using LinkedIn to get Clients
155) Harnessing the siren call of busy work
158) AndyTalks with @Almantas about Making Plans and Making Progress
159) AndyTalks with @Tweeve11 about generating web design leads and business learnings
160) You don't need to be on any lists brother.
161) AndyTalks with @Scot about business failure and talking to people
162) Tell me what you've done and I'll tell you who you are
163) PM me
164) HOT TOPIC - When your back's against the wall...
165) AndyTalks with @Vilox about Cold Calling & Getting Over Yourself
166) HOT TOPIC - How to use forums (and Facebook groups)
167) How are AdWords PPC paid search ads ranked?
168) I refuse to spend less time with my kids
169) OFF-TOPIC - What should I present at a Wordcamp?
170) Do you know what makes you referable?
171) Show don't tell & Putting the first things first
172) Sales is a screening process
173) Whose fault is it?
174) The first purchase is a test
175) AndyTalks AdWords DIY, DFY, Funnels, Offers
176) AndyTalks with @JustKris about Webinars & Marketing Automation
177) AndyTalks with Charles about his inbound marketing strategies
178) AndyTalks with @MKAmsterdam about Advanced AdWords Structures & Strategies
179) Benefits of subscription models
180) AndyTalks to a budding digital marketer
181) Andy's Contractor CV (Breakdown, Tips & Tricks)
182) Podcast: Systematise your business
183) Essential podcast if you make sales online
184) Weekly Cycles - New Years Day every Monday!
185) Freelance and beyond
186) The biggest lie
187) OFF-TOPIC - Congrats SinisterLex on the new addition to your family
188) Simple tactic to stay focused for Q1
189) Richard Branson: Tips for happiness
190) What's your Infinity Project?
191) Video SUCS
192) EXECUTION - Figuring out blogging
193) Help one person at a time
194) You can't steer a parked car
195) AdWords Keyword Research
196) BOOK - Anything You Want by Derek Sivers
197) How to learn to give without wanting anything in return?
198) Time & Project Management in a nutshell
199) NOTABLE! - Describe your first sale as an entrepreneur!
200) Lines I live by
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Andy Black

Pick a direction. Get started. Keep going.
Staff member
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
May 20, 2014
201) 2018-Q2
202) BOOK - [Apr-2018 Book Giveaway] “Work Less, Make More” by James Schramko
203) AndyTalks to a "prospect" about AdWords
204) HOT TOPIC - GDPR. Anyone figured this out?
205) EXECUTION - Figuring Out Instagram
206) EXECUTION - Woohoo, it’s Monday!
207) Growing your business without spending money on advertising
208) W/C 14-May-18
209) OFF-TOPIC - FTC shuts down MOBE
210) Take my money
211) What a cool subscription box!
212) Open letter to a friend starting a business
213) A chat with a consultant about escaping the time for money trap
214) EXECUTION - Figuring Out Paid email newsletters
215) HOT TOPIC - Forbes article: How 20-Year-Old Kylie Jenner Built A $900 Million Fortune In Less Than 3 Years
216) Wrestling with the new Google Ads interface
217) A simple website selling my motorbike
218) Setting up a Service Desk (Helpdesk)
219) HOT TOPIC - (Audio) Who have you helped?
220) The person who'll run with the ball is the person who catches it
221) Man gets to choose whether he spends eternity in heaven or hell
222) Fantastic podcast about YouTube advertising
223) NOTABLE! - What if you already know enough?
224) How to not be spammy
225) HOT TOPIC - Lack of time?
226) A good example of advertising with YouTube
227) Get to the point
228) HOT TOPIC - Andy's Inbound/Sales Braindump
229) Using Pivot-Tables to analyse Google Ads data
230) Great cold email podcast
231) Cold emailing for service businesses
232) Overthinking is the art of solving problems you don’t have
233) What's the point complaining?
234) [Video] Google Ads Review - Laudromat
235) Services vs Products
236) Sales for the introverted
237) Cal Newport podcast: Digital Minimalism
238) Are you a starfish, or a crab in a bucket?
239) Earn your fecking stripes
240) A sales tip for techies
241) How to contact Google Ad support via chat
242) Link to article: Maintaining strong community culture
243) - Cool invoicing tool
244) (Article) Facebook to focus on groups and messaging
245) How to overcome distractions
246) (Podcast) Building a 985,000-Subscriber Facebook Page
247) HOT TOPIC - Andy shoots the breeze with eliquid
248) How to be less busy
249) Click here to write a better call-to-action
250) (Video) The Contrepreneur Formula Exposed
251) (Video) Google Ads Audit
252) Podcast discussion:
253) EXECUTION - Figuring out Facebook
254) (Video) Keyword Research for a business that wants to sell shoes online
255) EXECUTION - Figuring out workshops
256) HOT TOPIC - Cyrptocurrency news: Facebook launches Libra
257) Online courses on Fiverr vs Udemy?
258) HOT TOPIC - The US Needs More Tradespeople
259) [Podcast] Alden Mills - 4 Leadership Lessons from a Navy SEAL
260) IMPORTANT! - How to (create threads that) get engagement
261) Business/Marketing Presentations From Back in July 2010
262) OFF-TOPIC - Oh wow... I've just found
263) A great example of survivor bias
264) EXECUTION - Creating a book?
265) New Year's Day every week?
266) EXECUTION - Figuring out YouTube
267) Google Ads: Google dipping their hand in our wallets
268) A course on creating cover letters
269) "Build Your High Ground" & "Grow What You Know"
270) BOOK - “Give and Take” by Adam Grant
271) A message to a friend who's overwhelmed and worried
272) (Video) Setting up our Asset Register & SOPs
273) Time-blocking my week
274) How to start outsourcing
275) Infusionsoft is now Keap
276) A List of YouTube Threads
277) It’s my fault
278) What’s your red and green flags?
279) OFF-TOPIC - Using Snagit to capture and annotate screenshots
280) For you kids still in school (How I improved my grades.)
281) EXECUTION - Growing an email list with Google Ads
282) I'm doing it anyway
283) EXECUTION - An Excel Course?
284) How to validate and sell a course - my project plan
285) How to create NEAT Excel spreadsheets - that other people can understand and use!
286) EXECUTION - Growing a video ads agency
287) Analysing data in Excel using simple text manipulation & pivot-tables
288) Creating a Simple Dashboard Using Google Sheets
289) EXECUTION - Creating videos of favourite quotes
290) Optimistic Anxiety
291) Tips Working Remotely
292) OFF-TOPIC - Funnies doing the rounds because kids are at home
293) FREE chat about your Google Ads campaigns
294) EXECUTION - Online Maths tutoring
295) C0VlD-19: Ad credits for Google Ads Small and Medium-sized Businesses
296) Great article with moving graphs and text (how is this done?)
297) EXECUTION - A Google Ads Lead-Gen Project
298) Cashflow advice during the current C0VlD-19 crisis
299) Free C0VlD-19 Courses (by medical writers)
300) C0VlD-19/Coronavirus Disapproved In Google Ads
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Andy Black

Pick a direction. Get started. Keep going.
Staff member
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
May 20, 2014
301) O/T: HEALTH - Fitness app with countdown timers?
302) Google Shopping to show free listings
303) Blaise Brosnan Discusses Business Survival During C0VlD-19
304) EXECUTION - Figuring Out LinkedIn
305) HOT TOPIC - Fortnite/Minecraft Thoughts
306) OFF-TOPIC - Article: Twitter Just Told Employees They Can Work From Home Permanently
307) WTF?! A 14 hour course on how to be more productive working at home?!?
308) Keep doing the right thing, the results will follow
309) Facebook shops?
310) AndyTalks with Sonny about getting his 1st digital marketing client
311) Viral growth lessons from founder
312) Breakdown of a CV that worked
313) Article: LinkedIn introduces retargeting
314) Make sentences punchier
315) Kak & Andy discuss the importance of building relationships in business
316) Zara Parent to Close 1,200 Stores and Invest $3 Billion in E-Commerce
317) How to transcribe with Google Docs
318) Content creation tips? (Video, audio, written)
319) OFF-TOPIC - Please leave reviews of Kak and Vigilante radio shows
320) How to help people if you don’t think you can add value
321) Praise in public. Criticise in private.
322) EXECUTION - [Master List] YouTube Progress Threads
323) Reduce overwhelm/stress by creating positive feedback loops & getting market echos early
324) [Article Discussion] - The "Audience First" Strategy
325) Document as you go along
326) Google Ads for Business Owners (Masterclass Replay)
327) OFF-TOPIC - Google docs tips and tricks for 2020
328) OFF-TOPIC - Canva at 30 million active users
329) ITPRO.TV - Inspiring membership site helping IT professionals advance their careers
330) Are any of you live streaming?
331) (Google Ads) The phone stopped ringing! Is it from going to level 5 lockdown?
332) Nothing’s so bad it couldn’t be worse
333) Be Open To Receive
334) Tell different people the same thing, instead of the same people different things
335) What wins did you have last week? What would make this week a win?
336) Anyone using Zapier? What cool Zaps have you setup?
337) OFF-TOPIC - What is Clubhouse?
338) MARKETPLACE - Andy's $15/mth Google Ads Bootcamp
339) Andy discusses Google Ads on The Subscription Box Show
340) BarkBox going public in $1.6 billion deal
341) Make friends, build relationships, and create win-wins
342) Just start already
343) OFF-TOPIC - 10 min indoor circuits for kids (and parents?)
344) EXECUTION - Figuring Out Twitter
345) Sales For Techies, Creators, and The Introverted
346) EXECUTION - Let's Chat Sales
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Andy Black

Pick a direction. Get started. Keep going.
Staff member
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
May 20, 2014
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Andy Black

Pick a direction. Get started. Keep going.
Staff member
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
May 20, 2014
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Andy Black

Pick a direction. Get started. Keep going.
Staff member
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
May 20, 2014

MJ DeMarco

Staff member
I've Read Rat-Race Escape!
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Summit Attendee
Speedway Pass
Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Damn! Now that's an Epic Contribution!

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