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The GOLD Index

Andy Black

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May 20, 2014
I'm going to list all the Gold Threads in the forum. It'll take me a few days, so bear with me.

Can you please link to your favourite Gold Threads and tell us what impact it's had on you? I'll eventually weave your notes into this summary post.

(Bonus tip - say thanks to whoever's helped you and tag them so they can see what it's done for you. It will make their day to know their efforts are appreciated. This shouldn't replace your thanks in that thread itself, so feel free to add your story in the Gold Thread too.)

You can find the latest 50 Gold Threads in the left hand menu in the forum home page.

In no particular order:

GOLD Threads On The Outside:

Absolute Beginners Guide to TMF & TFLF

Ever wonder how people end up in dead end jobs at 40?

Ask me anything about eCommerce (2015+)

[AMA] Importing & wholesaling for resale on eBay.

SinisterLex's Raw Review Corner

What was your biggest business and life lesson in 2014?

Getting started is this simple...

The "Astonishing Secrets" Thread

A Hustler's Guide To Buying And Selling Anything (Part 1)

A Hustler's Guide To Buying And Selling Anything (Part 2)

How to Make $1,000 a Week with no Degree, no Feedback, & no Portfolio.

Sharing my lifetime experience in export/import. Product sourcing specialist.

Hello from Denver - self publishing success

Learning to Program is STUPID! (or SMART?!)

[PROGRESS THREAD] ChickenHawk's Self-Published Fiction EBooks

Jason's How to Build Wealth & Golden Nuggets

GO TO COLLEGE... A little Rant.

My Newest Venture: Tie Mags

[AMA] Fastlane 201: How I Went From Employee to Self Sustenance

Being in a relationship with a slowlaner...

Golden Nuggets- Tips, processes, & How To's

Well... I'm officially a Millionaire

Gullible MLM junkies. SOS

The secret that was left out of The Millionaire Fast Lane Book

24 Years Old, Quit Six-Figure Job, Launched Two Businesses

STOP Paying Rent – Live For Free!

How to Find Non-Public Email Addresses

9 Slap Your Face Lessons You Need to Learn From This Shark Tank Success Story

Guys I Wouldn't Bet On

Is This Fastlane? Uh, No, It Isn't

No Network, No Money, No Idea, No Education – No Problem!

Please Bid on Your Brand Name

How Bad Do You Want It? Enough To Go All In?

This Is Why You Are Stuck

If You Ever Feel Stuck – Read This

Self-Publishing Resources and Websites

How I Went From Financial App Failure to Finding Success on the App Store

Sorry, But the Forum Can't Make Your Life Decisions For You

What One Year on This Forum Can Do

The Beautiful Roses and the Raging River

RANT: Raise the Minimum Wage, This is so Unfair!

The Rarest Reddit Find of All: Actual Gold (Legendary Comic)

How I Lost a Million Dollars But am Happier and Stronger Than Ever

Startup #3: Feedbackz + Amazio Labs (Amazon FBA Seller Blog)

(To be continued...)

GOLD Threads On The Inside:

(To be continued...)
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Andy Black

Help people. Get paid. Help more people.
Staff member
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May 20, 2014

Andy Black

Help people. Get paid. Help more people.
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May 20, 2014


Came for the $. Stayed for the Ice Cream.
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May 27, 2015
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Jan 9, 2013
How to Make 1,000 a week with no degree, no feedback, no portfolio

One of my favourite threads on here, very inspirational, great for showing the mindset and encouraging action. Lex shows what's possible with the right mindset + action. I'm pretty sure this thread created thousands of aspiring copywriters. That's not the point of the thread. Be you focused, add value, help people, and leverage your skills - with CONFIDENCE!

Astonishing Secrets

Another great thread packed full of good info. There's a lot of mindset info in here too.

Compilation of Peter2 Advice

Lot of varied info in here, definitely worth a look through. Some of it gives you info, some of it makes you think, some makes you laugh. Well, it did for me anyway. Anytime you have 5-10 mins you should read this thread, it's very concise and very valuable in a variety of areas.

Jason''s Golden Nuggets

Jason dropping free knowledge from his own experience. You can shave months, even years, off your own journey by learning from both his successes and failures.

7 Things to do if you don't want to be a millionaire

7 things you should be avoiding as much as possible. . .

Hello From Denver - HFR's Self Pub. Thread

HFR's self publishing thread. Read through and see the mindset & process in action. The special thing about this thread for me is it (re)ignited the self publishing passion for a few others on here that have gone on to do great things and their own progress threads, including other gold threads. That alone shows the kind of value that's in here.

ChickenHawks Self Pub. Thread

One of the threads that came about after HFR's, ChickenHawk also details the process quite deeply. You can see where she starts from, what her prior experiences were, and how that gradually gets her to where she is now. Very inspiring.

Save Yourself Years of Frustration

More mindset GOLD! See the pattern yet?

The Final Solution for all 'I Have Money, What Should I Do?' Threads

The opening post on this one should answer the question for you, and anybody else, permanantly.

Hustlers Guide to Buying & Selling Anything Part 1
Part 2

Threads started by RichKid/GrumpyCat. There's a lot of value here too on the ideas of hustling, and the process of it. As long as you recognize it for what it is (not a long term plan), the ideas can be carried over to most other areas of business in my opinion. It's also a great way to build confidence and get in the game.

Making Money for Dummies, AND in a Crowded Market

The recent thread from ICK that has likely spawned 1000+ carpet cleaning businesses by now. Seriously, Google even suggested 'carpet cleaning business' by the time I had typed 'car' last week. I'm not sure on how that works, I'm assuming theres been a LOT of people Googling that lately though. DON'T read this thread as a guide to starting in carpet cleaning. Read it as if the business doesn't actually matter (because it doesn't), and learn the lessons of process that are here instead. Finding a niche where you can add value, having a USP, marketing well, good customer service and the importance of systems. This is what you should be taking away here, not "Let's start a carpet cleaning business!"

13 Lessons Learned While Building My Fastlane Business

Another thread I enjoyed very much. Notice again how many of these lessons are based on mindset/thought process. Applying these 13 lessons to your life immediately would make you a value producing machine in my opinion. Add a little patience, and you will make it.

What One Year on This Forum Can Do For You

MOTIVATION!! If RHL can do it, you know who else can? YOU! Just keep in mind, RHL didn't spend that year reading the forum and dreaming. He learned & applied, he took a value-oriented mindset, a producer mindset, and TOOK ACTION! So what are you waiting for?

7 Steps That Will Radically Change Your Life in 30 Days or Less Guaranteed!

MJ himself dropping knowledge bombs. Need a step by step guide on what to do to achieve YOUR dream? Follow these simple steps. Sounds simple, right? It isn't. It takes serious commitment to follow them day after day. If you can make it past day 30, you're likely to greatly improve your chances of success.

Does it Hurt Bad Enough?

This is probably my favourite story on here. Much of the world lives like the dog in this story, miserable and complaining, while doing nothing about it. I've repeated this story, as well as Vigilante's stories, to a whole lot of people. Does it hurt bad enough for you yet? Maybe, maybe not. When it does, you'll know, and this way of thinking will not leave you, unless you choose to lay back down on that horrible rusty nail.

I'm throwing in a couple of other threads that I have found hugely useful, even though they aren't Gold. Andy, if you want to remove them and keep it gold only I understand that. I truly believe they hold a similar amount of value though:

Can a $2 Tool Help Make You A Millionaire?

This sounds ridiculously simple. I actually read it and discarded the idea as too simple to be useful a few times. Then one day it caught my attention again. Hey, what the hell, what do I have to lose by trying it, right? So I tried it.

* BOOM!!! *

Massive productivity increase! For people like me who have 5 million idea's and to-do's running around in their head all day, this is invaluable. It also links up great with MJ's 7 steps. I make a to-do list each night, complete with steps towards my goals, so I know I'm progressing. It's also invaluable to note things down on the spot wherever you are - it's amazing how often you forget stuff by the time you're back home. Note taking has helped a lot with my retention as well, and I'm building a collection of notes that are like my very own Gold Highlights.

What's Holding You Back?

Kung Fu Steve with some more great stuff for your mind and how you think about things. Do the exercise, even if you're new here and haven't started anything or made a dollar at anytime yet. It's eye-opening, and it has the potential to put you on the right path.

There's countless other threads and posters on here with amazing information. These are just the ones I remember having a big impact recently, and the ones that I have bookmarked because of their impact & knowledge. @AndrewNC also helped me out quite a lot with mindset and goal setting over e-mail, so a huge thanks to him as well as everybody else
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