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AndyTalks with a mastermind of budding business owners

Andy Black

Help people. Get paid. Help more people.
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May 20, 2014
A chat with a mastermind of budding business owners

4 guys working day jobs and working on side-hustles and doing lots of great things.

First time I've had a chat with a group in this format. It was fun and I hope I added value and helped.

What were your takeaways?

What will you do differently going forward?

(For other recordings click HERE.)
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Mar 31, 2014
Interesting chat, thank you for sharing!

My take-aways, thoughts and advice:

Stop Building Stuff - (Stop "Building" Stuff)
When someone was talking about the process of developing a product/service for a year or longer and needing heavy seed money, my alarm bells went off. First off, I don't know all the circumstances and therefore might not be able to judge the situation properly. But I have been there. I have invested months in building software nobody wanted. I have worked for companies who spent years and millions building solutions nobody was willing to pay for.

It's years and thousands wasted, if you don't engage the market early.

It's like preparing asking your dream lady out for a date. You have been preparing for years, only to find out that she is already married with two kids.

There might be scenarios where this approach makes sense, but from personal experiences, I don't know such.

Food for thought...

Do NOT Dabble - (Notable! - No Dabble Zone)
Whatever it is you do, don't dabble. Don't test the waters. Just do it. Go out and help people with what you can do for them today.

An Employee's mindset
A desk is for execution. Wow, this really hit hard. I too catch myself quite regularly when accusing myself of not working, only because I am not at my desk. If you have worked a regular job for years, this thinking was really indoctrinated. You don't sit at your desk staring at your screen? You don't work! Funnily enough, my biggest mental break-throughs of the recent past were celebrated in the car, in the supermarket queue or during a non-related conversation with a peer.

I restructured my days and there is now more space for my brain to catch up. What I found to be extremely effective is to "break" the day into two parts by going to the gym over lunch.

It's not about working less, or living the nomad lifestyle. It's simply about becoming more efficient, better and smarter.

If Money Was No Object
If money was no object, what would you ideally spend your time with. Start doing this already...

This is something I'll ponder over on the weekend.

I am not a procrastinator, but some things I just cannot get done. Maybe there's a reason for this?

Digging deeper on this matter...

Great conversation, thanks to everybody involved!

P.S.: I need to check out 80/20 Marketing, seems like a great read.

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