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A discussion forum where users can comment on matters of relevance to Content is also available through the Sites. "VC" is not responsible or liable for postings or comments ("the Content")made by third-party users. Users may publish and submit, at their discretion, opinions, comments, statements, videos, and/or pictures which may or may not be factual. The comments and opinions expressed in the discussion forum represent the views solely of the participating users and not of "VC". We cannot confirm that those identifying themselves are the persons they claim to be. These comments/opinions are not reviewed or edited by "VC" and in no way should such comments or opinions be construed to be the comments or opinions of "VC". Although "VC" does not routinely review or approve comments or opinions, it reserves the right to remove specific comments and opinions in cases where the discussion forum is abused. In the event that a third party has submitted content and you would like to request removal, please send notification to the email address listed in these terms.

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10. Limitation of Liability


11. No Agency

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12. Notices

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13. Governing Law

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14. Waiver

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