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social media

  1. Jannina Emila

    New entrepreneur needs a second opinion on strategy

    Needing an opinion from you guys. I’m a new ish entrepreneur, past 1.5 years tested numerous different strategies and offers with my business and now finally feels like I’m starting to find the longer term, enjoyable and sustainable way I want to build my business (building a brand in social...
  2. mikecarlooch

    Grant Cardone's Dirty Little Secret

    After reading this, I can truly say with conviction that if you're someone who has felt anxious or overwhelmed by making organic content on social media platforms because there are just too many freaking things going on, I've got the answer for you in this post. What I'd recommend if you're in...
  3. Benjamin Pavliha

    Social media strategy: Instagram vs. TikTok

    Hey fellow entrepreneurs, I hope you are well. My niche is helping entrepreneurs and professionals get control of their alcohol drinking. A bit more than 6 weeks ago I launched my Instagram and TikTok account in order to start building my brand and generating leads. If you check both of my...
  4. mirumiru

    Just GIVE UP WHAT DOESN'T ADD (Dopamine Detox - how it benefits you to REALLY change your life) | Motivation & eye-opening

    I have been in self improvement for a long time. My progress for a lot of time was just stagnant. I knew I needed discipline instead of motivation. I knew I needed to take action but I didn't. I knew I had to trust the process but I refused to even start. What was stopping me? I was living...
  5. Martin Z

    How to get 10k Instagram followers(or more) in less than 90 days

    Just like the title suggests; I've already uploaded a video that's gonna talk about the main points(see below), but I'm going to write some key points here for those of you who don't have the time to watch the whole video. I'm doing this because I keep getting requests and messages on my Quora...
  6. H

    DUMP PROJECT and start all over?

    Hi everyone! I would like to ask you to help me see things clearer regarding a project that I developed over the last years and have sunken a lot of cost into. I've probably been suffering from "sunken cost fallacy" but now I'm ready to throw it away (or not). But I would like to have some...
  7. mikecarlooch

    Social Media Tricks Don’t Work Long Term

    Most of what you've been told about making a winning video on social media is a lie. This goes against some of the things I've posted over the months in the forum, but I would rather face reality and spread the truth rather than try to stay consistent with a narrative I now know is false. I...
  8. mikecarlooch

    Chat Discussion - RUMBLE (The Next Big Thing?)

    This is something to pay attention to I believe. The social media app called RUMBLE is starting to get a lot of traction for being the go-to social media platform for free speech and no censorship. The founder of RUMBLE (Chirs Pavlovski) went on twitter and various other places talking about...
  9. mikecarlooch

    How To Growth Hack Your Social Media Without Hoping (2023)

    This Is Not Clickbait Dear fastlaner, Have you ever considered that growth on social media.. does not have to be based on hope? Recently, I spotted an amazing system that gave me a ton of mental clarity about social media when I managed to get it on paper and start implementing it.. It...
  10. MJ DeMarco

    The Top Creators of 2022, Building 8- and 9-Figure Empires

    @MTF you'll love this list (I'm being sarcastic)... The top ones will earn 8-figures annually and likely be well on their way to 9-figure, and billionaire empires. The ones that do combine their audiences with...
  11. ycee

    Struggling to get influencers to work with you? Try this unique “give first” method to flip that on its head.

    The first obstacle you would face with influencer marketing is actually getting creators interested in working with your brand. I like to use one simple line in my outreach to overcome this resistance. What’s that? "For no commitment on your end, I want to send you a special package with our...
  12. G

    Influencer Agent / Manager (Side Hustle Idea)

    Hi everybody! I’m looking to start making some money online and came across this video by Sebastian Ghiorghiu. I was really drawn to the idea of being what he calls a deal closer and network manager for social media influencers. I see tons of influencers all over social media, most of these...
  13. Daniel M.

    Having the best product in the niche still stuck with reaching potential buyers.

    Hey Everyone, Daniel here. So, the whole story started in November 2021 when I stumbled upon an app called Notion. I really liked it, started using it, and found out that there are a ton of templates created by people like me and you that they are selling for money. I bought/tried a couple, and...
  14. ycee

    What do you think about the future of influencer/ambassador marketing with the recession, downfall of ads, etc.?

    While having a content channel and email list is the best, I've observed that influencer marketing and related channels (affiliate, ambassador marketing) are taking off among both ecommerce and SaaS brands nowadays. I see two trends here: - Ads are not working as well as they used to. - The...
  15. KushShah9492

    AMA: How to grow an audience on Twitter and write highly engaging content

    I have been writing actively on Twitter since January 2022. Since then, I've written 3900 tweets, 60+ threads and have an audience of 1200+ followers. I'm not saying I'm an expert in anything on twitter, but I just wanted to share some insights on what I did, how I did it and help people...
  16. mikecarlooch

    Get 100,000+ New Eyeballs On Your Brand

    What does it take to get up to 1,000,000+ eyeballs on your brand? Some people may be thinking "1,000,000? I tried this social media thing and I've barely gotten a single view! What am I doing wrong?" Let me ask you a question - WHAT are you posting on social media? Is it structured for success...
  17. BigRomeDawg

    Grow Your Business In The Next 30 Days With Our Social Media Agency's Done For You Service

    Finally, A Social Media Agency Who Knows What They’re Doing… And We’ll Give You The Plan To Blow Up Your Brand… for FREE. Dear Fastlaner, I’m looking for a dream client I can make the number one authority in their niche. If you’re that client, I’ll personally help you build a giant, “local...
  18. ycee

    Here's how to reach a sold-out Madison Square Garden full of customers without expensive celebrity shoutouts

    I'm about to give you a secret weapon that will change the game for your influencer program and generate a lot of sales for your ecommerce store. (it's underutilized and underestimated by most). I call it the "Go small or go home" strategy. Nanoinfluencers are usually ignored by brands...
  19. ycee

    What's a fair amount to pay influencers for promotion? (and a warning)

    They all quote abnormally high prices, here's how to assess a fair fee. A warning to start ⚠️ Never ever pay for posts, especially when you're just starting out. A transactional sentiment reflects in the kind of content that the creator would create for your brand and their audience can smell...
  20. MTF

    Building a Following and Developing Relationships on Twitter

    Despite not being a fan of social media, I'm giving Twitter a go. Here are my reasons: With Elon hopefully soon becoming the new owner, I have high hopes for the platform's future. Yeah, call me naive, I don't care. I believe in Elon. Twitter is the only major social media platform (perhaps...

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