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  1. Paul David

    Roast my Email (or SMS/cold call script etc)

    I thought it might be useful for those of us who do cold outreach to have a roast my outreach content thread. We could post our content here and get some feedback from the business owners in the group on whether they liked it, hated it or offer advice on what they'd change. I'll start. Here's...
  2. DCG

    What are Some Other Ways to get Businesses to Make More Besides Web Design?

    Hi guys, I got a second client the other day. Things are going well but I thought of something. I thought what if I made my offer better to clients. Not really sure how all I now is how to make websites for people but I think maybe there are some other skills would be appreciated. Does anyone...
  3. Dr. Goldenage

    Need a little piece of advice.

    I am 18 year old from a poor family living in a country with less than 4m residents. There was a question I always wanted to ask people who were very successful. Is it really possible to read some non-fiction books, watch online courses, learn few programming languages and get reach ? I mean...
  4. EdoardoZangi

    Should your prices be public?

    Relatively new here, I hope this topic is valuable and within the scope of the forum. I've been freelancing on the side, mixing music online for about a year. B2C creative services. Being my first business experience, I consumed every podcast, book and video I could access. I've always heard...
  5. L

    [Looking for Advice] I own a SaaS business that is not making profits yet, and I could be earning a lot per month as a software developer.

    Hello everybody! Let me put you in context. I'm the co-founder (CTO) of a SaaS business that is slowly growing but is not making significant profits yet but has the potential to do so. To give you an example, if I close a few more clients I'll be able to make ~$1k per month with the business...
  6. Y

    Setting myself up for the Fastlane - Corporate vs SMB Job

    I have read MJ's books and understand the concept of the Fastlane. At the moment, I neither have the money nor an idea to execute a business so I have identified that the first step is to get a job. A bit more about myself, I have action faked for 2 years and I am now in my final semester of...
  7. arnavmehta7

    Made a Product - Thinking if I should put in my money to make it better

    Hello everyone, I have been working on a website and an extension for several weeks now. I'm considering investing some money (approximately $5 per month) to improve the quality of the outputs for both. Currently, I'm using self-made services which aren't that good as the giants. There are only...
  8. N

    Opinions on business that is very very similar to another one

    Hello, I have an idea for a product business and have already secured trademark for my name, suppliers for what will be my perfume business, selling Eau de Parfum, Candles, Reed Diffusers, Shower Gels among other things. This is a business on the idea and concept of creating perfumes based on...
  9. mirumiru

    The first job - Today I will search for my first job... advices?, ideas?, experiences?

    Hello to everyone. In this new post I want to make an actualization about how things are going for me, and also, start a small discussion about "the first job". First of all, my goal is the Fastlane, right? So, searching a job may sound a little bit strange... but, naturally, it is not. The...
  10. Fastlane_boy

    24 year lad looking for Advice form Fastlaners & Unscriptee , What you would do If you are at my Situation

    Hey Hi Hello there, i am an 24 year lad, who is looking to seek Advice from you, My Background : i am living in a tier III city of india, pursuing BCA ( Bachelor of Computer Application ) degree, i am in the 2nd year of BCA. i am single person living at my sister's home, My mom-dad expired in...
  11. Fastlane_boy

    I am From India 24 year old Stuck in life Need Advice

    Hey hi Fastlaner's I am piyush 24 year undergrad , I am single person no mom-dad, living In my sisters house. Have hunger to become millionaire , and willingness to learn, fail, get punched on face. I learnt spoting patterns of thumbnails and video topics which gets lots of views on YouTube...
  12. NeoDialectic

    Stop Trying To Make A Squirrel Fly!

    This thread will have two parts. Part one is advice to aspiring entrepreneurs while part two is a request from those that have a good amount of business experience. Part 1 I wholeheartedly agree with the Fastlane notion that your business should not have to be based on your passions. HOWEVER I...
  13. J

    Resources/books/blogs/advice you wish you knew before starting your E-com store?

    Stuff you wish you knew!
  14. L

    Should I go on this 5-month trip to Canada?

    Hey, I am currently 19 years old and finished school this year in Germany. My wish for a long time was to go to high school in Canada and live with a host family. Now I got a possibility for it. But the costs are extremely high (15000€ for 5 months stay). I work full time myself, but my...
  15. E

    13 Year Old Entrepreneur Asking For Advice

    Hey guys, I'm a 13-year-old entrepreneur who mowed lawns this summer. I'm learning about digital marketing right know. I've read Unscripted and The Great Rat Race Escape both awesome books. I'm looking to start now my CENTS business. I just still can't get business ideas. I've applied the stuff...
  16. N

    Whats your Life Biggest Regret?

    What Do You Regret Doing or Not Doing Earlier in Your Life?
  17. N

    If you could travel back time..What would you tell your 18 year old self?

    For all of you who are older than 18 years old... What life changing advice would you give your 18 year old self?
  18. N

    Im a 14 year old aspiring entrepeneur but I need help

    Hi, My name is Nicolas, i was born in Spain, I am 14 years old, I read Unscripted when I was 12 years old, The Great Rat Race Scape when I was 13, I read each one of them for at least 5 times. I always knew something was wrong with people and I always felt different from all my friends that...
  19. J


    Not sure on the best way to format these posts (hence the one-word title), but I'll do my best. Up until about this past June, I have not been in a good headspace. I went through a depressive spell for around ten months where I felt completely lost and worthless. I have shed the feeling of...
  20. S

    I'm 15, wondering what to do

    My 3 step success plan will go something like this 1. Self improvement 2. financially independent (to dodge college) 3. Buisness (while living frugally and pouring all of the money i get from my job into buisness) Now, i have to wait 3 more years before i can apply for a job What do i...

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