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feedback needed

  1. P

    Rate this another idea : "SaaS to train people against phishing attacks"

    Hello everyone, I submitted a previous idea which was "P2P app to sell your food leftovers" . I realized quickly that not only the idea was stupid but also dangerous in terms of food regulation. And regarding the problem I tried to solved ? Fortunately, there are already charities and entities...
  2. P

    Rate this idea : "P2P app to sell your food leftovers"

    Hello everyone, after I finished reading the book "The millionnaire fastlane" and the "Great rat race espace", I went to search for ideas of business which could help people to answer their needs. After sometimes, I found this idea : "P2P app to sell your food leftovers" Let's imagine you are...
  3. EngineerThis

    Roast my EngineerThis Website!!!

    Stealing this idea from my friend @Mr.Nichan .. ROAST MY WEBSITE!! I started a Google ad campaign last week targeted at this certain page: LINK and have yet to receive any bookings... I get tons of love on here.. With this Ad.. LINK Not sure what the issue is... Feel free to flame the rest...
  4. milanr_97

    Request for feedback: (idea) a tool for making real connections quickly

    Disclaimer: apologies if this post is in the wrong place, I'm new to the forum (my previous post was my intro!) My business idea The problem When joining a new organisation/environment, it can be difficult to find people that you feel you could really connect with which can adversely affect...
  5. freek

    Life tracker/complete self improvement website

    This will be quite a long post so please bear with me. While reading the millionaire fastlane i started thinking about problems in my own life i either needed a solution for or a problem i already solved. I am a 19 year old man who started focussing on improving myself, going to the gym, reading...
  6. wiktorg5

    Pet buying/adopting app

    Basically, my concept is to make an app to buy/sell/adopt pets. Pet shelters, private owners, and professional breeders could post their pets on the app. There could be a section with nearby veterinaries and a "social network" for pet owners. To monetize it I could take a percentage from every...
  7. windchaser

    Is my business wounded to death or is it just a bump in the road?

    I have been working on this business for the last 3 years together with a business partner and we have been growing steadily and profitably (specially since Fall of 2020). However,during the last 3 months we have been struggling with declining sales, an increasing CAC and a big increase in...
  8. ycee

    Anyone running an Influencer Marketing program to grow their business? [Need Feedback]

    With customer trust moving towards independent influencers and FB ads getting worse, more and more brands are shifting towards Influencer marketing as a higher ROI channel to grow. If you are running an influencer program, you must've experienced all the problems that come with running one...
  9. MikeMisk

    Caterer looking for advice, insight or feedback

    Hello my name is Mike, and I run a small full service catering company in central Florida. I have been in business since Jan. 1 2020. Rough year to start but I muscled through and I am still in business today. I have over 12 years of serious cooking experience in various cuisines and restaurants...
  10. T

    Need Feedback

    Hello seniors and fellow FASTlaners! I have developed a shopify site after some research and idea validation and would like your kind feedback on it. So if can spare a few minutes, visit my website and leave a feedback on the thread here. Thankyou!
  11. KushShah9492

    My blog is live, FINALLY!

    Hey everyone, my blog is live now. Here's a link to it: I know there a number of faults and number of changes that I need to make, but I'd love your feedback. Anything to change, anything you guys don't like, anything I need to add, literally any feedback is...
  12. Tuqaneer

    Feedback WANTED

    Hi everyone, Me and my businesspartner worked for a year on and we're live since a month now and in desperate need for critical and non-sugarcoated feedback. Feedback on the business, website, pricing, whatever you can find which you would do differently or why you think this...
  13. MrDiggs

    [FEEDBACK NEEDED] Business Idea: Content Repurposing Service

    Hello beautiful people, I'm reaching out to your all to get your opinion on my new (and only) business concept. I'm hoping that but getting the feedback of like-minded people, I'll be able to improve the business concept (against CENTS) and/or pivot into a better more polished version. It...
  14. LifeisSuffering

    Two Business Idea I need your Feedback §!

    Hello Good Evening/Morning After brainstorming I come up with some idea of a businesses that can solve a problem in my country, and fulfill a need, I did research and i found that two idea can make it in the market So The First Idea is : Lunch a platform that make plumbers and other home...
  15. SweetSuccess

    Skeptical but hopeful: Looking for feedback about a business opportunity

    I’m looking for feedback from someone who may have experience with this business opportunity. I have been presented an opportunity with Market America. I’m skeptical but my mom has been with them and so far has been doing well with them. I wanted to know if anyone on this forum has experience...
  16. Fresho

    Step One: Giving Value

    Hello fellow freedomseekers, I always had the feeling that the presented life of working 40 years and saving some money on the side is not the way to happiness and certainley not one to freedom. I saw it in close family. Working harder and harder and not getting rewared just getting exploited...
  17. M

    Feedback for Entrepreneur Network Idea and Content Ideas

    Hello all, First of all, this is my first thread here, and I am glad to be a part of this community. I am building a website, namely; Hiveist - Entrepreneur's Network and now I am building it to become an Entrepreneur Network, in which people can share the content they read and find useful with...
  18. CoolBeans

    Great food deals and specials near you!

    Hey After reading TMF, I tried to become more aware of the problems and opportunities that may occur in my everyday life, so I could use it as my "open road". I stumbled on a potential business idea when talking to a friend, they expressed to me their discontent on missing out on the latest...
  19. NeatStranger

    How does my new site look?

    Hello All! It has been a few months since I last posted, I have been steadily working away on my new website in the "Desert of Desertion". There have been new ideas come and gone, but I have seen this business through and I now have a fully developed product. This website essentially lets you...
  20. Vince P

    Everything can be rented

    I hope you guys can help by giving feedback in my idea. Basically what I envisioned is to make everything for rent. what I can provide is the logistics and the payment side. Infrastructure: Platform for website and app that anyone can post their stuff. They make a profile and they will have to...

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