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The forum accepts advertisements in the form of paid sponsorships. As a forum sponsor you will get prime visibility at all of the forum pages (Run of Site) at an extremely competitive CPM. Here is what sponsorship gives you:

  • Text-link within the forum footer, labeled [SPONSOR] (See screenshot below, Fig 1)
    This link appears on all pages of the forum.
  • A 250 X 250 ad on the forum's home sidebar. (See screenshot below, Fig 2)
    This advertisement appears on the forum home page for all impressions and can be changed at anytime.
  • An inline forum link direct to your website (See screenshot below, Fig 3)
    This is a high-visibility link that appears in our forum list.
  • Instant signature ability (if you participate in the forum.)

Figure 1

footer ad

Figure 2

250 ad

Figure 3

link ad

Cost: $997 (3 months)
Buy Now (Login Required)

Space is limited to (3) sponsors.

If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ below. If you have additional questions not covered by the FAQ, please use the contact form linked at the bottom of any forum page.

My best wishes,

MJ DeMarco, Founder of the The Fastlane Forum
Author, The Millionaire Fastlane

Sponsorship FAQ

Questions about Fastlane Sponsorship

  • What kind of traffic does Fastlane receive?

    As of month (May 2015), we had 640,000 page views and 230,000 sessions, of which, 157,000 where unique. This is for one month only. We cannot speculate any improvement or decline in future traffic.
  • What ads do you accept?

    All sponsorships must be approved before accepted and it must be entrepreneurial related and fit into a Fastlane philosophy. No MLMs or networking marketing. No affiliate offers please. (No we won't advertise your company for FREE and *hope* to get paid an affiliate commission.)
  • We can't afford this. Any other options?

    Marketplace ads are only $19.95 and appear in the marketplace forum. Other options including participating at the forum and become a known and valued contributor. Such people do incredible business on the side. After 100 posts you can deploy a signature. To bypass this requirement, please subscribe to the INSIDE.
  • Can We Change Our Ad?

    Yes, we will ask for an image to be served at your server. Since you control the image, you can change it at anytime.
  • Do Insiders See My Sponsorship?

    In the future, INSIDERS will not see any ads, however, they will see everything relating to company's or individuals who SPONSOR the forum. Our traffic metrics are based on all users, including INSIDERS.
  • How Well Will My Ad Do?

    That depends on your offer and your message, and how it appeals to a Fastlane audience. A scammy "I made $6 billion dollars last week!" will not do well.

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