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  1. Sahil01

    Hey Experienced Copywriters!! I need some feedback on my headlines.

    I'm a beginner in copywriting and I'm currently doing Lex's 15 day challenge. I have created 3 headlines each for 5 random products for practice and need some expert feedback. Any related advice to my writing or anything else is also welcome. Here it is : Headline : The Perfect Charger! No...
  2. T

    I'm totally broke; what can I do? Need advice

  3. LeonMS

    Scaling other businesses or starting my own ?

    Hello, I'm quite new here and i need some advice. I do have a big skillset and knowledge of optimizing processes and scaling small businesses. I practiced these skills at the company which I am currently employed in and a small local business in my area for free. In the past few months...
  4. KJFast

    Advice on funding next business

    Hey guys, firstly I’m only asking for ADVICE not begging for investment or money. I can’t afford the costs associated with starting up my next business, these are under £10,000 Now wondering, what routes could be doable to fund this? I don’t want to hand over any control, just basically need...
  5. KJFast

    Making very little sales and not sure about long term with current business - Advice?

    Hello guys, I’m not making much profit on my current business and sales are slow. It’s a really niche market. Was wondering if I should just keep it idling then focus my energy on another business, I was thinking to do what Lex did with digital products. Currently my business has outgoings of...
  6. KJFast

    Product based business queries

    Hello everyone, I’m asking for any and all advice surrounding my product based business. Here’s the structure without dipping into what my business actually does. The product is a perishable good similar to tea where it keeps for a very long time. I sell only to the UK market and my audience...
  7. A

    Thinking of going to college

    Hi, fastlaners, I discovered this entrepreneurship stuff like 2 years ago, got interested in dropshipping, digital marketing, and business. The truth is I have never really made a lot of money, I was working in construction previously, and just started shifting into the digital world. I just...
  8. Emma__

    Have I joined the fast lane? Or is this another bad move

    Hi could I ask for some advice on a new job decision? I’m an aspiring entrepreneur and have been a PT for 10 years but dropped out and now looking for another industry that can make me money and hopefully lead to freedom. I have applied to be a sales negotiator at an estate agents, I have...
  9. Emperor7

    Anyone know how to locate this podcast?

    Good day. I was reading a thread about @Kak podcast. Where can I find it? It would be beneficial to some of us here :praise:
  10. Terrylewis

    Hello Everyone- I’m new on here and I have been following DeMarco as an authors for some years!

    Hello All Hope everyone is good- I have joined the forum after reading Unscripted for the second time. I sup[pose I’m Looking for answers! I managed to to start a company 10 years ago in the UK and we turnover a reasonable amount (not sure if I am permitted to write values). My business partner...
  11. A

    Starting fresh and keep going

    Hey, this is gonna be my first post, I am a 16 year old guy who discovered the script/dogma 2 years ago through mj demarco's books, I wanted to get into the world of business way before that although it was from the mindset of a lazy kid, I still look back and cringe at those times after...
  12. Europe19

    Should I Study my Passion or should I Even Study?

    Im 16 from Germany and currently Deciding What to Study, as Financial safeguard and/ or for my Future Business, which i dont know What it will be. I will no matter What Go to a Big city from my Home village, because I want Freedom and my own Apartment. (My parents have no Apartment, They have a...
  13. G

    How did your first steps look?

    Hey guys! I Am currently 19 years old and just joined the Fastlane Forum. I have read all three books from MJDemarco and other books on entrepreneurship . So far, I do not have any practical experience. I realised that whilst such books do give very valuable advice, they itself do not make you...
  14. Yissou

    I would like more explain about ....

    Hi, i read the second book "unscripted". Now i still would like fews explain about things that i may not really understood, anyone can explain me: 1) how does he want us to pay our bill? to hear him say that he lives in a world where he doesn't pay, what would have happened if he hadn't...
  15. Bling

    Any advice for a kid who turned 18?

    I would really appreciate any person who’s 30 or older to give me advice. About what they regret not doing and what would you suggest me to do? (Sorry for my english grammar, I’m not a native English speaker.)
  16. Tixolate

    We need some help...

    Greetings, I'm new to the digital business landscape and have recently ventured into e-commerce. Over the past four months, I've been working diligently on various aspects of my upcoming online store, including posting, designing, marketing, decorating, and pricing. Admittedly, I'm not a...
  17. Jrjohnny

    Watch Your Mind - Its a Powerful Weapon

    WARNING: Do not take this as medical advice, please contact a real clinical psychiatrist if you think you suffer from something. Do not diagnose yourself off of this. Watch Your Mind - Its a Powerful Weapon. There has been a lot of people who seem to be struggling with this. There has been...
  18. Gepi

    I Need Your Advice! Want to Slowly Gain More C in CENTS

    Ok peeps. I need your advice. I have been slowly but steadily building an online presence with 3D design courses on Skillshare and Youtube tutorials over the past few years. Also see progress thread here. The topic of this thread: Now that I published my latest Blender 3D sculpting class and...
  19. BjorniKD

    I'm 14 years old. Any advice?

    I'm a 14 year old, who has just recently finished reading The Millionaire Fastlane. This forum is full of intelligent people, and I was hoping that their wisdom would be shared to me. My hobbies are lifting, reading, meditating, going on walks etc.. How could I start making money online? I've...
  20. Lochlan

    Is SMMA a good business model to start

    Im 15 and trying to decide on a business model to start, I'm leaning towards SMMA at the moment because even if it does not work out I'll have a good foundation in marketing for when I start another business (like a internet business). I ran it by the 5 commandments in the millionaire fast lane...