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Stop Thinking and Start Doing: The Power of Practicing More

Andy Black

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May 20, 2014


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May 28, 2014
speaking the foreign language
Hmm...I agreed with everything, but this part. lol I have a book and it didn't explain very well, took a class online for three weeks that was free, and it explained brilliantly for dutch grammar.

So, I can't say just speaking the language will produce results, if you have to pass a government test on how to read, write, and speak. Just thought I would point that out, and use multiple things, because I would get bored reading the same chapter over and over again, because we do this weekly. The Docent (teacher) doesn't want you to move ahead. :( My brain likes to be speedy and so I like to whip through things, and learn fast.

So, there's just learning how to make the sounds, and omg...the words like I said are like bubble gum in your mouth. I hate the g sound because I can't do it very well. Some person on YT said, " It's kind of like being on the baseball diamond and chewing and spitting, to make the sound. Ha ha! Maybe I need to go take some action and by some chewing tobacco and it will force me to make the sound. (Just Kidding.) That would be very gross. Just put a Yankee's cap on and throw a pitch. I'm an America. But I know what you mean, I keep getting lectured about speaking, but I think it's kind of embarrassing when you never learned to make weird sounds in the first place. lol The G sound isn't in our vocabulary. I've never learned another language before, so, yes I did procrastinate at first, because it's just alien to me. And then it has the H sound. Ha ha!

I have learned this though. Ha Ha! Ik ben Mattie. En Jij? Jij is Andy. Dag (Hi!) Andy! Dag (Bye) Andy!


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Sep 12, 2011
Anchorage, AK
I have learned this though. Ha Ha! Ik ben Mattie. En Jij? Jij is Andy. Dag (Hi!) Andy! Dag (Bye) Andy!

Hallo Mattie. Ik ben Fiona. Als je wilt oefenen, stuur me een PM. ;) (I know Dutch - send me a PM if you want some practice).

Re: the article - I really like James' writing. He always has some good insights.

I used to spend all day studying something or another. It was fun but I never did anything with what I learned.

I still let myself spend some time learning new things every day, but I added something to my daily goal list on HabitRPG that helped - 5 minute starts. I spend at least 5 minutes per topic I've been studying, working on implementing whatever knowledge I learned, practicing, etc. Its only 5 minutes, but once I get started I often spend more time on it. I've found it to be a good way to start using what I learn.

I've found it to be useful.


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Mar 13, 2013
Glasgow, Scotland
Agree totally with this im a keen learner and always wanting to broaden my horizon but its actually by doing you learn best. (Well it seems to work for me).

Oh and I know this is offtopic but the Dutch, We learned German back in High School so I find it quite interesting because lots of the words are like German or similar to then also like English or match it so you can decipher it quite easily.
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Sep 12, 2011
This was a good book. My biggest take away was to focus on the process, not on the event. The process is the rudder of the ship that steers you towards your goal.

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