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  1. MJ DeMarco

    Entrepreneurial Origin Story: Orgain fitness supplements...

    Can you give me the origin story of the Orgain, the fitness supplement company? I'm particularly interested in how the founder uncovered the idea for the products, tested it, and grew the company. Also give me an estimate on what the company is worth today.
  2. markussbaltais

    SaaS $1K+ MRR | How to Scale? | Advice Needed

    Hey! For the past few months, we have been building a B2B SaaS. It is is a subscription-based product and we provide our clients with weekly curated insights on their competitors from layoffs and new hires to market entries and changes in pricing. Our key advantage is that we use 80+ data...
  3. T

    How Necessary is a Business Plan, Really?

    I am amidst the process of forming my first ever business legally and am stuck. I've read all Demarco's books and I've read and agreed with the times where he would not advocate for business plans saying that they're a waste of time and what not. But being a college student who has $400 to their...
  4. LeonMS

    Scaling other businesses or starting my own ?

    Hello, I'm quite new here and i need some advice. I do have a big skillset and knowledge of optimizing processes and scaling small businesses. I practiced these skills at the company which I am currently employed in and a small local business in my area for free. In the past few months...
  5. envykyro

    Spent my last $100 buying a stranger TMF Book

    im 17 years old and when i heard the unfortunate backstabbing event that happened to a 30 year old man i just met , i couldnt help but tell him the 3 levels... sidewalk , slowlane, fastlane , and when i seen a smile on his face because his soul agreed , i couldnt help but spent my last $$ on a...
  6. F

    I quit my job and now working for myself. Struggling, but I believe that's part of it. Tips and tricks on how to improve my business?

    I'm 26 now, I worked as a salesperson, casino dealer, loan administration specialist, key account manager, customer support and various administration postions like sales coordinator, operations coordinator etc... My last boss handed me TFM to me, hoping I would find some ways to improve his...
  7. stefanoesposito

    After Months of Dedication, I Fulfilled A Dream: MyGigz is Live and Already Receiving Its First Accolades!

    In these days, I have fulfilled a dream that I have cherished for years: I launched MyGigz, a multi-user platform dedicated to musicians, artists and live event organizers. Its purpose is simple yet powerful: it serves as a centralized hub for live gig updates and allows the sharing of dates...
  8. Rikz

    How do I find saas startups to work with?

    I am a self-taught full-stack web developer about to complete my masters and am looking for saas startups who are looking to hire so I can work to improve my collaboration skills. I have already built quite a few MVPs for founders but now looking for some long term opportunity. Currently looking...
  9. KJFast

    Product based business queries

    Hello everyone, I’m asking for any and all advice surrounding my product based business. Here’s the structure without dipping into what my business actually does. The product is a perishable good similar to tea where it keeps for a very long time. I sell only to the UK market and my audience...
  10. L

    Is this useful?

    Hey everyone! My name is Larry, and I'm dipping my toes into the SaaS industry. I have an idea for a business management software that includes EVERYTHING, e.g. HR, payroll, file storage, messaging, CRM, etc. The idea is to make an efficient program for businesses to increase their workflow...
  11. A

    From Restaurant Tech Support to Transforming SaaS: My Journey of Building HelpDesk Teams and The Power Behind Them

    Hello Millionaire Fastlane community! I'm excited to be part of this incredible forum and share a bit about my journey from being a tech support agent in a major restaurant chain to venturing into the world of SaaS and Helpdesk team management. Quick Story: I cut my teeth in the fast-paced...
  12. Hunday

    What is everybody working on right now?

    What are you guys working on right now? Yes, lurkers you too. Is there any big/small startups you've been working on recently? If there is, what problems have you run into? And if you don't have a business yet like me, what are you doing to start one? What does your personal routine look like...
  13. Stephen H King

    Need Criticism! My fourth business attempt. Personal cooling & warming device.

    My previous attempts are all failed. I've been trying to make everything better and start all over again. I'll explain my framework and do some surveys about a few details. Please give me as much criticism as you can. I will be grateful. The first part: Business Idea Cooling Neck Fan I noticed...
  14. MJ DeMarco

    From Dummy to Expert in 6 months...

    Imagine having a map to buried treasure, a journey that can change your life in unimaginable magnitude. And yet, after close examination of the map, you decide to sit home and do nothing because the journey looks difficult, or the journey doesn't come with a mentor that will hold your hand...
  15. xmrrabbitx

    How do I assess market demand volume to start an API Web3 service for other businesses and startups?

    Recently, I decided to put my Web3 idea on the market, and I wanted to know the best way to assess market demand. Do I have to email these startups to know about their interests or anything else? What is the best and most efficient way to do this? I definitely want to find a statistical way...
  16. NextSkipper

    Startup-related books

    Hey everyone. I finished reading The Millionaire Fastlane about a week ago and have been looking for more books to read about entrepreneurship, more specifically about business startups and stumbled across these two books in some youtube videos I've watched, namely "The E-myth Revisited" by...
  17. A

    Feedback & Validation - Rental Marketplace

    Hey Fastlane Forum, Massive MJ fan here. Read Millionaire & Unscripted and it really changed my perspective on life. Anyways, I finally got off my a$$ and started to work on my business: arrch. You can find the link to the pre-MPV website here: arrch Basically, I found that the property...
  18. G

    Partnering with Someone You Barely Know

    Here's a question for you guys. Let's say you have a great idea. You have set up all your IP. You have kicked things off, it's going well, but you are hamstrung for time, and you realize you don't have the ability to be in 10 places at once, nor do you have sufficient technical skill to get...
  19. C

    Any App Developers in Germany/ Europe?

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a co-founder for my app startup and thought a Fastlaner would be the ideal co-founder. If you have experience with Flutter or ReactNative, then we should get in touch and talk! :) Right now I have a prototype, a pitch deck and 2-3 interested investors who would be...
  20. SchmittlingC

    Wife Wants To Start A Brick And Mortar

    My wife wants to start a Brick and Mortar and I want to show my support. She is VERY new to anything business and I’m looking for a good book I can get her that helps to explain some very basic information about starting a business (Permits, forming an LLC, taxes, commercial rental space, small...