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    Business Idea In Politics Niche

    Web Site Aggregating Govt. Data (Executive Orders, Bill statuses, Hearings, Testimonies, etc) I hate the media, so every time there is an article on Senate hearings (sound bites) Controversial Bills Executive Orders Etc... It is such a pain the a$$ to go from the article, straight to said...
  • USB

    Recruiting system software

    After your book I tried to search online on Quora people's complaints. And I found the problem for a good recruiting system via software/web site. Considering my age and my work experience I haven't much experience about recruitment (but anyway a little for a period I recruited my...
  • PPrince

    Voice recording app used specifically to record singing

    SAAS / APPS 
    Hello all, I hope I am posting in the right area. I have been searching for a recording app that is designed for singing. All of the apps I've found so far are set up for speech. I was also looking for app that may feature options such as the tunnel effect (I hope I am being clear). Freeware...
  • Drchainsaw

    Market Research and Product demand

    Hello Everyone, This is my first post on here. I've been busy away working on my startup for about a month now. I decided to take a problem from my industry(software development) and tackle fixing it . Source control has been a relative annoyance to most developers and newcomers to the...
  • schmidi

    App business model strategy: Charge premium users OR give the app away and charge partners?

    I quit my job a few weeks ago, thanks to the books. Since reading them I value my time more than money. Good job MJ! Currently I am building an app, and there are already paying users. Its not enough to make a living, but at least proves, that users value the concept. If possible at all, I...
  • Ravens_Shadow

    AMA - I built a software company worth 8 figures

    I've been wanting to do an AMA (Ask me anything) for a while. I've built a desktop software company worth 8 figures, but I'm aiming for $1 billion, not to be a unicorn, but just because I think its the natural progression of where I'm headed. I started the company in 2016 and I have 15 employees...
  • eekern

    Feedback on SaaS in MVP stages

    Hey everyone who teaches information and wants better client results I just launched the MVP of my SaaS and are in need of honest feedback Send me a DM with a sentence about yourself and what you do, and I will give you lifetime access to our highest plan :)
  • Kyujin

    Help Moving Forward Hiring App/Saas Developers?

    SAAS / APPS 
    TLDR: I could use some advice about how to proceed with hiring out developers to build Software for my SAAS business. Hello there! I have been working on building out some software to help solve a key problem for real estate agents, and have reached a bit of a roadblock. I have 0 experience...
  • stantechie

    Years of learning, now time to engage in actual process

    Good morning and hello everyone! I have been silently following along on this forum for some time, and have listened to all three of the books by MJ (Audible versions). I'm re-listening to Unscripted right now after finishing the new Rat Race book, and I'm inspired to actually get started in...
  • alittlebyte

    Family business dilemma

    Hi everyone, I'll cut straight to the chase. I've been recently facing a dilemma regarding either taking over my family's business or continuing on my own plans. I am self-taught software engineer. I've been in this field for around 3 years now and the market is pretty rewarding if you know...
  • cristi.duma

    Software development help offered

    Hi everyone, I've been reading this forum for a while and I found a wealth of information. There is still a lot to read and I'm sure I'll discover more valuable info and awesome likeminded people. I'd like to give something back. While I'm still far far away from having entrepreneurship...
  • jakobgreenfeld

    A billion-dollar opportunity: Shopify for SaaS

    I recently wondered: Shopify does all the heavy lifting and lets me open an e-commerce store in minutes. Gumroad does the same for digital products. What's the equivalent for SaaS products? To me that seems like an incredible opportunity. After I tweeted the question, Twitter did its magic and...
  • prateek_cpu

    Skills upgrading

    Hello people As I’m now learning and upgrading 2 new software skills for my business model, what is the best way to manage both of them simultaneously So I can elevate my skills and give better performance for my client In future. Both software is for designing purpose - one for...
  • Mathuin

    The Cold Email that started a $500m - $1B Company

    I've taxed this from a post on r/Entrepreneur by u/harrydry that I hadn't seen posted here after a quick search. **Post begins** Back in February 2010, Jason Cohen had an idea: A new Wordpress hosting service, that would help with speed, scalability, and security. He now faced the challenge...
  • nuovoteam

    Required Feedback of Push-to-Talk App for Frontline Workers

    We recently release a Team Collaboration Android App for Non-Desk Workforce known as Nuovoteam. Features: Corporate Directory People Engagements Time Tracking Internal Communication Non-desk Communication Push to Talk (PTT) Location with Trail Can you advise us to improve this product app...
  • L

    Launched SaaS, $5K MRR, on the road to FASTLANE, at 22 y.o.

    Fellow fastlaners, It's been roughly 4 years since I had read the Millionaire Fastlane. Since then a lot has happened; I had launched my first small business (ScoopAid) - a massive failure, tried launching a t-shirt business failed, and last but not least, I dipped into dropshipping (which in...
  • Mareli

    Marketing a SaaS business

    Hey there I'm just curious what ways work the best to promote your Saas Business out there?
  • I

    In need of a consultant for a mobile app development process

    SAAS / APPS 
    Hey FLF fam, I'm kicking off the new year by hitting the ground running on a Fastlane idea. I'm new to developing anything in the mobile department, so I'm asking if anyone here with experience who can help me out? I'd be willing to offer you a cut of this project (my shares) or payment...
  • Skroytz

    Hello from Greece - Creation of a SaaS and marketing problem

    Hello everyone, First, thank you that you spent time reading this post. My english is not very good and i hope to understand the whole writing here. I am Nondas from Greece and i am 28 years old. I have been in the personal improvement mode for about 3,5 years now. I have joined a community...
  • Jatin4494

    Ways to improve technical debt!

    I am building a SaaS tool that will allow the user to edit and convert various images and scanned material into high definition printable formats allowing the user to print any content with ease. But my team recently started facing issues while rolling out v0.2 for our tool. We noticed a good...

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