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  • J

    I Just Launched Vue.js/JavaScript Productized Service

    Today I launched Vue.js Agency as a productized service and wanted to share it with you. I will divide this post in two parts. First part is the sales pitch I used on IndieHackers post today (to keep it short and sweet) and the second part is the backstory of it and how I got it all together...
  • Sokka

    Need advice for an educational app (SaaS)

    Dear fastlane fellas and fellettes! I am excited to share with you a business idea that I believe the market truly needs and will find valuable. I am developing an educational app that teaches and quizzes users on various skills. As I have limited experience in app development, I have found a...
  • C

    It's time to build a legacy of our own

    Hello! I hope 2023 had been treating you well so far. I decided to kick of the new year with what I intend to be a life altering decision - going into business with a former work colleague of mine. We've racked up pleanty of years in the SaaS industry between us, but over the course of those...
  • BlackLands

    How to choose where advertise a MVP

    Hi guys, I've finished to build my landing page for my SaaS platform that I didn't have developed yet since I'm testing the idea. In the landing page there is a CTA to convince users to leave their emails. My goal is to gather as much emails as possible. I was wondering how will you choose the...
  • M

    Cold Calling tips for SaaS Companies

    B2B Cold Calling Tips for SaaS Companies: 10 powerful cold pitching tips for SaaS organizations in India that will assist you with producing more leads and meet your deals target. 1) Do in-depth research 2) Define your list 3) Use a local number and ensure it’s working well 4)Use script 5)...
  • gandalf113

    Starting an app development business

    I'm thinking of starting a mobile/web app development business or a software house. Software development is my main field of expertise and I want to leverage that. Initially, I want to focus on developing MVPs (Minimal Viable Products) for startups that have a relatively low budget (<10k). How...
  • Tau Ceti

    Building a browser extension empire

    Current status After posting my introduction post, I thought it was time to create an execution thread. I have two browser extensions currently live. Extension #1 This extension is dormant, as in I haven't updated it in a while and it is very niche browser extension. I have looked at...
  • Pranav_Banerjee

    Building my SaaS Project.

    Hey guys. So, I have come up with a SaaS project idea that will cater to hiring managers in organizations. The tools will help them smoothen out the entire hiring process. Now, I spoke to the HR manager of the organization where I am working currently and he says this can be really helpful to...
  • MaximilianTauber

    Opinions and experiences with Nathan Latka

    Hey fellow fastlaners, I currently need nathan latkas pro plan because I need his database for my SaaS idea. Does anyone else have experience with his database and community, or the pro versions and can give me some insights? Would be very grateful for any opinion in this direction!
  • Navkun

    Stop stuttering on your zoom calls with ScriptOn - Concept Feedback

    Hi everyone, I've thought of this new SAAS idea and would love to get some feedback. It's called ScriptOn. A web app that would help people get through online meetings with ease. Its main goal/problem it's solving is removing the need to remember scripts and helping people in those times when...
  • connorkennxdy

    Should I get a 'Regular Job' to fund Fastlane venture as a 17y/o?

    I'll jump straight to it. I make between 300-450GBP per month with my weekend jobs (pay varies due to overtime & no. weeks in the month). I invest 100GBP per month into mutual funds. Driving lessons are between 140-180GBP per month (depending how many weeks are in the month). Food expenses...
  • Chris Rickard

    8 things I learnt from starting, running, and selling a software agency

    Hey guys, I am a software developer that started (or rather stumbled into starting) a software development agency. Financially, it went a lot better than I originally expected. We hit 6 figures in year 1, high 6 figures in year 2, and 7 figures in year 3. We were super happy with this result...
  • F

    Questions about software Development

    Hello, Being a student in the software development field, a friend of mine (he's a rental business owner) contacted me to help him. He was tired of always filling paper forms and available software is very expensive, so he asked if I could create a software that could help him automate his...
  • ethan34

    Focus fully on making app or learning sales too?

    I wanted to make a conferencing app, and was making a very simple version with some key features using a no code app (bubble) to test the idea. Which course of action would you say is a better idea? 1- Continue making the no code version of the app while also learning copy and sales. Make money...
  • EncryptersWolf

    Does anyone have experience with b2b lead gen tools?

    I work in sales for a b2b saas company and we are starting to do some outbound cold calling/cold emailing. At first, it wasn't too difficult to just use google to find companies I want to talk to and then call them. But now we want to up the volume and I am spending way too much time...
  • arguino

    OKR Software for Startups

    Hey John here, I've been working on this project for about a month and half, it is a OKR software for Startups, the goal being of letting entrepreneurs set clear goals to grow their business and take their business to its next step. It's a SAAS, when you register you're presented with a wizard...
  • MaxT

    Promote iOS and Android apps

    Hello, I have the idea of promoting my apps by creating a blog, the problem is that I don't know what is best for SEO. For my company I already have a site with a blog that talks about the 4 applications, should I continue by creating articles on this blog? Or would it be better to create a...
  • Bing

    SaaS Exit: Who has sold, and how did you value your company? Multiplier, EBITA, profits, projected-vs-trailing rev?

    Does anyone here have any experience selling (or buying) a SaaS company? How did you value it? In my research I've found such crazy ranges of valuation that mix revenue-vs-profit, trailing-vs-projected and multipliers from 3-15x. Depending upon how you do the math a $5m/year company with 10%...
  • thechosen1

    Are Software Patents necessary? (Selling Enterprise Software to F500 Companies)

    Why, or why not? If yes, do you opt for a design or utility patent? What's your general strategy for protecting your IP? If no, same thing: how do you protect your IP from competitors and pirates? Note this is for enterprise software. Yes, we really do have the software and already have...
  • Paul David

    Do business owners understand that getting more reviews helps bring in more customers?

    I'm in the process of trying to scale my Saas (aimed at service based businesses) and would like some feedback on the best verbiage to use in my elevator pitch. My software does the following all autopilot: Helps get business owners 3x more reviews compared to asking manually Amplifies those...

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