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  1. Luis Weiland

    Three biggest mistakes when starting meditation

    ❌Posture Are you sitting comfortably? Do you have a straight back? ❌Thinking Are you thinking a lot? Are there any repressed thoughts or feelings which arise? Can you let go of your thinking? Do you have moments of silence? ❌Technique Do you have Techniques you like? Can you meditate without...
  2. Luis Weiland

    If you experienced the ''Monkey Mind'' before this is something you need to know

    The National Science Foundation published an article summarizing research on human thoughts per day. It was found that the average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those thousands of thoughts, 80% were negative, and 95% were exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the day...
  3. Luis Weiland

    Feeling Stressed?

    Hello everyone. I know that many entrepreneurs struggle with a lot of stress due to: - Appointments, busy schedule, deadlines ( time pressure peaks) - Doing many things at once ( multitasking) - Too much Input and many questions from employees - Having to make it right for everyone - High...
  4. Luis Weiland

    INTRO Namaste!

    Glad to be part of this community now. I’m Luis and I’m working as a meditation coach. Looking forward to connecting and meeting you in the comments.
  5. w1zman

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  6. J

    Meditation hasn't worked for me so far.

    I've tried meditation several times and never got much out of it. Most recently, I read Andy Puddicombe's book and used his Headspace app for over a month, but I didn't notice one iota of difference in my life with anything. It just felt like a waste of time and usually wasn't very pleasant...
  7. JaspervR

    Meditation as a way to improve the entrepreneurial mind

    Dear fellow entrepreneurs, With the increase of mindfulness and meditation in our society I think most of us are starting to see the benefits of meditation. Scientifically there's a huge amount of benefits that are ascribed to meditation and I remember hearing Gary Vee say that meditation will...
  8. Jon Rad

    On Autopilot ? This will help you (Audible Observing or DAIDM)

    One of the best tipps i ever got, which has helped me grow as a person so far was this one trick or mindset an esport´s and Basketball coach teached me. He called it Audible Observing or smth like that I call it The "Dafuq Am I Doing Method" or DAIDM Its basically "Calling out loud exactly...
  9. Kaizen502

    O/T: HEALTH Anyone using the Wim Hof Meditation Method?

    I was searching this forum and was quite startled that it has not yet discussed here. I learned about the Wim Hof Method a while back in one of the most famous documentaries about him, which is from VICE and dates back a few years. I tried doing the breathing exercises and never really...
  10. Divine_Joker

    EXECUTION Way to My weight loss Journey

    It has been 1 Week and I am so exited as this is the first time in my life When Alarm ringing, I just woke up immediately. (BTW According to study if You miss the initial 5 seconds when alarm ringing probably you press snooze button :) ) This is my 8th Day toward journey of weight loss. From...
  11. Niko

    How to best promote my upcoming Meditation book?

    Hi, My project I have been working on my first online business for a few months now and my very first product will be a Meditation book in French (currently writing it). My question: What method/process would you recommend me to best pre-launch/launch this book? - What should be the launch...
  12. ChrisV

    NOTABLE! Billionaire Ray Dalio: Meditation is ‘the single most important reason' for my success

    Hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio: Meditation is ‘the single most important reason' for my success While that's a lofty, seemingly hyperbolic claim... he's right. If you'd like the science behind why, I would be happy to provide it. It changes the brain in way that improves certain skills...
  13. GregDott

    Effective Meditation Technique

    Hey All Just got back from a 10-day Vipassana retreat last week. If anyone is looking for an effective meditation technique, I would strongly suggest Vipassana. It's not for people just looking to try something though. And it's not feel-good meditation. You will experience pain. It's an...
  14. The Patriot Way

    O/T: HEALTH Transcendental Meditation Course, Good or Gurudom?

    @SinisterLex Thank you for all your insights thus far, it's an eye-opener watching you deconstruct guru tactics. In kind of the same vein, I was wondering if you may have any thoughts on or experiences with Transcendental Meditation? There's a lot of conflicting research, info, and criticism out...
  15. H

    INTRO Brennan O'Connor - free meditations

    Hey everyone! My name is Brennan just wanted to start by saying thank you to MJ for an awesome and inspiring book. Also thank you to the many of you who have shared valuable information on this forum! I've only recently realized (finally genuinely believe) that if there is ANYTHING I want to...
  16. Jeannieadele

    Resetting the Mind

    Hello! I'm new here and I'm creating this post in hopes of getting some titles of books that have helped transform you into who you are today. I know I need to shift my mind to think as a shark and no longer a guppy. I appreciate all the helpful suggestions in advance!
  17. A

    O/T: HEALTH Meditation and Fastlaners ? Do you practice it ? Looking for insights please :)

    Hi Tribe, I am looking to optimize myself to increase my productivity. I have come across mediation as a great Tool to get into your best, many succesful people are using it. I am not really into all the "Wooza wooza" new age hype, but they are way to many successful people that i admire that...
  18. akbrouwer

    HOT TOPIC A Morning Routine.. Best Method Of The Highly Successful

    Many of you probably already have a morning routine.. It become more popular when Hal Elrod published The Miracle Morning. That's when I caught wind of it, and started to implement. I can say first hand that it is one of the factors to my success. It sets my day up on the right foot, and gets...
  19. jazb

    Meditation Thread

    I can't stress how amazing meditation can be for ALL aspects of your life. but it is perfect for entrepreneurs. Meditation is the process of clearing all the mental garbage we hold from the day to day. The fears, the doubts, the mental blockage, the lack of perspective. you get the point...
  20. Sweeetland

    How do you meditate?

    I wanna share a little gem with you guys... I'm into meditation, I have been for almost a year now and I don't need google to tell me benefits. I'm fully aware of the benefits it has brought to me so far and shall continue to bring. Mindfulness and meditation is slowly gaining momentum in the...

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