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  1. S

    Open AI and its Implications on control

    Hi All As a quick intro, i am new to this forum... hi I am from UK. I'm professional in the corp world but my dreams are to be an entrepreneur. In truly honest with myself I haven't had my f&%k it 'I am going for it' moment. My excuse currently is a director jobs salary and looking for a...
  2. P

    Europe-Based Ecommerce business. Want to serve US clients. Help.

    Hey there! I was wondering if anyone here is doing ecommerce from Europe and has successfully served customers in the US? Here's a bit about my project: - I make decorative objects myself in France - They're about 5 x 5 x 20 cm in size - I can produce up to 10 a day at home, but can easily...
  3. C

    Halal Supplement Brand For Muslims

    Hello Fastlane community! We are in the process of launching a new Halal supplement brand aimed at Muslims. Our first product (Dream Sticks) has ingredients from the Quran / Authentic Hadith but also ones backed by science (magnesium, l-theanine, etc.). The website will be live soon here...
  4. freek

    Building a Sustainable E-Commerce Empire: From Student to a €1 Million Goal in 2024

    Hello everyone, thank you for taking a look at this new thread. The reasons for writing this thread are because I think it is the best way for me to be able to look back and spot the mistakes I made and to look back at how I was thinking at a different time. I would also love to get insights...
  5. bpere11

    Tracking my first product launch in 18 months...

    I’ll start this with a random thought. I’ve decided that no matter how rich I get, I’ll always do my own laundry. I dunno if this is weird but the process of washing my clothes, hanging them and then folding them up when they’re dry relaxes me. I’ll never pay someone to do that. Tbh I’d probably...
  6. DamienP

    Returning to the forum. I think I screwed up.

    Hi everyone, I joined this forum back in 2015 after reading TML cover to cover a dozen times. The concept of CENTS really resonated with me and I vowed to turn my humble blog into a real business that satisfied these commandments. My blog served a new, very specific and fast growing industry...
  7. T

    E-commerce Business - Trying to Get to the Next Level

    Hi! I’m stuck! Product created and selling. Website up and running and converting visitors into sales Socials all set up - beginning to get some influencer created review content Selling steadily - 10 or so sales a day on a $150 price point product. But, really struggling to take things to...
  8. Husler8055

    Building a Custom Tailoring E-commerce Platform: Need Your Expert Advice!

    Hello Fastlane Forum Members, I hope everyone is having a fantastic day! I am embarking on a journey to create a bespoke clothing e-commerce platform similar to this one: Men Custom Suits & Custom Dress Shirts | Hockerty. The idea is to allow customers to fully customize their shirts and...
  9. bpere11

    Question for MJ DeMarco

    Hey MJ, In 'The Millionaire Fastlane', you write about the risks, downsides and perils of "hitchhiking" on someone else's business. I understand that it's not wise to ride on the coat tails of someone else's business as it means you're at their mercy and they can change the rules or switch...
  10. bpere11

    How to learn the things you don't know you should know

    Convoluted title hey? Sorry about that. I'll cut to the punch, I have recently started an online private label business via Amazon FBA. I have done a variety of courses on UDEMY and I know the basics but I am unsure if there are any other skillsets that I should be acquiring, which I am simply...
  11. xShepherdx

    xShepherdx's Progress Thread: Building A Fastlane Business

    For a bit of backstory, check out my intro post here. Since starting my business 3 years ago, I've spent been struggling to make it profitable. For the curious, this business is a digital eCommerce business operating in a creative niche. But as of today, I am FINALLY happy to report that...
  12. constant

    Window Washing | Progress Thread

    I've wasted too much time action faking. Time to get to work. Current plans: 1.Start window washing to get some money rolling in. 2.Once I have some funds, get into E-commerce. (or other opportunities) Current funds: 200€ + 100€/month from parents
  13. JNagtegaal

    Started my first real ecommerce business, posting the process and asking for tips here.

    To start off i will first introduce myself, my name is Jari Nagtegaal and i'm from The Netherlands (excuse some of my bad english). Now at almost 21 years old i have started a couple of online businesses, which for the most part existed of dropshipping and i created a site for online fitness...
  14. ycee

    This strategy for us $100K+ in sales via influencers. Copy it for your own brand in 2023!

    Influencer Marketing is a black box. It can be overwhelming to figure out where exactly to start. After scaling a few influencer programs to $100K+ in sales… I came up with this 6-step-strategy that tells you exactly what to do to get started. Steal it #1 - Start with finding the right...
  15. A

    Hi Everyone, ready to take off here!

    I just launched my first product to start selling on Amazon. Things are going relatively slowly. I am super motivated and would love to learn as much as possible. Maybe anybody here needs a virtual assistant with their amazon shop or e-commerce. Currently, I am working as a social media...
  16. Jeix

    Finally Entered the Fastlane - Hobby store & Ecommerce - Progress thread

    Hello fastlaners, I've been meaning to make this thread for a while. - A short summary of my life - I'm from Italy and I'm turning 29 this year 2023. I first read The Millionaire Fastlane 5 years ago when I was working in real estate and being paid under the table to ring doorbells for over 40...
  17. windchaser

    Closing my company – Post-mortem analysis so you can learn from my mistakes

    After 3 years of activity, I made the decision to shut down my company. Here goes my story, I hope you can learn from my mistakes. THE IDEA: On December 2018 I had my second and definitive FTE event (long story short, I was fired when the company where I was working decided to eliminate my...
  18. fastlane_dad

    Is E-Commerce still Alive for 2022 / 2023 and How To Make it a Fastlane Success !!!

    The question was brought up if 'e-commerce' is a viable business to start today. I'm sure my take on this will be slightly different then even @NeoDialectic but I'll try to sum up my perceptions of where it is today. IMHO - e-commerce as a business is still just as great and viable as it was a...
  19. BellaPippin

    $$ out from marketing vs $$ in

    I am working on a book/workbook and while I receive the samples and prepare the whole thing I’ve made it available as an ebook for $7.99. I am on Shopify and Amazon KDP (note: I cannot run ads on amazon because they don’t like my cover.. working on whether to change it or not) I spent $80 on IG...
  20. L

    How do you manage to enjoy the process?

    Im 19 years old and doing e-commerce for 2 years now with very little success. (i got like 80.000€ Sales in that two years overall). And yes im working every day on it and not just for some minutes but the whole time when im home. I launched 2 new stores in the past month and they both...

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