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  1. ycee

    Here's how to reach a sold-out Madison Square Garden full of customers without expensive celebrity shoutouts

    I'm about to give you a secret weapon that will change the game for your influencer program and generate a lot of sales for your ecommerce store. (it's underutilized and underestimated by most). I call it the "Go small or go home" strategy. Nanoinfluencers are usually ignored by brands...
  2. ycee

    What's a fair amount to pay influencers for promotion? (and a warning)

    They all quote abnormally high prices, here's how to assess a fair fee. A warning to start ⚠️ Never ever pay for posts, especially when you're just starting out. A transactional sentiment reflects in the kind of content that the creator would create for your brand and their audience can smell...
  3. MTF

    Building a Following and Developing Relationships on Twitter

    Despite not being a fan of social media, I'm giving Twitter a go. Here are my reasons: With Elon hopefully soon becoming the new owner, I have high hopes for the platform's future. Yeah, call me naive, I don't care. I believe in Elon. Twitter is the only major social media platform (perhaps...
  4. bizarre

    Baby steps

    Hello everyone, I don't really know how to start this post, So I will just get right into the subject: I just deleted the YouTube app from my phone, which was the last social media/entertainment app I kept. While for most people, that might not sound like a big step, for me it is huge: About...
  5. mikecarlucci

    How To Use Copywriting To Script YouTube Videos

    Using Copywriting Tactics To Script Your YouTube Videos Recently, specifically in my upcoming video, I have been implementing a lot of copywriting tactics into my YouTube video scripts and I've got to say, I believe it is one of the reasons why my videos are averaging 60-70% average view...
  6. mikecarlucci

    EVERY Health, Wealth, and Relationship Coach MUST DO THIS.

    Coaches are missing out on a massive opportunity by not being on.. you guessed it.. TikTok. I see so many coaches on Instagram and Facebook who ARE relatively successful in their coaching but are missing out on the ability to reach and impact so many more people. If you're an ADVICE-BASED...
  7. mikecarlucci

    Gary Vee's Spewing Of Social Media Content

    You may be thinking.. why am I bringing up Gary Vee? Why do I care? Because Gary Vee's content talking about making ridiculous amounts of content is what started me in my content creation journey and also made it miserable at times.. But that's not what this thread is about. I want to save...
  8. mikecarlucci

    Want to get TONS of new eyeballs on your brand?

    Hey guys! I wanted to bring some value to this forum that you can use to your advantage. First of all, why should you listen to me when it comes to tiktok marketing ? I've been creating content on tiktok in different industries since the summer of 2019, amassing well over a hundred million...
  9. MJ DeMarco

    Prime Example Why I Go to the Dentist More Than I Go To Facebook...

    So I posted this over on Facebook and look at what comments FACEBOOK deems as most relevant. I get dozens of comments from people who love my work and say positive things. But NO, Facebook says "the most relevant" posts come from this a**hole clown who knows NOTHING about me. View...
  10. MTF

    Social Media Destroys Entrepreneurs. Grow Your Business Without It.

    For most entrepreneurs few things are worse than social media. You think it’s helpful while it’s a parasite that slowly kills you and your business. Social media platforms have spent millions and millions to persuade us that they’re indispensable for business. If you don’t exist on social...
  11. mikecarlucci

    I am 19, I have $15,000, and I have an audience.

    Hi everyone, I am looking for advice on my situation to make the most out of my business. Need some help First of all, If you're wondering how I got the $15,000, I got by starting with selling things on ebay, I funneled that into sports cards, those went up a lot, and then I put that money into...
  12. G

    949 newsletter subscribers for $0.44 per sub with Instagram Ads

    Or, «The lazy mans way to killer results with Instagram stories» Whether as an entrepreneur or employee/freelancer, you'll always provide food on the table with this skill. Dont spend $997 on a course, heres a free step-by-step guide to Facebook/Instagram ads. 1/ Have a great product...
  13. Itizn

    WhatsApp Marketing

    I've turned to WhatsApp for reaching companies and individuals in countries I have a hard time reaching out to through the conventional methods. My "weapon" of choice is telephone, but the aforementioned difficulty in reaching these companies, along with time zone differences just makes it...
  14. Shehzan lahori

    Do you think Youtube breaks The Commandment of Entry?

    Give reason to your answer
  15. MJ DeMarco

    Why control is so important and Facebook/Instagram cannot make or break your brand...

    I cannot stress this enough. Stop trying to make social media your business when it simply is a marketing channel. I mentioned this before, by back in the day I was growing the TMF FB page at a great clip. Then suddenly, FB stop showing my posts and continually nagged me to "pay to play" ...
  16. notinuse1245

    Experience with Instagram Pages?

    I was thinking about small side hustles I could start (<4h per week) and was wondering if anyone has experience with growing an instagram page. The focus would be on self-improvement/productivity and I would post daily. For monetization, I thought about basic amazon affiliate marketing and the...
  17. H

    Millionaire Fastlane book really motivated me

    Hello MJ, I don't know if you could read this but I want to thank you for the knowledge you had shared from your incredible book. I am just 26 right now and left corporate job as software engineer to pursue fastlane. Since college, I had been trading stocks and had been profitable. I had...
  18. Marcobello

    Selling a 32K OF Pinterest Account

    Hi, buddies, I'm selling a Pinterest account with over 32K ORGANIC FOLLOWERS in the success/luxury/motivation niche. is this one here: pinterestdotcom/successluxe There are only a few simple steps to follow in order to make it yours, I'm asking for 1800. If you are interested, I'll send...
  19. Furniture-brah

    Making my start in the Furniture game

    Hi Guys, Myself and my partner have been looking to move out of the 'slow lane' for some time now, we both work for a corporate making just enough money to scrape by each week. The 9 - 5 wage slave life is soul crushing so we have been aligning ourselves with the sentiments espoused in MJ's...
  20. Koji


    Why did Facebook block my URL? You may ask... The short but unpleasant answer: You are not VALUABLE. You might get upset about that answer and say: "but I am valuable. I only shared my link to few groups and across Facebook. What made you say such? Am I not on Facebook? Is that not value? My...

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