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Extremely excited to be part of the forum and move into the fastlane. Have had lots of ideas but have sucked at the execution part. Have a great paying job that has made it hard to really commit.
Hello room my name is Michael ukaegbu am an internet entrepreneur. I major in affiliate marketing, dropshipping and digital content creation (blogging). I hope my participation in this forum would be profitable to my business and career as I journey through the fast lane
changinglanes12 wrote on Strm's profile.
Hy again :) You said you could give me some tips and tricks. I would be very grateful
TYJ wrote on Walter Hay's profile.
Hi Walter,

In your opinion as an Importer based in the United States doing B2B of agricultural commodities into United States from say Africa
with a small budget is it realistic to start off as a supplier commission agent?

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