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A sales tip for techies

Discussion in 'Advertising, Marketing, Social Media' started by Andy Black, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Andy Black

    Andy Black Any colour, as long as it's red. Staff Member Read Millionaire Fastlane FASTLANE INSIDER Speedway Pass LEGENDARY CONTRIBUTOR

    Likes Received:
    May 20, 2014
    Rep Bank:
    I’ve been meaning to write about this for years and it recently came to a head when someone asked me to review some cold emails they were sending out. It’s a bit long and rambling but I hope it helps.

    Anyway, here goes...


    A friend was made redundant after three decades as a pharmaceutical sales rep. It hit him hard, and left him with no desire to work for another company.

    I suggested he work with me for three months and see if he could bring me clients. We spent hours going over stories how I’ve helped businesses and how I’ve signed them up.

    He arranged a meeting for me with a prospect and listened while I chatted to her for an hour.

    After that meeting my friend told me “You’re not a salesman Andy.” He explained how much more there was to learn about sales, and how big his library of sales books was. I smiled and nodded.

    To help sign up a local car dealership, my friend went round with his laptop so I could have a Skype call with them.

    I spotted instantly the business owners were a couple of regular guys hustling hard to build their business, and that they’d appreciate straight talking.

    I did my thing on the call, the client signed up, and we’re into our third month helping them.

    Last week my salesman friend told me he wanted to get me on calls with prospects more often, explaining that I bring a lot of value to those calls.

    So why did he say that after he initially proclaimed that I’m not a salesman, and how can it help you?

    What my friend didn’t realise back then is that I try damn hard to NOT be a salesman.

    I’ve since explained to him that when I pop into my local garage with a weird rattle in my engine then I prefer talking to the guys in the oily overalls to the guys in the suits.

    That when I ring up Google with a problem then I’d much rather speak to a technical specialist who can tell me exactly what’s up with my account, even if they’re not as smooth on the phone as an “account strategist”.

    And that I know I’m a techie, a regular guy, and that I play to that deliberately.

    On sales calls I talk too much. I get way too excited. I often speak first to fill in the awkward silence (a big no-no to the sales folks amongst us). I wave my hands in the air, interrupt myself, and go off at tangents. I propose solutions there and then, get carried away, and give away too much.

    In short, I act like a techie who loves what he does rather than a salesman trying to close a sale. I do all the things a salesman accompanying me would want me to stop doing.

    Except I know this works. I’ve been doing it for years.

    I’ve had big agencies in Dublin wheel me into meetings to answer questions from the marketing team in a big corporate they’re pitching to. Apparently one marketing director was sold the moment I bounced over to the flip chart and started doodling to answer his questions.

    I “allow” myself to get super passionate and excited about what I do. I don’t try and put a lid on it, or act how I may think a good salesman or good businessman would. If anything I ham it up!

    I try to be that guy with oily overalls that loves cars and wants to chat about them all day long.

    If you’re a techie then consider playing to it, rather than trying to dampen it down and become more of what you think a professional salesman or businessman would be.

    Learn about sales by all means, but just consider acting more how a techie would than how you believe a professional salesman or businessman would.

    Chances are you’ll do better at sales by not trying to make sales.
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  2. 404profound

    404profound Gold Contributor I've Read UNSCRIPTED Speedway Pass

    Likes Received:
    Aug 27, 2017
    Desert of Desertion
    Rep Bank:
    I can't wait to tell my prospects about the asynchronous beauty of javascript :D... jk.. but you make a great point. In this day and age people are straight up tired of being talked to like laymen. They want to be able to trust what they've paid for (or will be paying for), and trust comes from a deeper level of understanding, and a knowledge that the business's motives extend beyond obtaining money.
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  3. astr0

    astr0 Grinding Read Millionaire Fastlane I've Read UNSCRIPTED FASTLANE INSIDER Speedway Pass

    Likes Received:
    Dec 3, 2017
    Lviv, Ukraine
    Rep Bank:
    Thanks for another great advice, Andy!

    Just wanted to add that, as 404profound mentioned, getting too excited and deep in tech details may hurt.
    Usually, people get a feeling if another person still understands them. Use that to check if you're still talking on the same language.

    Look professional, but not too geeky.
    Prospect understands that it's not your last talk and may decline if it's hard to understand you.
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