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  1. Ramius

    £30k - £50k per month in the B2B sector

    Back story... Waaaay back in 2018 I was desperate to get back on my entrepreneurial path. I had successful online businesses and internet marketing enterprises before, but couldn't scale. It seemed like everything I tried was missing "something", and I could not make anything work, or got hit...
  2. KJFast

    My first failure

    Hey guys. Recently accepted my current business is my first “failure.” As my first business it’s not surprising, especially as I started it without a clue what I was doing and before reading any of MJ’s books. Yeah sure it’s turned a profit but it won’t be the automated £2000 a month to allow...
  3. SimonD01

    Flying Into The Wind

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, I'd like to ask something that's constantly on my mind, something that I shall call 'Flying Into The Wind'. Simply put. My attitude to life and my desires doesn't seem to condone with the 'norm'. I'm *big time* *totally* content with it. However, it makes it...
  4. Satheesh

    What can I do to succeed?

    I'm from India in my early 30s, working at a big MNC. Since my early twenties I have been working in this big MNC. I have earned decently and that has helped my family a lot. I have no regrets for the energy and time that I spent all those days earning my pay. After 3 years of my job I started...
  5. G

    How did your first steps look?

    Hey guys! I Am currently 19 years old and just joined the Fastlane Forum. I have read all three books from MJDemarco and other books on entrepreneurship . So far, I do not have any practical experience. I realised that whilst such books do give very valuable advice, they itself do not make you...
  6. NeoDialectic

    Peak Fulfillment - Life After Exiting The Rat Race

    Someone on the forums recently asked about daily life for those who successfully exited the rat race. I was going to point towards the recent Hobbies thread, but that's not quite the same answer. I haven't seen a thread about the daily life or mindset shifts that happen post-exit, so here it is...
  7. Vasudev Soni

    My #1 Motivating Factor (What is yours?)

    There are ups and downs in everyone’s life, but having a motivating factor that drives us to keep going and hustle can make a huge difference. It can be anything from books to travel to music to friends. For me, the biggest motivating factor is supercars. Whenever I come face to face with one...
  8. Implacabilis

    How to surround yourself with like-minded people?

    Hey folks. I'm not sure if this topic has been covered on the forum. I certainly couldn't seem to find anything relating to it. I wanted to get 'everyone's' views on your environment, and just how important it is. Mainly, the people we have around us, and the company we keep. I want to hear...
  9. cakimusacan

    AI tools for web development and lead generation: What do the successful fastlaners think?

    Hello the greatest forum that ever exists (that I know of). I hope all you fastlaners are doing great. Since this is my first threat in this platform and first public writing ever, please be forgiving of my potential mistakes. I will try to be very precise. I am in the early stages of my...
  10. Axe

    From Escaping Death to Becoming Multimillionaire. My Life Story of Immense Success, Regret, and Humility.

    #Warning! This story is incredibly long. It describes my journey from an arrogant teenager to the successful entrepreneur I'm today. A tale about triumphs and failures. There will be no magic or dragons inside, so it may be a little boring. However, if you're looking for an Unscripted lifestyle...
  11. SyedMSawaid

    Do you guys feel envious of those who come from same background as you and are more successful than you?

    Note: This is my first post so be kind in the comments! I kind of feel envious when a person of the same background as me gets more successful (according to my definition of success). Lately, podcasts are booming in Pakistan, and people from all walks of life share their stories. Some of the...
  12. L

    How do you manage to enjoy the process?

    Im 19 years old and doing e-commerce for 2 years now with very little success. (i got like 80.000€ Sales in that two years overall). And yes im working every day on it and not just for some minutes but the whole time when im home. I launched 2 new stores in the past month and they both...
  13. K1 Lambo

    What is the main reason why people fail in life?

    Evening fellow fastlaners, ever since I was a young kid, I've always been interested in people and to be exact, what's the difference between someone incredibly successful like let's say Dwayne Johnson, Andy Frisella or Tony Robbins to a normal Joe Blow on the street who lives a mediocre life...
  14. Nick_Burkun

    Has anyone ever tried meditating on your goals (life goals, financial success and etc)?

    Hello there, Nick here. Here is a topic that will be interesting for those of us, who have some interest in mental health (as well as in entrepreneurship). Breif prelude. I've been meditating almost regulary for quite a while and have discovered different types of meditational practices. Some...
  15. P

    Promise thread

    Hello everyone I'm Promise from Africa, Zambia just want to say that thank you so much for accepting me in this forum first time I ready The Mmillionaire Fast Lane I knew have found what I was looking for second I ready wealth exposed now I'm reading Unscripted Life, liberty and the pursuit of...
  16. A

    How Do You Define Success, What Is Success Here On the Forum, And How Many Business Models Can Be Found Here?

    I know, many questions here. I just joined the forum and am already excited and overwhelmed because there are so many threads and roads to travel. I'm used to my one website creation/blogging/niche site forum which is great, but this is so much more. First, how do you define success or even the...
  17. K1 Lambo

    Why do successful people hide?

    Check this video out from Grant Cardone: For the haters: Before you dismiss the message because it's from Grant Cardone, just realize that the dude is incredibly successful, both as a marketer and as a real estate investor. His net worth is about $200m and I highly doubt there's anyone on this...
  18. PureA

    How much of the self-development/success industry recommendations are COMPLETE BS?

    Like a good little boy, I've been doing my meditation, gym, nutrition, journaling, affirmations (few years ago), cold plunge, sauna, wim hof, waking up at 5:30am, and bought all the planners etc etc, did ALL the popular strategies. If you told me something would help me, I would do it every day...
  19. NewManRising

    Poor People Who Became Wealthy??

    Hi guys, I'd like to get the names of some well-known people who started out poor/middle class but have become wealthy. I'm taking Fox's course from his Web School and in one section he says it is a good idea to think of a person who became successful and preferably started out in a similar...
  20. maxshapira

    Half-Dozen Rules for Success

    After reading and listening to innumerable self-development/entrepreneurship content, it all comes to half-dozen rules for success: 1. Be David Blaine Like David Blaine, you have the power to trick minds. But it comes with a kicker—it works only with YOURS. Trick your mind and become a winner...