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  1. baythewebguy

    From broke to... Still broke Building my first fastlane/CENTS approved MVP.

    Hi all I've been a long time lurker of these forums, now it's finally time to introduce myself. I've started multiple side hustles since I was 15, all of which have shown some level of 'success' (they paid the bills) however I didn't have the right skillset or mindset to truly become...
  2. DamienP

    Returning to the forum. I think I screwed up.

    Hi everyone, I joined this forum back in 2015 after reading TML cover to cover a dozen times. The concept of CENTS really resonated with me and I vowed to turn my humble blog into a real business that satisfied these commandments. My blog served a new, very specific and fast growing industry...
  3. circleme

    My opinion on Google's new SGE and its influence on entrepreneurs

    Hi All, It's already been a few months since I initiated the discussion regarding AI & SEO, especially in the case of Google. I was self-employed as a Technical SEO Consultant before my Fastlane Journey and today I would like to share with you my opinion on the topic, specifically regarding...
  4. MTF

    Google Unveils New Search Generative Experience. Is SEO Dead?

    View: Once this is live globally, SEO will be effectively dead for most publishers. Look how much space this new tab takes. The entire above the fold will be gone. Who's going to scroll down to manually check search results? 95% of people will...
  5. OVS

    Going from software developer to creating niche websites based on content

    I'll keep this one short. I'm currently employed as a software engineer and I'm working in my free time on content websites trying to make money from ads and affiliate links. Since I'm in a low income country, I employed my sister in law to write articles for me. I do keyword research, update...
  6. stefandrazic

    ROI on Social Media Marketing for a Web Design Agency

    Hi there! I'm just starting my Web Design Agency for the first time. I've figured out the domain name I'm going to buy. I'm going to get a website up and running. I was just wondering about the benefits of social media marketing and blog for my business. Is it a good return on investment? I...
  7. M

    Copywriting / SEO Articles and ChatGPT - Is it possible to get customers anymore?

    Hi there, For a few years, I've been running a side-hustle, where I write and translate articles, copywriting etc. Primarily with focus on SEO. Now I want to ramp up my business, but I am afraid that people will reject me, because people now know of ChatGPT. What do you guys think? Have you...
  8. circleme

    SEO & ChatGPT

    I think there is no topic more talked about right now than ChatGPT or GPT-3. I have been "playing"/working with the "tool" all week. I think it is unnecessary to mention here that it amazed me in multiple ways and still does. We know that some of the classic SEO tasks - especially the on-page...
  9. MaxT

    Create a shorts youtube channel

    Hello, I'm a French Entrepreneur since 2018, and I've started a Youtube channel where I publish different facts about general culture every day in the shorts format. I publish on tik tok too. At this time it's only for fun, but in 10 days I've get 2k views on one video and 1k views on another...
  10. derraf

    From Zero to the First Million Users

    Hello guys! This is my first post on this forum, I'm reading some of your posts for some time now and I decided to start posting and sharing and discussing SEO, UX, and Business Strategy with you guys. Before I start telling my history, sorry if I misspell something, English is not my main...
  11. J

    SEO/Web Dev, step by step?

    I am looking to learn SEO and Web Development to build an SEO business. I got 2.5 months of 100% free time before I begin my new job, and I thought I'd spend this time starting to learn SEO and Web Development. So that I maybe could start an SEO business part-time and work on it till I...
  12. MapsandMeanings

    Google Algorithm Update Destroyed My Traffic - Need Expert SEO Advice

    Hello Everyone, About a year and half ago I started a side website after my The intent was for it to start as an affiliate blog site and then morph into an authority site with my own courses and such. February of this year it peaked at 8-10k impressions per day with...
  13. Greg R

    [Process] Transfer of Skills To Agency

    Just a week or two ago, I created a new business that was based on a transfers of skills I've acquired over the last 5 years and a built-in customer base. To summarize, I've learned a lot about SEO from my product-based company. So much so, that people started asking me to help them. A...
  14. A

    My Business Progress Report: Failures, Successes & Accountability

    I was ''lurking'' the forum once again and decided to start a progress report to provide insights into different failures and successes along the way. My ''business'' is a website or two actually, but I'm focusing on my second site as of now. I started my website journey on the 13th of January...
  15. Andres1004

    I need a partner for a brand new Digital Market Agency

    Hello everyone at the forum, My name is Andres and I am making this post because I am currently looking for a partner to start my digital marketing agency. I am currently starting my digital marketing agency but I am completely alone and I need someone else in the project. I am not seeking to...
  16. B

    Seo Strategy - Internal backlinks page

    Hey everyone, has anyone tried the following strategy for ranking to a certain keyword: Step 1> Create a page with the keyword you want to rank for in the slug : Step 2> Add into this page all of the related blogs with keywords similar to the one you have on the slug as...
  17. S

    Scaling Affiliate Marketing To Exit And Make Bank

    Hey fellas. My very first post here. I read TMF a while ago and just started listening to it on Audible again this week to get out of a funk. I had a question that relates to the affiliate marketing business model. In the book, MJ says that affiliate marketing isn't a good move because of...
  18. T

    SEO Backlink Juice forever strengthened with every domain you add?

    I guess this question is applicable to this section since it's a quasi non-real scenario. Say there is 3 websites (A, B, C) A is domain you came up with yourself (name, branding that's combination of 2 words you use on the regular), Domain B is supplemental expired domain that was registered in...
  19. P

    Could you please help me find a path?

    I'm not asking for a holding-hand guide here. I only want to get a fresh start with the right mindset and some glimpse of the path I should walk. Back 12 years ago, I was doing a venture with a combination of content marketing and SEO in a high competition niche. The revenue model was...
  20. R

    Web Developer and Digital Marketing Consultant

    Hello, I am Rafi kadir. I am a web developer and digital marketing consultant. I am helping small businesses to increase conversion rates and brand value. I am new to this forum. If you need any kind of help please knock me. I am available to solve your great problem. Thanks.