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  1. bpere11

    Tracking my first product launch in 18 months...

    I’ll start this with a random thought. I’ve decided that no matter how rich I get, I’ll always do my own laundry. I dunno if this is weird but the process of washing my clothes, hanging them and then folding them up when they’re dry relaxes me. I’ll never pay someone to do that. Tbh I’d probably...
  2. Young Money

    Hundreds In Ad Spend - ZERO Sales

    Hey guys, I've been working on an ecommerce store for awhile and I finally launched it on shopify about a month ago. Well... it has not been going well, to put it mildly. I've spent hundreds of dollars on facebook ads and have not generated a single sale. Not one. I've tweaked the price...
  3. JNagtegaal

    Started my first real ecommerce business, posting the process and asking for tips here.

    To start off i will first introduce myself, my name is Jari Nagtegaal and i'm from The Netherlands (excuse some of my bad english). Now at almost 21 years old i have started a couple of online businesses, which for the most part existed of dropshipping and i created a site for online fitness...
  4. ycee

    This strategy for us $100K+ in sales via influencers. Copy it for your own brand in 2023!

    Influencer Marketing is a black box. It can be overwhelming to figure out where exactly to start. After scaling a few influencer programs to $100K+ in sales… I came up with this 6-step-strategy that tells you exactly what to do to get started. Steal it #1 - Start with finding the right...
  5. Jane Oliver

    WordPress or Shopify

    I want to build a website for my business. Can you guys give some guidance on which platform should I go with WordPress or Shopify?
  6. BellaPippin

    $$ out from marketing vs $$ in

    I am working on a book/workbook and while I receive the samples and prepare the whole thing I’ve made it available as an ebook for $7.99. I am on Shopify and Amazon KDP (note: I cannot run ads on amazon because they don’t like my cover.. working on whether to change it or not) I spent $80 on IG...
  7. L

    Making shopify websites as a side hustle - how to scale?

    Hey guys, For the last couple of months I've been making shopify websites for people in my specific niche (sneakers) and charging around $500 per store. I've had about 5 clients so far and made about 2.5k which for a 16 year old isn't too bad on top of my other side hustles. It's one of the few...
  8. ycee

    How to get your product in front of a targeted & enthusiastic audience (without wasting $$ on FB ads)

    Think about the energy at a massive stadium during a game. The people, the passion, the enthusiasm, the loud cheer for their favorite player... An image is worth a thousand words... Live this moment for a bit. Do you feel the energy? Now imagine your product is bought into the arena. Not...
  9. T

    Need Feedback

    Hello seniors and fellow FASTlaners! I have developed a shopify site after some research and idea validation and would like your kind feedback on it. So if can spare a few minutes, visit my website and leave a feedback on the thread here. Thankyou!
  10. RobbieFoston

    Advice on launching a T-Shirt business using Printful (or similar)

    Hi Guys, I'm looking at launching a business with some custom t-shirts I'm designing. They're focused on the bodybuilding market as I already have an audience (10k+ on instagram). I know there's demand for the product but I was looking to see if anybody had any advice. I'm looking at using...
  11. ziggizoezion

    I want to exit my Shopify app. Follow my weekly updates.

    After 10 years (!) of my first post on this forum (read my intro), I'm back on my business journey. As the title says, I created a SaaS some years ago that didn't get much traction with the market segment I was targeting at the time. I got a handful of clients but was challenging keeping them...
  12. jakobgreenfeld

    Shopify Apps are great businesses; here's how you can find profitable opportunities

    Last week I got the chance to pick Daniel Sim's brain on the opportunities he's seeing related to Shopify apps. And what he shared is pure gold. Even if you don't care about Shopify apps you should keep reading because most of the frameworks and strategies he shared are directly applicable to...
  13. K

    Shopify and payment processing

    Any experienced shopify shop owners on this forum? Looking for an advice on payment processing Are shopify payments a feasible thing to rely on? Been reading about them people say they are okay to start with but I'm wondering as you scale as well do shopify plus members or even shopify /...
  14. daniels97

    Our e-commerce brand crossroad: to continue or not?

    Hello everyone, I have known that I want to become an entrepreneur since my high school. Because of knowing that education which is provided by schooling system isn’t enough, I have been reading a lot of books and obtaining experiences in my early attempts with business. Today I am a student...
  15. Ciano_94

    The Quick & Dirty Way to Launch your Shopify Store on Google Shopping

    I run Google Ads for a living and have been trying to grow a new Twitter account recently, based on practical digital marketing advice. I'm distilling some great content down into short-form to provide as much value as possible to business owners. The latest one is a summary of a great article...
  16. E

    Critique My Website

    Hey Fastlaners, I have been hitting a problem with converting users into buyers. I can convert people from my ads fairly easily over to my web page, however many people will add to cart and then vanish. I am certain that something I am doing is stifling my attempts to convert people. I'd...
  17. Jemmalee

    I've made £610 in 16 days using Etsy in a brand new sector.

    I thought I had better pop on and give you lot a little update about my current wares. So our lovely Prime Minister announced that none of Event industry folk are going to have any work until around March 2021. This left us pretty screwed - with emails asking for refunds on a daily basis. A...
  18. Y

    Trying to suceed in a business with a high entry barier at a young age!

    Hello dear Fastlane Members! I'm currently setting up a business with a high entry barrier and I want to show you my progress to see that even an idiot like me can do it with enough willpower. Introduction Summary: If you haven't read my introduction post here is a short summary. I'm...
  19. centje

    Seeking help from online retailers/entrepreneurs using e-commerce platform

    Good evening, Fastlaners! I’m developing an exciting web-based software project and I'm very far with the front-end. Before I go further with the back-end, I want to write a business plan so I can get a loan. I also think it’s good to have a business plan for myself. I want to expand...
  20. RazorCut

    Reducing your Amazon Exposure - Getting MORE sales and Making MORE money. Would you be daft not to?

    OK this is graph of third party Walmart sellers on the platform (which operates just like Amazon) You can see how Walmart have been gearing up to take on the might of Amazon and do their utmost to steal sales away. To do that they need as many third party sellers as possible...

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