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AndyTalks to a budding digital marketer

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Andy Black

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May 20, 2014
AndyTalks to a budding digital marketer

A forum member reached out offering help in exchange for mentoring. I don't do mentoring but thought we could have a chat and maybe he could help me with some of my projects.

Here's a recording of our very first chat.

What were your takeaways?
What will you do differently going forward?

(For other recordings click HERE.)


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Jul 26, 2017
Boulder, CO
Sh*t. I should have reached out to you first!@Andy Black

Here is some of my takeaways...

Lessons Learned:

1. Quit trying to sell yourself to clients. Instead add value up front. Show, don't tell.

2. Referrals and worth of mouth.
-Help solve somebody's problems, make their life better. They will end up doing the same for you by telling others.
-Referral programs: Don't turn customers into salesmen by offering them deals for referrals. Instead turn them into gift-givers by offering deals for the referred.

3. Build relationships!
-Reach out to people and do so while providing value
-Who has your clients/Where are your clients? Go there!
-From competitors to partners. Offer your specialties to help them as a partnership deal. If they do web design tell them you can add on the SEO work. Mutually beneficial

4. A team of freelancers vs an agency
-Agencies require payroll, salaries, hours worked, etc. More strict guidelines.
-Freelancers just get their client work done and hold themselves accountable to make the clients happy

5. Stop automating everything
-Go through your work until your bored of it. Really get to know everything in and out.
-Go through it with your team, teach them and learn from them

6. "If you wanna go fast, go alone. If you wanna go far, go with a team"
-Having a team allows everyone to focus on their strengths while also learning about the strengths of others. Gain a better overall understanding and working knowledge of how things fit together.
(by the way, slack is great @Andy Black)
-A rising tide lifts all boats. Everyone can and should benefit from new business.
-Allows you to bypass bottlenecks by having others do what your bad and take too much time doing, not to mention they can do it even better.

7. Apply what you do for others to yourself!
-If you can help them then you could also help yourself.
-You have the best shovel, use it to dig up gold. Or just sell similar shovels.

8. Have your clients pay you to build your business
-Use their projects to learn and reinvest into your own biz.
-Many clients vs. One clients. The more clients = the more separate opportunities to learn from

9. Right person, right place, right time.
-You don't need to sell them because they are ready to buy.
-Precise targeting

10. Start at a baseline level
-analyze results, data and then add the bells and whistles later.
-see exactly what works and what doesn't.

Damn, Andy. You went off on this one, tons more of great stuff that I didn't touch on. Thanks for the talk fellas!
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Andy Black

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May 20, 2014
Ha. I’ve just listened to this 4 years later and don’t mind that it’s unedited.

I’ll point folks to this who are looking to get into digital marketing.

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