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  1. JuampiAAAJ

    How can I test if people would like to buy my app?

    Hello! I tried to find a thread about this topic but I couldn't find it. Please remove this thread if there is one already on the forum, And send me the link :) The problem is the following... I'm thinking of creating a gaming app for a specific niche but I want to know if people will be...
  2. piano

    How 1 Year Of Fastlane looked for me (@Piano)

    1 year ago I finished TMF and decided to join this Forum. I found myself at the "What's your reason for joining?" section which also said "We're able to reject your join proposal if we think your reason is inappropriate" or something like that. I thought really hard and was like "This is...
  3. Ignacio Arsuaga

    Unlocking the Fastlane: From Slowlane to Non-Profit Hustle to Profit-Driven AI Startup

    Hey there, Fastlaners! First things first, big thanks to @MJ DeMarco - Your books have done more than just mess with my head—they've lit a fire under me. I've soaked up every page, and the impact's been game-changing. Quick backstory: I was on the slow lane from '99 to '09, lawyering it up in...
  4. P

    My Introduction

    Hi Everyone, Although the majority of you will not see this, I wanted to introduce myself. I am 22 years old, fresh out of college and have been working a software sales job for the past month. Even though I have started my job a month ago, I already feel weighed down. I do enjoy what I do, but...
  5. K

    Warm introduction! From New Zealand/Vietnam

    Hi all fast laners! I'm very new to the forum, just finished reading the last chapter of "The Millionaire Fast Lane" and discover this! My name is Alex, born and raised in Vietnam, but have been living in New Zealand for the past 6 years. Growing up in a 3rd world country, I haven't been...
  6. J

    Being a minor fastlaner can be tough... but doesn´t has to be.

    Hey, young Fastlaners, Today, I want to discuss a challenge that many of us face as minors on the Fastlane: the pain of not having a credit card. It's frustrating how numerous online services, essential for setting up a fastlane business, require credit card payments, which we don't have access...
  7. Gepi

    If you decide to go Fastlane, you are setting yourself up for failure...

    Yes. If you decide to turn your life around, pursue an entrepreneurial life, try to start and grow your own business instead of working for someone else and finally uncouple cashflow from time, you are setting yourself up for failure. This thought occurred to me while I am in the midst of...
  8. goofy123

    Living an UNSCRIPTED life

    From reading UNSCRIPTED, I actually woke up and acknowledged the truth for what it is, no matter how ugly it was, and now I wish to learn more and live a happy life.
  9. V

    15 Year old wanna-be entrepreneur.

    Hello, as of writing this I am a 15 year old and wish to get started with entrepreneurship. I have a handful of skills including: painting, drawing, writing, web design, game dev and a little bit of work with AI. Basically, art, design and programming seem to work with me. Since I've started...
  10. jonathan_flane

    A Side-walker about to change to a Fast-laner

    Just recommended the book, I watched a couple of summaries online and now starting the book itself. Because the recommendation came from someone who is actual making real moves in terms of his finance, I am open to the concepts and the positions I will need to take... I am prepared to set it up...
  11. Pave1l

    Would be really grateful for

    Hi there, my name is Pavel I am 18 and considering what business is the best to start. (my goal is 10K$ per month at first) I have never had a job, but I have a lot of knowledge in spheres of self-development, marketing and fitness. My goal is earning some money ASAP because I want later to...
  12. L

    If you're a teenager who wants financial freedom, read this...

    Hey there man, I'm 16 years old from the UK and I'm assuming you're similar age to me, if not the same. I assume you've been recently desiring financial freedom with your time detached from your money, and so have I. You're probably reading these great books such as the Millionaire Fastlane or...
  13. J

    23-year-old with 23 X 3 in debt

    Hello everyone, I have read the Millionaire Fastlane and my entire worldview has shifted. I am 23 years old and living in Minneapolis with around 70k in student debt. I currently work in corporate finance with a salary of 75k; this will never give me freedom. I am currently laying the seeds of...
  14. ghostscout

    profitable ideas that dont feed into the slow lane mindset?

    I dont like money making ideas that involve making money off of people with slow lane thinking because it feeds more people into the slow lane thinking mindset, if that makes sense haha. One such example would be like renting out a space on a property you own, this keeps the other people in the...
  15. M

    Does a service business violate the rule of Control?

    According to Millionaire Fastlane, you want to CONTROL your business asset. Without it, you're just an operator working for the business. Makes sense (or is it CENTS? :) ). And yet, if you're working on a service business like an ad agency or web design business, you run into customers that...
  16. m0ntilla21

    From scripted scarcity mindset to 250k/y fastlane business in 5 years. This is how I did it (and the shortcut, so you can do it in months)

    Hello everyone, here @m0ntilla21, from Malaga (Spain). It's interesting. I first met MJ Demarco by reading "The Millionaire Fastlane" in 2018. I still remember the tremendous impact the book had on me in terms of mindset. At that time, I even joined this forum for a few days... but I didn't...
  17. Axe

    CHANGE MY MIND - Getting A Job Is Better Than "Fastlane"

    When I was 18, I enrolled in college. A few months later, I dropped out, considering it a waste of time and wanting to focus on my yet-unprofitable business ideas. My parents had none of it. They showed me tough love and kicked me out of the house. I was forced to find a place to live and a job...
  18. The Rizzler

    The Rizzler Strikes it on His Own || Business execution thread

    My purpose for this thread I plan to use this as a blog/discussion thread to document the step-by-step of my journey in self-ownership and entrepreneurship. I hope to hit on details that are skipped over by people afraid to "let out all their secrets". This stuff may seem obvious, but for me, it...
  19. K

    My confusion at age 19

    Hey there I’m quite new to the fastlane forum I live in a third world country and I read mj’s book the fastlane last year and it sparked something in my head I knew I had to get ahead in life because I was 18 years old and I was broke and I couldn’t even afford simple things even though my...
  20. M

    how long do we need to be monogamous?

    we all know MJ said first go for monogamy (meaning focus on developing one business) then move on to polygamy (start multiple businesses). but how do we know at what point to start being polygamous? i mean, some businesses you can sell, so in those it would go like: sell the monogamy and use...

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