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About The Fastlane Forum: A Community for Startup Entrepreneurs

Our Mission For You.

Can The Fastlane Forum Change Your Life?

The Fastlane Forum's mission is to encourage entrepreneurs to become valued contributors to society, successful, financially independent, and self-sufficient through leveraged and disciplined entrepreneurship, or UNSCRIPTED™ Entrepreneurship.

UNSCRIPTED™ Entrepreneurship is based on the Fastlane Business Structure where innovation, creativity, and problem solving is executed in scale. It is outward focused as opposed to inward. The forum is based upon the principles outlined in the international best selling book(s), The Millionaire Fastlane and UNSCRIPTED (Learn More ).

UNSCRIPTED™ Entrepreneurship is not something you "do" or "try"— it's something you live. This forum has been created to inspire your walk down the road, and to share in the experience of others who have made the decision to embark on the most spectacular journey life can offer— the journey of living an entrepreneur's life.

My best wishes,

MJ DeMarco
Founder, The Fastlane Forum
Founder, Viperion Publishing Corp.
Semi-Retired Entrepreneur
International Best-Selling Author of The Millionaire Fastlane and UNSCRIPTED

The C.E.N.T.S. Commandments

The UNSCRIPTED philosophy is based on five core Commandments within the Fastlane Business Structure, frequently referred to as CENTS or NECST. Here are a review of those core principles in the FBS structure.

  • #1: The Commandment of Control.

    As an entrepreneur, you want to control your business whereas no one entity can put you into bankruptcy. For example, will a Google algorithm change kill your business? Will that MLM company go out of business and destroy all you worked for? Will Facebook change its Terms of Service for application calls and all of sudden you're out of business? Did that great affiliate program you've been hawking suddenly stop paying? Or change its terms and now you're shit-out-of-luck? The Commandment of Control eliminates 3rd party risks that can take down your business in one swift stroke. You can either paint your own big picture, or be a swab of paint in someone else's.
  • #2: The Commandment of Entry

    Entrepreneurs are problem solvers. If anyone can mimic your business overnight by following a simple 1-2-3 step process, you're not solving any problems. In fact, the more difficult it is to start your business, the better the opportunity you have. The difficulty IS the opportunity. Fortunes are not made in a business you created overnight -- fortunes are made by solving problems and delivering value to the market in a strongly defended position.
  • #3: The Commandment of Need

    Provide value. Solve a problem. Satisfy a want. Inspire someone. Make em laugh or cry. Make em healthy and vibrant. Bottomline? The market doesn't give a shit about your motives. It doesn't give a shit about your passions, your loves, or your desires to drive a Ferrari. Throw the GURU BS out the window if you want to succeed because the only thing the market wants to know is this: "What the heck can you do for me?". Fastlane Entrepreneurs are committed to providing value, fulfilling needs, and satisfying wants because they know it attracts money.
  • #4: The Commandment of Time

    Making money is great, but what good is it if you don't have time to spend it? Or enjoy your freedom? The Commandment of Time specifies that your business must be able to detach itself from your time. This is accomplished by creative inventions that exist separate from your time. In other words, your time is divorced from the act of sale and distribution. It could be a book, a piece of software, a website, or a product custom built and branded imported from Mexico.
  • #5: The Commandment of Scale

    In order to generate massive wealth, you must sell massive product, and have that product detached from your time. If you cannot sell 10,000 in one day and are limited in production and/or distribution, you will be limited in the amount of money you can earn. Examine your ceiling-- if you can touch it, you've got a scale problem. Start thinking bigger. To make millions, is to impact millions.

The Rules

Don't Get Booted! The Rules of the Fastlane Road

The forum staff has some of the quickest "ban triggers" in the land. Spam and you will be gone. Troll and you will be gone. Sig pimp and you will be gone. Learn the rules before proceeding.

  • NO MLM Discussion or Promotion

    We get it. You're excited that you just found out about this great "ground floor opportunity" that everyone is doing, including [name drop here] and its going to make you filthy rich by just telling 3 people about it, and they tell 3 people, and... blah blah blah. Unfortunately, none of us care and none of us want to be involved in it. Fastlaners don't follow the crowd because the crowd is usually 2 paychecks from broke. Please, take your MLM hype somewhere else... unless you propose to OWN the MLM.
  • No "Make Money Online" Crap

    This is a forum about starting businesses... REAL businesses that solve problems and fill needs. This is NOT a forum about how to sell some worthless "marketing secrets" program that's been repackaged, rehyped, and resold 10,000 times. If you're of the "make money fast" crowd, this forum isn't for you. A Fastlane Entrepreneur might make money fast, but *fast* is relative to a few years, not a few weeks. The devil is in the process— not in some secret sauce.
  • No Signatures Until 100 posts.

    To keep the backlink spammers and self-promoters at bay, users are not allowed to have signatures until 100 posts. If you want to bypass this requirement, please subscribe to be an INSIDER. Insiders can immediately post a signature.
  • Self-Promotion is Cool... But Only If We Know You.

    Most forums suck because everyone is selling their shit to everyone else. Soon, the forum becomes nothing but a bunch of "I agree" posts with spammy backlinks to some stupid "How I made $2,200 in one day with Facebook Ads!" PDF. We WANT to hear about what you're doing and how you can help us, but please, make sure you've hung out a bit and got a feel for the forum first. Would you walk into a party of strangers and announce "Hey guys! Check out my widget for sale!"?
  • No Trolling

    I know. You're a legend in your own mind. You were a star quarterback in high school. You were an employee of the month twice last year. You drive a 3-series BMW. You can write mind-blowing prose and slay foes with the simple strike of a key. You've read The Millionaire Fastlane and it immediately ended up in your backyard fire-pit. Yup, you think it's garbage, and that MJ DeMarco is a scam, and now you're here to prove it to the world. While you're entitled to your opinion, you're not entitled to use this forum to promote your objective. I would suggest you do that at YOUR OWN FORUM... ya know, the one with millions of page views that YOU CREATED?
  • Keep the "Lockerroom" PUA Language At Home.

    I'm sorry, but none of us want to hear how you are a master at "slaying chicks", "getting laid" and "pulling tail". Women entrepreneurs have some of the best insights. If we are to benefit from their opinions, refrain from posting immature locker room, beer-buddy guy talk— keep this stuff to your own private networks. Look at this forum as a CEO boardroom composed of half women, half men. Don't be a douche as none of us want to hear your gender worldviews.
  • User "Off Loading" to Your Own Private Groups/Communities is Not Allowed.

    Using the forum to grow your own offsite forum, community, or group is not allowed. These posts are promptly removed. Example: "Hey guys, love the forum! Why don't some of you join my Discord or Telegram group!" You wouldn't walk into McDonalds and sell people on your new burger chain would you?

  • No Solicitation for Partners, Investors and/or Money.

    This forum is not to be used for solicitation of investors, money, startup capital, or any type of funding. This is not a crowdfunding website. While we cannot prevent you from forming and establishing positive relationships, you cannot actively post any type of solicitation here seeking money for any purpose. The best way to seek beneficial relationships is to establish a reputation here at the forum.
  • No Integrity? No Ethics? Please Get Lost.

    If you're here to steal someones' idea and their process for executing that idea, please get lost. The contributions made on this forum are made with the implied understanding that you will use the information for your own venture, your own product, and your own idea. If someone takes the time to mentor your progress, take the time to apply those action in an endeavor that doesn't endanger the livelihood of the person who helped you. In other words, don't bite the hand that helped you.


Some Q&A About Your Account at Fastlane

  • If I Haven't Read The Millionaire Fastlane, UNSCRIPTED, or The Rat Race Escape, Is That OK?

    Of course. While there are no participation requirements for the forum, familiarity with the concepts outlined in the three books is recommended. Without them, you will be speaking another language, and often asking questions that are either explained in the books, or outside of the scope of a Fastlane enterprise.
  • Why Can't I See The Forums At the Bottom of the Home Page?

    Those are our INSIDER forums which are private and require a subscription. For more information, please visit INSIDERS info page. Our INSIDER forum has over 5,000 posts and is more action oriented. Some of the best process threads reside on the INSIDE and can be years long, often resulting in a profitable and growing company.
  • Why Can't I Talk About My Awesome MLM? My Sponsor Drives a Mercedes C-Class.

    Read the book this forum is based upon. Refer to Commandments #1 and #2.
  • How Can I Contact A Member of This Forum?

    Some of our best contributors are overwhelmed with emails, private messages, and other personal matters. Contacting them is at their discretion via the privacy settings on this forum. "Conversations" is our private messaging function -- if a member allows conversations, you can message them by clicking conversations in your USERNAME dropdown found on the upper right of the navigation bar. (Please note: Conversations are enabled after you make your first post.)
  • How Can I Delete A Thread I Made a Few Months Ago?

    Content is not deleted, but all your personal data can be. Such anonymizes all user submitted content. One things we take seriously here at Fastlane is the time our contributors put forth into member questions. To delete a thread is to steal the time of those who took the time to respond. If your thread exposes a GPDR, privacy or personal issue, please use the contact form (linked below in the footer) to request a removal. Threads/posts can be edited for about 10 days before being locked in.
  • How Do I Cancel My Insider Subscription?

    Simply login to PayPal and cancel the reoccurring subscription. You do not need to email the forum. Credit card orders via Viperion are not auto renewed, so just let the term expire.
  • How Do I Delete My Account?

    Contact the forum (link below in footer, right side) and request the deletion. Please note however, user deletions permanently removes all personal account data but does not delete the user's content unless such content contains personal identifying information. In all deletion cases, all personal identification content is wiped, including email addresses, websites, and usernames. Submitted content becomes anonymized and set with a randomly assigned Guest user account.
  • How Do I Advertise At Fastlane?

    Please visit our subscription page and purchase a MARKETPLACE Ad. Marketplace Ads are threads which allow for self-promotion, linking, and advertorial material.

Is Fastlane For You?

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