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  1. K

    Responsibility and accountability

    I am pondering on one of the things MJ Demarco has wrote in TMF, responsibility and accountability. As we get aware of the scripted system and we decide to go unscripted, at that point, we become responsible for chosing to remain scripted or go immediately unscripted and we will be accountable...
  2. vasudevsoni

    A student entering the Fastlane

    Hi all, I am Vasudev from India. I am a college student studying computer science. Along with my college, I am also an FBA seller on Amazon India. I started this business about a year ago and it has been doing quite good in the past few months. I am very interested in computer/software-related...
  3. K

    A SUMMARY OF WHAT I UNDERSTAND ABOUT C.E.N.T.S. (control, entry, need, time and scale)...I am still learning and growing...

    When we undertake something highly valuable but not easy to pursue and especially that very few people or no people at all do it, we'll be creating a path where there is no path. Something that requires audacity and tenacity to keep on pursuing it. While assuring total control to our current...
  4. connorkennxdy

    Should I get a 'Regular Job' to fund Fastlane venture as a 17y/o?

    I'll jump straight to it. I make between 300-450GBP per month with my weekend jobs (pay varies due to overtime & no. weeks in the month). I invest 100GBP per month into mutual funds. Driving lessons are between 140-180GBP per month (depending how many weeks are in the month). Food expenses...
  5. Gavingonz

    Living in my Business with no kitchen or bathroom

    Hello Fastlaners, I'm currently on month 9 of living in my 300 sqft Recording Studio (1. technically not allowed 2. I shower at the gym and use the kitchen at my Job), the lease is $850 and I just recently started letting people in to record music (for free). I finished MFL audio book and...
  6. M

    MY " USP" unique selling proposal ( PUV is the italian term from the Book " The Milionaire Fastlane")

    Hi all, I would like advice for a winning unique selling proposal ( PUV is the Italian term from the book " The millionaire fastlane") for my flooring business : My product is SPC, which stands for Stone Plastic (or Polymer) Composite, features a core that is typically comprised of around 60%...
  7. P

    How i blew almost all my life savings and how it helped me become financially independent!

    greetings fellow fastlaners today i want to introduce myself by taking you with me on my little journey it all started 14 years ago, when i realized that i wanted to take part of this investment thing. to be clear i wanted to become rich the quick and easy way (yes i was a total slowlaner) by...
  8. 100k

    Taco Defy - Innovative way to solve the long fast food car queues!

    They must have read MJ's books.
  9. MJ DeMarco

    Newsflash: Fastlane is your only hope. Not stocks. Not Crypto. Not jobs.

    I've been here for 15 years. Over that time, I seen a bunch of "get rich" trends come and go. These flavors are hot for a few years, then disappear. Each time, some threads blow up with folks who are starry-eyed about how wealthy they're going to get as they do nothing but hop aboard a trend...
  10. smn03

    Following "unscripted" with university?

    So first of all, i just want to get some opinions on this, to make my own later on In unscripted it says you shouldn't be "too cool" to do regular shitty jobs for business experiences and to fund your business. but what's with university? is going to uni also something to consider because of...
  11. evanjohansen

    From an 8-figure e-commerce business to $280k in debt. What to do now?

    Ok so there's a lot to my story and want to give some background. Right now I am 21 years old based in Austin, Texas. I grew up in New York, went to college but then dropped out my 3rd year in after starting my ecom biz. The Millionaire Fastlane was one of those pivital books for me venturing...
  12. MaxT

    If you had to summarize what you learned and/or what struck you in MJ's books

    I thought this could make an interesting topic that would be useful for everyone, for people who are new to The milionaire fastlane or those who have already read everything. So my question is the same as in the title: If you had to summarize what you learned and/or what struck you in MJ's...
  13. P

    Promise thread

    Hello everyone I'm Promise from Africa, Zambia just want to say that thank you so much for accepting me in this forum first time I ready The Mmillionaire Fast Lane I knew have found what I was looking for second I ready wealth exposed now I'm reading Unscripted Life, liberty and the pursuit of...
  14. greenc

    First Dropshipping Store

    Hey Fastlane, I decided to get started dropshipping this year and made my first store I would appreciate it if anyone of you could look at the site and let me know what you think The purpose of the site is to combine your smartphone and wallet so it's easier to...
  15. D

    Drifting through life, in need of advice

    Hello everyone, while the 10.000th "what should I do right now"-question might not be the most exciting thing to read, I honestly believe this forum is just about the only place where I can get solid advice on this kind of thing, so here goes: My situation: I am currently 19 years old, having...
  16. Af20abn

    Being committed or Being interested

    I have read TMF about 2 months ago and I have been committed to executing my business idea since then, from learning how to code to researching and building an MVP website that resolves around my idea. However I've been having some difficulties lately to carry on with this momentum, as I have...
  17. D

    Put in my 2 weeks 1.5 weeks ago and I don't won't to work for anyone else (other than clients) again...HELP

    So I have been working non-stop at agency focusing on Facebook ads and helping about 70 clients with non-stop zooms and reports and Ad audits and for the 2nd time in short time there I resigned but I am letting this one stick. Weirdly enough, the evening I put in my 2 weeks I got another job...
  18. madlife

    Worth it to start a business amid possible hyperinflation?

    Newbie here, just a few things on my mind :) In these unpredictable times and with inflation starting to grow in my area, is it worth the risk of starting a (importing) business? Maybe I am worried if people are more focused on necessities, business would dwindle. Just wondering peoples...
  19. MexicanCreator48

    An introduction and my journey into the Fastlane Forum

    Hello! I came here to connect with people who are willing to help me to become the best version of myself and help others as well. Let me tell you a little bit about my life story, before knowing anything about MJ’s books, I began reading books about personal finances since I wanted to be...
  20. Joejordan95

    What would you do? - Jetwash cleaning biz

    Hey Everyone, On recommendation from @Fasted I decided I'd try my own execution thread. The Situation My partner and I are looking to buy our first home and because of this we have spent the last few months in paid employment in dead end jobs that neither of us really like but we're doing it...

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