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  1. Spenny

    Why stocks, bitcoin, and crypto will NEVER be Fastlane.

    I invested in stocks for a while and thought the same way: "Ah, but stocks will bring me to the Fastlane" - nope. Never was, never will be & never should be. I only invested in stocks because they should have an intrinsic value - crypto has no use except for the black market. But my experience...
  2. Royce2

    Crypto ATMs, what do you know about it and who’s doing it?

    Does anyone own bitcoin ATMs or knows someone who does? I listened to a business acquisition podcast and they say that these things absolutely crush it and print money. However they don’t do it themselves and are afraid of the crypto laundering schemes that they are a part of. I am genuinely...
  3. Neatt04

    My Introduction

    Hey My name is Sean Neatt, I'm from Nova Scotia Canada and I'm in the middle of reading the Millionaire fastlane. I'd like to say that I have no idea how this forum works so if this is too long sorry. I'm less then two weeks away from going off for my first year of a business degree hoping to...
  4. E

    What are your thoughts on going all in crypto in this Recession?

    Hey guys, I want to know your thoughts on going all in crypto through this recession? I`m pretty young so I have a huge time horizont to "hodl" all my cryptocoins. I`m also investet in a lot of shares but I see a very huge potential in crypto for the next years after recession and I want to...
  5. adirk1

    Will Solana flip Ethereum?

    As you all know Solana helps with providing smart contracts like Ether, but it's doing faster (x10000) and with almost no gas fee like the Ether which is a gas killer these days. But still Sol is not that close to Ether in its market cap, some say Sol wll flip Ether, some say it won't and some...
  6. Jemmalee

    Lessons & Life since joining this forum 1.5 years ago.

    I’ve not been lurking, in fact I’ve barely made time to visit over the past 6 months. I think I underestimated how difficult the fast lane actually was. My last post ( I made £610 on Etsy in a new brand) I was so tired of the consistency of daily abuse, lies, lack of respect etc, that I closed...
  7. TrillAmbition

    Learning by doing- Jumped into it with 1,000 book order

    This week I ordered 1,000 copies of my children's book "Bitcoin saves the world". I set up a landing page on Currently I'm serving the kindle version while I wait for the printed version to land. In the mean time I am setting up a store front for accepting...
  8. Lex DeVille

    Are You Accepting Crypto for Payments Yet?

    Wanted to start a discussion to find out who is accepting crypto for payment, and how you've gone about integrating it into your business. Right now, I don't accept crypto as payment for anything. I'm not against it. It's just that my main checkout system (ThriveCart) hasn't integrated an...
  9. D

    Looking for banks or private loan providers to help my business scale

    Hello everyone, I have setup a successful bitcoin mining farm and I am looking to scale the business. I am currently what you would deem a "small business" and I am trying to now scale my operation. I am looking for fixed monthly loans. I have called EVERY BANK IN MY CITY and called all the SBA...
  10. Schonox


    With all the measures in place, The Great Reset planned and all,... What is your stance on transhumanism, and do you see it taking effect in the near future? A great Dutch article on the topic can be found at jornluka . com. Personally I don't want to become a mindless drone, even if I'd live...
  11. AdamSerk

    £20k where would you invest it or grow it?

    I am in the process of selling my flat in turkey as the currency is declining rapidly and it doesn't look like it'll get better. I have already lost over £10k on it and will lose even more if I don't sell it. Now the question is, I'm not sure what to do with the money. I want to invest some in...
  12. kaleidosam

    Escrow system?

    As you know, escrow system is so reliable that consumers don't need to worry about fraud. However, escrow system use more time than traditional trade. sometimes, someone can't believe escrow system also, because that's made by human. For this reason, customers( student, a retail dealer or any...
  13. J

    Make 10+ Return in Bitcoin, Now I start over...

    Hello all, I’m Jin, 29 years old, from China. I was a traditional man, like most people in China, I was told go to school study hard and get a good job then get married, give birth and raising kids. I have been worked in a chemical plant for almost 7 years after I graduated from college. I did...
  14. MJ DeMarco

    Bitcoin goes parabolic, up 20% in one day, rises from the dead

    I own some and never sold. I didn't buy the dip though... Just kinda forgot about it. GOLD has also been slowly rising... Really interesting movements... Is the market signalling trouble in the traditional financial markets? Dollar collapse? World market collapse? Will Peter Schiff...
  15. brief

    Bitcoin - litecoin

    Do you see bitcoin and litecoin as a real alternative to paper money? I'm having some doubts about the volatility. Even if mass adoption happens it will still be volatile as speculation will always be the case?
  16. S

    I offered to translate (dub) a youtube video. I then ask to publish on my channel? Asking too much?

    Hey guys, I own a somewhat popular non-english website in the crypto space. We do not have a youtube channel yet but I am looking to start one. Recently I came across a video (in English) that does a fantastic job at explaining certain concepts that people find confusing about cryptocurrencies...
  17. Bryan James

    Cryptocurrency a scam?

    I manage a few investment portfolios for clients and read up on business models and financial statements all the time. Personally, I'm a value investor and suggest the same for clients if they have enough money to "play" with. I am fully aware of people getting very rich off of cryptocurrencies...
  18. Ashish Kulkarni

    Why I think Bitcoin will be dead in 2041 unless it evolves

    Bitcoin price is volatile. Same is true for all currencies - crypto and traditional. I will not go into the reasons for that. So far approximately, 17.2 million Bitcoins have been mined. And there is a hard limit of 21 million. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoins. How consensus for...
  19. GlobalWealth

    [Progress thread] Building out a crypto mine, step-by-step - AMA

    I wanted to drop an intro post about the crypto currency mine I am currently building out with my business partner. I will go through steps on how we made decisions on where to build the facility, what other location options we chose, what type of coins we will mine, what hardware we will use...
  20. F

    Self introduction

    The world economy has grown considerably compared to 20 years ago, so it is a very prosperous scene. But such achievements can only be compared with the past. Now that the real economy has reached the ceiling, it is necessary to look for new economic models to try. The internet economy has...