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  1. C

    Any App Developers in Germany/ Europe?

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a co-founder for my app startup and thought a Fastlaner would be the ideal co-founder. If you have experience with Flutter or ReactNative, then we should get in touch and talk! :) Right now I have a prototype, a pitch deck and 2-3 interested investors who would be...
  2. SchmittlingC

    Wife Wants To Start A Brick And Mortar

    My wife wants to start a Brick and Mortar and I want to show my support. She is VERY new to anything business and I’m looking for a good book I can get her that helps to explain some very basic information about starting a business (Permits, forming an LLC, taxes, commercial rental space, small...
  3. arnavmehta7

    Made a Product - Thinking if I should put in my money to make it better

    Hello everyone, I have been working on a website and an extension for several weeks now. I'm considering investing some money (approximately $5 per month) to improve the quality of the outputs for both. Currently, I'm using self-made services which aren't that good as the giants. There are only...
  4. Ian Thompson

    First time hiring sales reps, help!

  5. Koen1

    Life tracker/complete self improvement website

    This will be quite a long post so please bear with me. While reading the millionaire fastlane i started thinking about problems in my own life i either needed a solution for or a problem i already solved. I am a 19 year old man who started focussing on improving myself, going to the gym, reading...
  6. gandalf113

    Starting an app development business

    I'm thinking of starting a mobile/web app development business or a software house. Software development is my main field of expertise and I want to leverage that. Initially, I want to focus on developing MVPs (Minimal Viable Products) for startups that have a relatively low budget (<10k). How...
  7. christian9

    Just launched my startup publicly, would love feedback. Free trial, no credit card required.

    What's up everyone! My startup helps teams Reduce Time Spent in Meetings. We just launched for public small/medium team signups, we are doing a 30-day free trial, no credit card required. I would love to see you guys all try it out and let me know what you think. We allow you to communicate...
  8. J

    How would you build a city on top/under the water?

    Building houses on top/under the water would solve the housing problem, and if I won't be the one to build this company, then someone else will. In the next 30 years, it will probably be done. But where do you start if you have nothing but the idea, not even knowledge? I'm thinking MAYBE, I...
  9. Martin Z

    $100m business idea. Need some advice on a life changing business prototype.

    A little background. I've been running a small Instagram agency for about 2 years now. Learned a lot about sales, marketing, failure and people in general in that time. It hasn't gone that well to be honest. Sure, it's a good side hustle but it's not really a fastlane business per se. It's more...
  10. E

    Entrepreneur and lonely

    Hi everyone, I'm 24 years old, I'm creating my company and I just joined the community. I quit my job one year ago to pursue my dream to be entrepreneur and financially independent, and I've never felt lonelier. I come from a family of public teachers, the only fact that I quit my...
  11. Jessejalore

    Whos to blame? The CTO or the CMO?

    So i started working for a new dating app that needed help launching a sugar daddies dating app in Switzerland. Now Sugar daddy dating is a very niche service so you cannot advertise on Facebook and Instagram. You have to find very smart worded methods and ways to promote it. Nethertheless We...
  12. T

    What's the value of a daily newsfeed topic modeling SaaS?

    I am a software engineer and some time ago I bought a pretty decent domain ( I had no ideas as to how to put it to use for a while, but recently I came up with something viable. A daily topic feed source The core idea is to have huge scrapers feeding a topic modelling processor...
  13. A

    Funding for a "Not-Very-for-Profit" Startup

    I've seen a startup (Applied Physics or so), which gives scientific advice (for-profit), but also does pure research (advanced physics) and even gives grants (non-profit activities). So, did they collect their startup budget from some semi-investors and semi-philanthropists? And yes: I'd like to...
  14. T

    What features should I promise on the landing page?

    I'm making a landing page for my start-up and I'm wondering if I should promise the main features that we aim to implement at some point in time (but will not be in the first MVP), or just the one main feature that will actually be offered in the MVP?
  15. L

    Having to many ideas

    Hey, A fictional scenario: You have found 3 ideas to meet all the aspects of CENTS. What other criteria would you choose to make a decision for one idea (and thus against the 2 others)? (To implement all of them is not possible in this scenario) My Problem is that i have many ideas and i cant...
  16. E

    Patent continuation question

    I have a patent related question. Our patent was granted for issuance but now my patent attorney is asking if I want to go forward with a second “continuation” patent. I’m curious to hear from anyone with experience and see if it really makes sense to go after a second patent. For background...
  17. robruf

    How do you get partnership with brands/businesses when you're not even started yet?

    Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place. Let's pretend that a startup has a great and valid idea for a service. Thing is, in order to make this possibile, it needs to close parterships with other existing businesses. How do you get to those businesses and get those partnerships? I'll...
  18. M

    Help! Income tax on startup option exercise is gonna break me...

    TL;DR...what is the best country to exercise US stock options in? I'm finally about to get a stock options grant agreement from the startup I joined over 2 years ago next week, with accelerated vesting from the time I joined, and a strike price reflective of the then value of the company. The...
  19. AnasHarn

    Joining a high end business school degree for the Network

    Hi everyone, First of all, as usual, thanks for taking time to read this. I have the objective to launch my company creating an app and launching a start up that I could potentially sell to achieve my escape number goal. I have a business degree from a mid level school and I am learning to code...
  20. Andy Black

    What can YOU do to make a sale in 7 days?

    The main concept from “The 7-Day Startup” by Dan Norris is to launch in 7 days. I like to think you should be able to make a sale in 7 days. What each of us is able to launch or sell in 7 days is different. For example, if you need $50k to launch/make a sale but can’t access $50k in 7 days...

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