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colinmacinnis wrote on cmor16's profile.
Thanks for liking the comment I wrote on that intro. I'm also a Nova Scotian. I didn't mean to offend people by sharing links, just trying to be friendly/say hello.

Do you have any tips for how I should be engaging on this forum if at all?

Thank you
Damn I have been hanging out with these guys for 8 years and have not driven MJs car once. I am on my way to buy my own.
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Dylan Hobrecht wrote on DrWumbo's profile.
What's up Wimbo! I saw your post in a 100k progress thread by some gold contributor dude. I'm kind of not to far off in the journey from where your at. Would love to chat?
Noisyroblot101 wrote on daftypunk's profile.
Hey Dafty,

I was trying to join your Discord server with the link you posted in that thread, but the invite link has inspired. You've gotta replace it with a permanent link ASAP. (I'm really interested in joining!)

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