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software development

  1. Levit

    Including LGPL libraries in your software and not getting sued

    CONTEXT After some time of frustration with the UX of some existing Windows apps out there for quick media editing, I saw a potential value skew, but I mostly wanted to solve my own problem. So I started designing a basic app that I'd like to sell. The thing is, I'm not a 10X low-level native...
  2. J

    I Just Launched Vue.js/JavaScript Productized Service

    Today I launched Vue.js Agency as a productized service and wanted to share it with you. I will divide this post in two parts. First part is the sales pitch I used on IndieHackers post today (to keep it short and sweet) and the second part is the backstory of it and how I got it all together...
  3. gandalf113

    Starting an app development business

    I'm thinking of starting a mobile/web app development business or a software house. Software development is my main field of expertise and I want to leverage that. Initially, I want to focus on developing MVPs (Minimal Viable Products) for startups that have a relatively low budget (<10k). How...
  4. Chris Rickard

    8 things I learnt from starting, running, and selling a software agency

    Hey guys, I am a software developer that started (or rather stumbled into starting) a software development agency. Financially, it went a lot better than I originally expected. We hit 6 figures in year 1, high 6 figures in year 2, and 7 figures in year 3. We were super happy with this result...
  5. F

    Questions about software Development

    Hello, Being a student in the software development field, a friend of mine (he's a rental business owner) contacted me to help him. He was tired of always filling paper forms and available software is very expensive, so he asked if I could create a software that could help him automate his...
  6. thechosen1

    Are Software Patents necessary? (Selling Enterprise Software to F500 Companies)

    Why, or why not? If yes, do you opt for a design or utility patent? What's your general strategy for protecting your IP? If no, same thing: how do you protect your IP from competitors and pirates? Note this is for enterprise software. Yes, we really do have the software and already have...
  7. DougRMR

    What is the best way to hire a (good) software developer?

    Hey guys. I'm currently talking to some freelance app developers to help me create an uber-like app. I've talked to about 5 now and while they have good portfolios, I still have my doubts in pulling the trigger (we haven't even discussed cost yet). I am very aware of how expensive app creation...
  8. prateek_cpu

    Skills upgrading

    Hello people As I’m now learning and upgrading 2 new software skills for my business model, what is the best way to manage both of them simultaneously So I can elevate my skills and give better performance for my client In future. Both software is for designing purpose - one for...
  9. S

    Software developer and passionate educator looking to teach advanced skills to other developers and move into the fastlane

    Hello all! I am a software developer by trade, and I want to teach advanced software development material to other software engineers. There is an abundance of material online to teach people "how to code", but almost all of the material that I've come across is for building contrived...
  10. Mandible

    Expanding my entrepreneurial horizons

    Hello Fastlane Forum members, I have been reading @MJ DeMarco his works and have so far been blown away by how many pitfalls I've fallen for over the years. Throughout my discovery of Unscripted I am trying to implement and think about the knowledge on offer. While I do so I intend do remain...
  11. S

    Introverted Software Engineer with a bumpy course of life says hello

    Hello everyone, finally, I joined the forum and want to introduce myself. I am a Software Engineer from Germany, early 40s, introverted but not shy, with a well paying corporate job. Most of my peers would say I have a dream job. Problem: I am not happy with it. Here are some other...
  12. L

    Software Engineer who is taking the exit to the Fastlane

    Hi everybody, I'm close to reaching my 30th birthday while I recently had the thought of "and this is how it should go for 40 years". My current state is totally comfortable.. I have a job as software engineer, which is also an activity I truly enjoy. My job is flexible in terms of location and...
  13. M

    Building a new Software for Artifical Intelligence

    Hey guys, after I read the two books from MJ at January of this year I realized that my business partner and myself were on the wrong path to build a business. I am currently 23 years old and since my 18 birthday I tried several businesses, some were a little bit successfull but at the end all...
  14. nassimslab

    Starting My First Software Business - What I’ve learned trying to make and sell software.

    You can read this here also: Starting My First Software Business Introduction Since I started my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science I’ve long dreamed of starting a software business. After a couple of semesters went by and I was more comfortable with programming, I’ve decided during the...
  15. Kepler

    Utilizing The Summits Knowledge

    Hey everyone, My names Kepler. If you met me at the summit I’m the guy with the long hair who has a software development company. Today was great, took the push from my peers at the summit to look into virtual assistants, and to use leadership skills to achieve your desired outcomes. First...
  16. D

    Anyone here develop Shopify App with no coding experience?

    Need some opinions of people that are programmers. How long do you think it would take for someone to develop a functional app of moderate-high complexity through Shopify? How large of a feat is this? Is this considered difficult for someone who already knows software development? My thing is...
  17. Breeze_Interface

    Is this business model for a mobile app realistic?

    I want to make mobile apps and earn money while doing it. The problem is that I have a moral problem with the way the ad based buisness model is implanted. Because I target the Android platform charging for an app is really difficult. On the other hand putting ads is quite easier. I don't have...
  18. S

    Yearly Corporation Maintenance Fees

    I've seen that there are corporation tax filing fees, and other fees. It looked to be around $1200 USD per year to just maintain a corporation (I could be wrong, I only did a quick search). At what level of side-hustle income would it make sense to switch from a very very liable sole...
  19. O

    Should I Quit My First Web Project?

    Earlier this year I had an idea inspired by the forum and Unscripted by MJ DeMarco. I felt that I didn't have much skills to fall back on and make money, nor any solid business ideas to pursue. So, I decided that I would develop the skills of full stack web development and build a website that...
  20. G

    Thoughts on a forum section dedicated to programming/tech?

    From what I've seen there are quite a few developers that frequent the forum. I personally would find it beneficial to have a dedicated section here to discuss technical strategy as it relates to building a business. There are likely better places to go for general technical questions but for...

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