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  1. Jasper_

    Does money actually buy happiness? (Finding the real answer)

    Hey Fastlaners, For the past couple of months, I have been researching the connection and mysteries behind the infamous money-happiness relation and have summarised my most interesting and useful findings for you guys. (All the important stuff is in bold so you can skim through, but I suggest...
  2. MJ DeMarco

    Can money buy happiness? Scientists (finally) say yes.

    In light of the "To hell with getting rich, I just need to own my time" threads around here I give you the following: I don't like citing WAPO, but I'm familiar with these scientists so I feel I can post this. The...
  3. MJ DeMarco

    28 tales of real financial freedom and the joy that comes with it.

    Have a story where real financial freedom and abundance brought you joy and happiness? Share your story here. If you don't have a story, I will share many from my life. These are stories where having real financial wealth had a direct and meaningful impact on your happiness and/or lowered...
  4. EndurancePenguin

    The pursuit of Happyness... in real life.

    Hi everyone, I came across MJ books and this forum thanks to a dear friend that recommended me “Unscripted”. I devoured it in a couple of days. Then I read TMF and I’m now reading The Great Rat Race Escape. These books blown my mind: I finally understand my inner discomfort about 9-5...
  5. K

    Responsibility and accountability

    I am pondering on one of the things MJ Demarco has wrote in TMF, responsibility and accountability. As we get aware of the scripted system and we decide to go unscripted, at that point, we become responsible for chosing to remain scripted or go immediately unscripted and we will be accountable...
  6. Antifragile

    **This thread will change the way you think.**

    GOLD! HOT! 
    Here are notes on things that aren't obvious but will change the way you think about life. An eclectic collection. Your habits are what drives your mood, and mood is a filter through which you experience life. Happiness is not some fantom state of joy, it is how your mood filters experiences...
  7. A

    Want to know HOW and WHY some people are happy all the time and the rest of us struggle with it?

    If you want to know how to be happier, continue reading… If you want to know why your brain is design to keep you from being happy, continue reading… Here’s the thing that we don’t learn in school… At least I didn’t learn this… My parents didn’t teach it to me either… Happiness is a...
  8. MTF

    What Are You Grateful For Today?

    There are countless studies explaining why gratitude works and how it impacts positively our well-being. A couple of weeks ago I started with my girlfriend daily "say 5 things you're grateful for" practice and it's been helpful to slowly learn to focus more on the good aspects of life instead...
  9. B

    Heading towards mediocrity, destined to change my path.

    Hi, My name is Branko, I am 25. I am currently living in the Netherlands. I moved here with my girlfriend because she is studying for her masters degree. Back where I am from I finished my mechanical engineering degree. Currently I work here in the Netherlands in a small/medium sized company of...
  10. Johnny boy

    1,986 words on happiness, clarity, speed, introversion, attachment and confidence

    All that matters in life is that we are happy with it. After all, who did we build big businesses, amass fortunes, and live so extravagantly for in the first place? If it was for others, our own happiness was never pursued. If we happen to be content, it is only out of circumstance and not out...
  11. Davidla

    From Hustle Burnout to Working 10hrs/week and Loving Life

    Sometimes in life you don't realize how far you've come until you stop and look back. I'm currently in a small beach town in Brazil, as a part of a 3 month trip to South America. I wake up with no alarm clock..and start the day with my morning routine that takes about 2 hours. Afterwards I...
  12. Wiezel

    How do you become a happy person?

    ** PLEASE IGNORE ALL MY PREVIOUS POSTS ** I want to start off with that. It was all stuff that came in to my mind and I thought 'oh, I can make money that way'. I finally realize the main goal should not be money. It's a 'reward' for delivering help to the needed. I'm 24, no job and living at...
  13. jonahsr

    The Biggest Disease Affecting Humanity - CRITICAL

    I recently came across this talk & it affected me pretty deeply. I feel like many of us have this "I am not enough" mindset deep down in their unconscious, and I think it can be either a driving factor for growth or the thing that limits their life severely. What do I mean by this? Either...
  14. Get Right

    Crushing the Comfort Zone

    I've been thinking (and researching) about comfort zones and how they can hinder your ability to grow as a person. There is also evidence that your business can stall/suffer if you stay in the comfort zone too long. My research is starting to convince me that pushing yourself and your business...
  15. Carrenoda

    Fantastic Video about the SCRIPTED Life....

    MODERATOR EDIT: Original Video Here: Found this on FB today, really good short vid about the Scripted life, I couldn't help but to think about MJ's Books, specially Unscripted (reading it now) as I was watching it. Click on "Law Of Effection" to view it. Happy thanksgiving everyone...
  16. Wiezel

    How do I get 100% happy?

    I'm happy in a way! I've got a girlfriend, friends, good relationship with my family and a fulltime job. If people ask me what I do besides my job that's the moment I start feeling uncomfortable. 'Yeah uhm playing videogames sometimes, watch some Netflix, hang out with friends'. Sometimes I do...
  17. MJ DeMarco

    Finally... Money CAN Buy Happiness.

    Been saying it for years, but the reasoned argument never can make it beyond the noise of the Mainstream Media who wants you to be a compliant and mindless drone who accepts the 9-to-5, Just-Over-Broke paradigm. I'm only upset that I wasn't asked to contribute...
  18. Andy Black

    Richard Branson: Tips for happiness

    Love this: My tips for happiness in 2018 | Virgin
  19. MarekvBeek

    A SCRIPTED Story... (I cried a little)

    So a few days ago we recieved a package at our home. My mom told me it was for dad. Guess what it was? A drone My dad finally bought a drone. I've been "discussing" this with him for a month. I tried to help him find a drone which suits his needs. But it was a pain in the a$$ for him...
  20. CaptainAmerica

    Captain America Returns!!

    Did you miss me, huh? I sure missed all of you! Remember that post I did about how I was over the depression, and well on my way to the Fastlane? Yeah, me too. It turns out that it takes a lot longer than anticipated, especially with hidden health issues underlying the whole thing. Ugh. Sorry...