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Weekly Cycles - New Years Day every Monday!

Andy Black

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May 20, 2014
I treat every Monday like it's New Year's Day.

The slate is wiped clean and I start each new week with a blank one.

The long to-do list hanging over my head starts afresh. Actions have to earn their way into my new week. ("Sometimes the best way to finish a project is to drop it." - Adrianna Huffington.)

Sunday evening (or Monday morning) is a time for me to reflect on the week just past, and ask myself questions to chew over for the coming week.

I call these Weekly Cycles. I do them for myself, my team, and my clients.

Each week, I start a brand new "Week Commencing Thread" in Basecamp, and start by (sometimes) noting what happened the previous week, and asking myself a few questions to think about in the coming week.

The ONE Thing.

"What ONE Thing can you do that makes everything else unnecessary or easier to do?" (Paraphrased from the book "The ONE Thing".)

Ideally we get ONE Thing done that lives the needle that week.

Why only ONE Thing? Well, if it's to be only ONE Thing, then I'd better think long and hard about what that should be.

If we can get more done then great.

But if you start doing these W/C Threads you'll notice something very quickly... they are RE-LENT-LESS.

Holy sh*t but they don't stop.

Clients probably get tired being hit every week with a quick report and us asking how many enquiries and sales they had that week.

We're tired sending them, but we keep doing it. It's important if we're to keep moving the needle. It makes it obvious when then needle isn't moving.

I created the following personal W/C thread that my team sees.

It reminds me of the adage to "ask better questions".

Let me know if you have better questions to ask!

Hope it helps.

W/C 20-Nov-17
Questions I'm going to ask myself this week. Feel free to copy-paste into your own W/C Thread.

1) Next Sunday, when I look back on this week, what needs to have happened for me to be happy with progress this week?

2) What can I do to make a sale this week?

3) What should I stop this week?

4) What should I start this week?

(I've also asked this of us as a team.)
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Aug 21, 2017
new york
I do this to. Found it helped my mental health to start each week as a fresh slate when I'm struggling. Funny thing is when I stop my weekly cycles things pile up and begin to fall apart. Feels good to see you promote this idea.

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