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Setting up a Service Desk (Helpdesk)

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Andy Black

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May 20, 2014
We're using Basecamp for team communication, and communicating with clients. It's pretty good, but we think we need some sort of ticketing system and service (help) desk.

I prefer to call them Service Desks rather than Help Desks. It's there to provide a service, not just help. IT guys will know this from ITIL training, which I put myself through years ago.

I've heard good things about so am trialing it.

I'll update this thread with findings.

First things first, I got an onboarding email asking if I had any questions.

This is what I emailed them:

My scenario is we are a team of 3-4 and have about 20 clients. I’d like clients to email support@ and for us to know exactly which client it’s from. Are we able to setup rules based on the incoming email address so emails are labeled/categorised by client?

Do you have a series of videos that explain how to use Helpscout? (I’m not a fan of registering for live demos or webinars.)

This was the response:

In terms of creating rules, it sounds like our Workflow feature is what you're looking for! Workflows can be manual or automatic. Automatic workflows can be created to look for certain conditions, and then a set of actions will take place. Here are the relevant help pages:

Based on what you described, you could create a workflow like this:

  • Condition: IF Customer email is (client's email address)
  • Action: THEN add tag client-name (or you can copy those emails to a folder, or so on)
Take a look at workflows, and let me know what ya think!

And as for explainer videos, we do indeed have those:


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Jun 22, 2014
Scottsdale , Az
I'm currently a Zendesk Admin. Integrating Zendesk into NetSuite is kind of what I do at my day job. And I'm the global contact funnel for all help desk related functions for my company. fell free to ask any questions

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