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  1. HugoMoreno

    One Or Multiple Product Type?

    hello, as I’m working out my master plan for my niche canvas art Shopify Store...I ran into a problem... Do I sell one type of product ? (just canvas art) Or do i sell other type of products my audience would like as well ? (IE statues, and other home decor) example of a one product type...
  2. Phikey

    NOTABLE! Ecom Youtube Challenge - Building a channel with 120 videos in 120 days

    UPDATE with stats: Current day: 30 Videos: 30 Subscribers: 154 Starting subscribers: 38 ------------------------------- Ok I've been planning this challenge for the last 3 weeks and I'm finally doing it. @Fox pointed me in the right direction with a course on Youtube SEO and now I'm taking the...
  3. Y

    EXECUTION Customising Shopify templates

    Hello fellow fastlaners, I am currently building a website for my company but my biggest concern is how it looks. I personally like it but I am 100% that it's not built in the perfect way. Do you know any really good app or template with which I can build a more pleasing website. Thank you in...
  4. elusive97

    Can I have a fast loading Shopify ecommerce site?

    I love Shopify for it's ease of use and the apps, but I'm struggling to find a theme that loads quick. I need one that loads in under 3 seconds ideally, but under 4 will do too. Most of my audience are on mobile so it's especially important the site loads quick. The problem is, every single...
  5. shop3d

    FREE Shopify API/ Plug in for 3D Printing! Saas

    I hope this email finds you well! We have an amazing 3D Printing software API that I think should be of real interest. It will allow you to upload your designs to your website and then for users to order and "print on demand" utilising a local 3D printing manufacturer. The steps as follows: 1...
  6. A

    Best marketing & ads strategies to boost my sales

    Hi all, i'm new to this forum, I would like to have your suggestions about the best strategies for marketing & ads in order to scale up my business, let me introduce my business briefly : I own a Shopify store, I sell Print On Demand t-shirts using Printful, my website design is just great...
  7. D

    Anyone here develop Shopify App with no coding experience?

    Need some opinions of people that are programmers. How long do you think it would take for someone to develop a functional app of moderate-high complexity through Shopify? How large of a feat is this? Is this considered difficult for someone who already knows software development? My thing is...
  8. Rawseed

    AI to Create Emails for Shopify Stores

    Noah Kagan from AppSumo just released some software that's supposed to use artificial intelligence to automate email marketing for Shopify store owners. I don't have a Shopify store. So, I haven't tried the software. I'm also not affiliated with AppSumo. And I'm not an affiliate for the...
  9. Ankerstein17

    Love To Connect With Drop-shippers & E-Commerce (Shopify+WooCommerce) Owners

    Hey Everyone, I am going to keep my post simple here. I am looking to connect and network with drop shippers & e-commerce owners {If you run a Shopify or WooCommerce} store. Love the ability to connect, get to know each other and learn what everyone is doing. Love to share what I am up to in...
  10. B

    Life changing income as an Amazon seller (while breaking their TOS)!

    Hello everyone, hope your summer has been full of blessings so far. I wanted to share an amazing fully online business model that has been life changing for me and some others. I pondered whether to share the details with others or not because of a somewhat irrational fear of over saturation as...
  11. Vitaly the Winne

    Shopify E-Commerce

    I recently went through Adrian Morrison's E-Commerce Success Academy course, and realized the potential in creating an e-commerce business. My question for you guys is this: for those who have started an ecommerce business, what's your guys's expected overhead been like, and what is a good...
  12. Paul David

    Amazon v going alone with Shopify

    I'm currently about to launch a new physical products brand and i'm unsure about which route to go down to market them on. I have identified two main (successful) competitors for my products. One sells on Amazon and via their own shopify website for around $20.00. The other competitor sells...
  13. GrandRub

    Lets talk about... Print on Demand... Pocket Money or Great Opportunity?

    Hello Community, I've been selling T Shirts (yes of course...) for about a year now via Merch by Amazon and all the other big marketplaces. I earn a decent extra income - but nothing crazy. I'm pretty sure that's not a good business model. uploading and hoping. Quantity over quality. Throwing...
  14. Mark Fobo

    Ecommerce and its Gurus: Does it work in 2019?

    Hi all, First, I have done some research on previous threads but could not find any up to date responses, if I missed anything please redirect me to the right thread (plus the Search bar of the forum seems not to be working atm). I have been doing a lot of research lately about key words like...
  15. 2legit2quit

    Considering starting a fashion e-commerce store - specific niche

    Hi all, I have been pouring over the threads on here the past few weeks, and have a few ideas I'm working on. My goal for now, is to make some extra cash, so I've been looking at Amazon FBA in the short term...however... I am a creative person, and in the meantime of making notes everyday from...
  16. beckbeach

    EXECUTION I started my own business!

    Hi everyone. I am a long-time member here but I usually just read posts on here. I am rooting for each and every one of you to succeed in your own businesses and in life. I started my own business two weeks ago and have set up a blog, Take a look at my blog and give me any...
  17. MoneyDoc

    Anyone up to make me a shopify website?

    Hey guys, Sorry if this is the wrong section to post this, but I was looking into paying someone to develop a modern, clean, minimalistic shopify website for my supplement brand. I would also need amazon Canada integration. Was looking into 99designs, fiverr, etc. but I rather have someone...
  18. TopDirective

    HOT TOPIC Kid Made $4000 a Day Dropshipping ("Revealed" All In a Free YouTube Tutorial) - Scam or Legit?

    Dear Fastlaners! I recently stumbled across this 7 days challenge from a fairly unknown 17 years old. He is doing a challenge to make $1000 in just a week [1] from starting and later even $4000 in a single day [2] by selling goods from aliexpress on his shopify store by doing a very basic...
  19. B. Cole

    Convince me not to use WIX for Ecommerce

    Happy 9:44pm EST Fastlaners - Short version, I’m a couple of months out from a product launch, and about a year ago I began reserving domain names, social media pages, etc. For reasons I could only chalk up to ignorance, I have my domain hosted on WIX with their online store subscription, and...
  20. Steven (Fantap)

    If you're in ecommerce (Shopify, etc.), can I get your feedback on a marketing idea?

    In the past few months I've been consulting for a couple of clients and helping them with influencer marketing. They wanted to have more of a "natural presence" on Instagram and Facebook, but didn't have the money to pay for a big influencer and didn't have the time to reach out to hundreds of...

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