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MARKETPLACE Growing Your Business in The New World Economy (How-To + A Challenge)

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Kung Fu Steve

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Jul 8, 2008
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You want to do better.

You want to thrive in this "Covid economy"

You want to make and keep more money.

You want to transform from a business operator to a business owner and get back that freedom we all desire.

You need a coach.

I can be that coach for you if you’d like…

And this time… I’m doing it for FREE.

If you don’t already know me, my name is Steve.

And March 2nd – 6th I’ll be hosting a 5-Day live challenge (for free) where each day we’re going to tackle a different piece of your business in order to build, grow, and SCALE your enterprise.

You can click right here to register.

But you might be wondering…

Is it worth my time?

This is my first question for everything these days.

We’re going to do approximately an hour of training every day for 5 days and there’s going to be some cool plug-and-play strategies I’m going to share with you to create some easy wins as “homework” to grow your business afterwards.

And I’ve got to tell you… If someone is going to take an hour of my time (not to mention for 5 days) – they damn well better deliver.

While I can’t promise you’re going to become a 6, 7, or 8 figure business overnight – I can promise this: I will not betray your trust.

Time is the most precious thing we have and as business owners, we are right to defend it with everything we’ve got.

So let me just tell you that this program is a culmination of everything I’ve learned over the past 16 years in the course of building my own businesses but now having been a coach and consultant for – coming up on near a decade now – I’ve had the unique opportunity and privilege to have personally coached and consulted with close to 3,000 different businesses.

From many of the Fortune 500 companies down to the local mom and pop shops in just about every industry you can imagine…

Real estate, title, mortgage, insurance, car dealerships, financial advisors, retail, e-commerce, doctors, dentists, lawyers, surgeons, gyms, landscapers, engineers – you NAME IT… I’ve probably done something for them at this point.

And I don’t say that to pound on my chest and tell you how great I am… I tell you this because…

I’d have to be a complete IDIOT to not see what works and what doesn’t work when growing a business at this point.


Every single one of the teams and organizations that *I* coached in-turn coached ME (whether they knew it or not)!

I mean just hanging around these guys I learned tools, strategies, and ideas that I never could have come up with on my own.

So my obsession has been how do I learn these tools, and then organize and package them in a way that I can deliver them to you in this “plug and play” manner.

That’s what we call…

Compressing Decades Into DAYS

Afterall, that’s what a great coach, book, seminar, or program does for us: it organizes and packages the most helpful advice that might have taken decades to learn and put it into a format we can absorb in an afternoon or weekend.

Now THAT’S powerful.

And if you want to experience this with us, get registered for free, right here.

“So What Are We Going To Learn? What’s This Going To Do For Me?”

I have this big hairy audacious goal to become the “Tony Robbins” of the business world and in my journal, I wrote down the goal that “I want to DOUBLE the businesses of 1,000 entrepreneurs in the next 5 years.”

And I don’t want some corny “I done went from $5 to $10 because of that there Steve guy!” – no, I want to build a competitor to Accenture or Beloit and become the household name for business consulting.

To do this, I’ve organized some of the teachings from my coaches, created my own stuff (some of it I’m even starting to license) --

But the reason I bring that up is because I believe…

To Grow And Scale Your Business, You’re Going To Need a Few Things
(And Even If You Have No Intention Of Signing Up Here, I Think You’re Going To Find This Piece Valuable)

1. Peak Psychology

Hanging around all kinds of businesses, owners, executive boards – it’s become very clear that there is no such thing as a business problem… there are only personal problems that affect your business.

Truth is, you probably know exactly what you should be doing to grow your business. You might pick up a cool strategy or idea here or there from myself or someone else, but in reality, there are these conflicts in the back of our brains that create a lack of action.

“I want to be successful, but I never want to be judged.”

“I want to make the sales, but I never want to get rejected.”

The self-doubt, procrastination, uncertainty, lack of confidence, indecisiveness – all of it stems from these psychological roadblocks.

The biggest chokehold in any business is the psychology of the leader.

Here’s a quick idea you can implement TODAY: find yourself a group of entrepreneurial friends. A mastermind. I meet with mine every Sunday and we have for a couple of years now.


Every one of us ends up – at some point – sitting at our desk, alone, trying to solve 12 problems at once.

Marketing, Cashflow, Accounting, Sales, Customer Service, New Products, Design, personal problems, relationship challenges, kids, Covid restrictions, etc.

Instead of 1 person trying to solve 12 problems, we all need a group where 12 people try to solve ONE problem.

If you’re not a part of a mastermind, find one, join one, or make one.

Hell, in this 5-Day Challenge we’re doing – you should be able to find some active folks looking to grow.

(I found my original mastermind here on the forum. It was life-changing).

The challenge with psychology is this:

Your best level of thinking got you to where you are today.

But it won’t get you to where you want to be tomorrow.

If it would… you would’ve already been there.

Today, right here, right now… this is the result of your best effort and best thinking – and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, you should celebrate like crazy. If you own a business right now you are a part of a very elite group of people around the world that took the leap.

Someone who said “I’m going for it.”

But if we want to level up, we have to level up our thinking.

To win in today’s competitive environment there’s lots of successful beliefs, but here’s a couple:

  • Fall in love with your customer, not your product. As business owners we should constantly find ways to improve our customers’ lives. New products, better service, higher quality – whatever it takes. If you truly love someone, what would you do for them? Anything. Too many people get so short-sighted because they say “we sell X and only X” and they never think outside that box.

  • It’s not a lack of resources that’s holding you back, it’s a lack of resourcefulness. I have a front-row seat every day in my career. I am watching many of the Fortune-500 companies I train, crashing and burning because no matter who they have on their team they say “we don’t have enough/we don’t have the right people” … no matter how much money they have it’s still “we don’t have the capital” … on the other hand, I see small companies taking off in this new economy simply because they are getting resourceful and finding a way AROUND things like COVID restrictions – where others are stuck in a pattern of blaming their supposed lack of resources.

  • Your income is only limited by your creativity. This forum is a treasure trove of people making money in really unique and different ways. They have extremely interesting solutions to problems other people feel are unsolvable. My hope is that I can empower you to come up with your own creative solutions to your current challenges. And do it in a way that not only benefits you, benefits the customer, AND it serves the greater good.

If psychology is one of your barriers, we’re going to spend some time crushing those roadblocks on our 5-day challenge right here.

2. Proven Strategies for Growing a Business

One of the biggest mistakes I think we all make when starting a business is trying to figure it out all on our own.

It’s akin to “reinventing the wheel” – but there’s no need. The wheel has already been invented. Peter Drucker wrote “business is only two things; marketing and innovation.”

Innovation isn’t as scary of a word as some people make it out to be, though. It’s simply “how can I do what I do for more people, for less money, with more profit, and higher quality.”

That’s a mouthful, sure, but check it out; there’s only 3 ways to grow a business. Get more customers, get them to spend more money, get them to come back more often (there’s definitely no need to reinvent that formula).

So how do you do those?

More customers come from getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time (with the right offer, of course).

And we’ll talk about how to do that throughout the challenge… but there are many creative ways to acquire new customers.

Keep this in mind: no matter what you sell – SOMEBODY already has access to a large group of people who WANT your products and services.

The simple term is “joint venture” but we’re going to go quite a bit more in-depth than that.

We’re going to discover how do we find these people and create a win-win-win situations with them to not only promote your stuff, but do it happily, AND have the people “being sold to” HAPPY that you’re doing it – imagine that!

You can be “innovative” simply by creating partnerships that never existed before.

Sometimes even across industries you never would have guessed.

(Think Mountain Dew + Call of Duty – what a great strategic partnership)

Next when we start thinking about how to “get people to spend more money with you” – this one is quite easy…

Offer them more things!

Upsells, downsells, cross-sells, add-on sales – there are a million ways to increase the average customer’s transaction.

What can you offer immediately after purchase that would make your product better? Faster? Easier? Done-for-you?

(Do you want fries with that?)

One of my friends and clients now does over $30MM/year in his Ecommerce business (mostly on Amazon). When I asked him what his secret was, he responded very simply “more skus”

You’ve probably heard this phrase before but it bears repeating:

There’s never been a harder time to sell someone the first time, but there’s never been an easier time to sell someone the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time.

Why is this?

In the economic season of winter, TRUST is the currency.

And let’s not kid ourselves – we are in for a long economic winter.

You’re going to have to work your a$$ off to build TRUST with your potential customers and clients.

(Why do you think I’m including so much copy in a FREE 5-day challenge? I’m selling you pretty damn hard here, today!)

But once trust is established – people would much rather patronize the brand they know, like, and TRUST.

If you can prove to me you deliver a great product, a great service, in a timely and effective manner – I’d rather buy ALL my stuff from you (as long as you have it).

Now, I’m not saying go all willy-nilly and sell everything to everybody – there’s some strategy to this.

And we’ll cover that in the 5-Day Challenge (For FREE!).

Finally, to get more CONSISTENT sales? More RECURRING revenue – we must strategically craft our offers. Every business I’ve ever worked with had the possibility to offer a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual “subscription”.

And while you might immediately recoil and say “I can’t do a monthly thing – I’m in X business!” – don’t forget… your income is only capped by your creativity!

One of my favorite examples is in a book called the Ultimate Sales Machine. I got to meet Chet briefly many years ago before he died but he was BRILLIANT.

In his book he wrote about a carpet cleaning business that did their research. They found that allergens latch onto carpet like white on rice. To have a truly clean home, you needed to steam your carpet at LEAST twice per year.

They came up with the “silver plan” where everyone of their clients paid a small monthly fee and they received 2 free cleanings per year plus some bonuses. On the Gold plan, they’d clean your air ducts, too.

Imagine never having to worry about when was “the right time” to clean your carpets – it was all taken care of for you. Scheduled ahead of time. One less thing to worry about for the customer, less expensive in the long-run for them, AND this business (that normally struggles with cashflow because of the transactional nature of that industry) became a cash-flowing BEAST.

There’s always ways to create something cool if you challenge yourself (see what I did there?)

3. WORLD-CLASS Marketing

The other thing we’re going to need to take your business to the next level this year is world-class marketing.

And let’s call a spade a spade… it’s VERY crowded out there these days. We need to narrow down who do you need to reach, where are they hanging out, and what do we need to say to them to get them to TAKE ACTION.

Lucky for us, marketing has been my obsession since day one.

There’s just something about advertising, writing copy, speaking from stage, and coming up with new and creative ways to reach the customers that I love so much.

And it’s incredibly rewarding when you can get someone out of their own way, alleviate their fears, calm their worries, and get them to bet on themselves by taking action.

One of the greatest compliments someone can give you is a purchase – and that has nothing to do with the money – it has everything to do with a total stranger trusting you enough to make their lives better.

I’m going to break down marketing in this challenge to it’s simplest and most-actionable form.

I call it my “rules of three”

I don’t think I have the characters left in this post to share all of them, but here’s an example:


1. Here’s what I’ve got
2. Here’s what it’ll do for you
3. Here’s how to get it


1. An AD
2. 4 Web Pages
3. 2 Email Sequences


1. Growth formulas (customers, more $$, more often)
2. Marketing (getting the right offers in front of the right people)
3. Systems (making sure every process in your business is repeatable)

I realize these are a little out of context, but I’ve got a couple dozen of these including what you need to find prospects… what you need to move prospects to customers… how you can connect with your potential customers in order to get them to move… and so much more.

If you want them all, you’ll have to join the challenge here.

“Ok, Dude… This Is A Lot of Stuff. It’s Free? What’s The Catch?”

No catch. It’s 100% free.

If you want life-time access to the recordings and do some bonus Q&A sessions with me during this week (like actual consulting in the group), I’m charging $197 as an “upsell” but you certainly don’t have to pay for anything if you don’t want to.

So why am I doing it?

I’m putting my best foot forward here for a couple of reasons:

1. Impact is more important than income to me right now. I’m making more than I could ever spend but if I really want to build this “Accenture-like” business I’m talking about – I’m going to need to touch a lot of lives.

This challenge model has been very interesting to me.

It allows me to cast a really wide net and help tons of people – I’m even helping people who would never become a customer of mine! And that’s cool, too!

2. It’s been really fun. I’ve got to be honest; I’ve been working on so many systems lately that business has become somewhat robotic for me. I really, really enjoy interacting with people and solving tough business challenges – so for those who have a business up and running – the measly $197 is going to be extremely worth it for you (to give you an idea, when I was full-time consulting I charged $4,880 per month for 2 one-hour calls .. and my calendar was full).

And if you can’t swing the extra, you’re especially going to like this because we’re going to get you some results in advance and then maybe someday you’ll come back to buy something from me another time.

So that’s the whole spiel.

You want in?

You can sign up for the 5-Day Challenge right here.

For Free.

If you want the upsell, you can grab it. If not, no big deal – I’m going to knock your socks off either way.

Go get signed up and let’s scale some mother fudging BIDNESSES!

If you've got any questions or need some ideas feel free to post :smile2:

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