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social media

  1. N

    Niche Evolutions Blogging and Youtube Journey

    I have been a member on this forum for a few years now on and off. I'm creating this progress thread as a way for me to get things off of my mind and into something that perhaps will provide more value both to me and the readers here. I started a youtube channel in the food/baking niche about a...
  2. MJ DeMarco

    The Social Media Duality: Tool of Destruction? Or Growth?

    I'd like to reiterate that social media is a TOOL. This thread advocates deleting social media. My agreement depends on how the tool is used. You can use social media to hammer you over the...
  3. mikecarlooch

    How To Post Video Content Without Imposter Syndrome

    Note - this is an idea I just got, and wanted to put it on here just so I can be reminded of it. I'm personally in a niche where I do not feel like an expert and don't want to give people advice on social media, and I was thinking how I could go about building an audience without doing this. I...
  4. T

    [SELF-DEVELOPMENT] Ignite Your Potential: Daily Dose of Motivation

    MINDSET (to instagram page) I am currently running a daily motivational content video on Instagram and it's doing better than I have imagined. Going through Instagram to get motivational content, almost all of them had cars as their background clips and I had...
  5. H

    Good and honest offer for influencers

    Hello. We have an good and honest offer for different kind of influencers but admin had remove it without reason. So I removed my message. Good luck.
  6. Fox

    How I got to 169,000 Instagram followers

    I haven't dropped a new thread in a while and wanted to give back on something... So here is how I have grown on IG over the last year. This will be for normal style content you can build an "expert" following with. So, not random flexing content - but instead something you can get paying...
  7. ChryslerCreates

    Making Money on TikTok

    Hey guys, after my 2 failed attempts, I'm getting back to you. I have been looking into the new AI technologies and have Created a few videos. This is about health and fitness. However, with facts that you do not hear at every corner. I have now after a week 500k views and 7k subscribers. I...
  8. U

    Bodybuilding Instagram page

    Hello All, I know most of Instagram is overwhelmed by anything that has to do with bodybuilding but I've been thinking a while of creating my own bodybuilding/health page. Why do I think I could be a helpful Instagram "influencer". - I got 7 years of boxing experience, during that time I used...
  9. Mikeeyy

    How dopamine destroys your life and kills your Fastlane dreams.

    So what is dopamine? Well dopamine is a chemical in our brain that is released when we do something pleasurable such as eating, socializing, sex etc. Now dopamine is good in controlled amounts. But when you have a dopamine over load it can cause lots of problems in your life. The human brain is...
  10. Absar

    Absar's Redemption: Journey to Self-Control & Discipline

    Hey Everyone, I’m here since January and have learned A LOT since then. But I still am a lil pus** who's addicted to social media, watches p*rn/j*rks off, Procrastinates, and wastes time. @farahead's progress thread inspired me to create a progress thread of my own for accountability and...
  11. Chilolo

    I need help with my YouTube channel what on earth should I do?

    Hi.I need help. I spent the entirety of a Month editing a video (MAY 3rd to JUNE 2nd). Somewhere along the way I decided to watch some Alex Hormozi. The video is now titled "Alex Hormozi’s content strategy (REVEALED)". The part that really hit home for me was. The following. Speak on "your"...
  12. Mänty

    Rediscovering Real Life: A Reflection on Loneliness

    Have you noticed, that even with social media and the possibility to connect with people all around the world, people in this generation are lonelier than ever before. Social media actually drives us apart from real social interactions with real people. People nowadays are very self centered...
  13. adnanazmi

    How to Scale your Social Media Channels?

    Hello everyone, I'm reaching out for your insights and recommendations on how to boost the frequency and efficiency of my social media posts across platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, with an emphasis on quality and minimal effort (efficiency). Consistency is crucial in this game, as...
  14. MJ DeMarco

    One metaphor everyone needs to hear...

    From the Fastlane Newsletter being sent out today... Highly relevant to this thread about shutting down social media. ------- My stepson never cared about financial freedom or wealth until he started getting up at 6AM and working Monday through Friday. Now all of a sudden, he's interested in...
  15. heavy_industry

    Young fastlaners: SHUT DOWN ALL SOCIAL MEDIA

    Important note: The internet is the most powerful communication tool in the history of mankind. All powerful tools are inherently dangerous and need to be used properly. There is a huge difference between using a tool, and being crushed by it. It all depends on how you use them. This thread...
  16. Kareem Hassan

    Growing Traffic & Getting More sales Online

    Hello there , I wanna talk about the business model of growing traffic on social media (usually tiktok & instagram reels) and then using their audience to get more sales... there are multiple ways to sell merch online with 0$ in, most of these websites like printify or etsy will take care of...
  17. Jannina Emila

    New entrepreneur needs a second opinion on strategy

    Needing an opinion from you guys. I’m a new ish entrepreneur, past 1.5 years tested numerous different strategies and offers with my business and now finally feels like I’m starting to find the longer term, enjoyable and sustainable way I want to build my business (building a brand in social...
  18. mikecarlooch

    Grant Cardone's Dirty Little Secret

    After reading this, I can truly say with conviction that if you're someone who has felt anxious or overwhelmed by making organic content on social media platforms because there are just too many freaking things going on, I've got the answer for you in this post. What I'd recommend if you're in...
  19. B

    Social media strategy: Instagram vs. TikTok

    Hey fellow entrepreneurs, I hope you are well. My niche is helping entrepreneurs and professionals get control of their alcohol drinking. A bit more than 6 weeks ago I launched my Instagram and TikTok account in order to start building my brand and generating leads. If you check both of my...
  20. mirumiru

    Just GIVE UP WHAT DOESN'T ADD (Dopamine Detox - how it benefits you to REALLY change your life) | Motivation & eye-opening

    I have been in self improvement for a long time. My progress for a lot of time was just stagnant. I knew I needed discipline instead of motivation. I knew I needed to take action but I didn't. I knew I had to trust the process but I refused to even start. What was stopping me? I was living...