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AndyTalks with Charles about his inbound marketing strategies

Marketing, social media, advertising

Andy Black

Help people. Get paid. Help more people.
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May 20, 2014
AndyTalks with Charles about his inbound marketing strategies

Charles reached out asking for a paid coaching call about inbound.
I suggested we do a recorded call instead.
Chris was listening in and added his great experience from delivering a workshop.

> Click here to access the recording <

What were your takeaways?

What will you do differently going forward?

My notes to Charles after the call:

1) Document the work you do for your clients. You're already doing it, so add the extra twist of documenting it and publishing it.​

2) Post somewhere where people can benefit immediately. Maybe a forum or Facebook group inhabited by business owners.

3) Don't worry too much about whether those people are your ideal market yet. Just get used to helping people. Often this will come back to you in other ways (referrals, work-of-mouth, partnerships). Basically... don't try and build an audience but just try and help people.

4) Position yourself in a smaller group as "The Web Guy" (e.g. locally in your town, or in a small Facebook group that isn't populated by lots of other web guys. What you're really doing is niching down to "The Web Guy in <YourTown>" or "The SEO Guy in <YourTown>"

5) In bigger groups (or in the world!) you can't niche down by location, so consider niching down by speciality and/or for business type. "The AdWords Guy for Blacksmiths".

6) Give local workshops. Get known locally, in person. From these you'll get better feedback than online workshops/webinars, and you can dial it in. You can record presentations and scale online later. Just being in a room of business owners for any length of time results in good things happening.

7) Beware of all the "make money online" cr@p. Some of it works of course, but "tripwires", auto-responder series, and posting in Facebook groups likely misses a large segment of business owners who are too busy to be online, and don't want to sit through a 60 minute pretend-to-be-live webinar.

8) Grow what you know. Can you do more of what's working?

9) Leaving breadcrumbs for those who want to follow you. Good for recruitment as you already said. I'll reserve my best mentoring and training for team members.

10) Team up with people who do what you don't. I don't do that outbound LinkedIn strategy because someone else does and he outsources the AdWords work to me. He also targets much bigger businesses than I do. I leave him to do that and bring those big fish to me, and using that channel.
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