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  1. YoungPadawan

    ATTENTION All Web Designers and App Developers

    Don’t you hate trying to make sure that your website or app loads quickly? Endlessly testing your website on GTMetrix. Refreshing the page. Testing different web hosting providers to try to squeeze out a little more speed. I mean, you want to make your website look great with awesome graphics...
  2. Nomads

    Driven To Be Location Independent / "Not Another Web Agency"

    Been floating around these forums for a long time now without contributing much, but absorbing lots. I've decided it is time to change that and document my process to detach myself from my current location in the cold barren wasteland called Canada. I currently run a service-based (seasonal)...
  3. X

    18 y/o - Full-Time Job or Start A Business?

    Hello fellow entrepreneurs. I'm having a dilemma right now whether I should go for a full-time job that was offered to me or try and start a business. It will be very appreciated if you guys read the whole post before giving me your opinion, thanks. Let me elaborate, a few days ago I went to a...
  4. Af20abn

    Do you need to learn coding for web design, even if you are using Wordpress?

    I have been using Wordpress to create an e-commerce website, but I have noticed a lot of people learn HTML and JavaScript before they build a website. But I am in the beginning stages of Wordpress and web development is going just fine and the plug-ins and themes I use do not require any code...
  5. V

    A random message asking if I make websites?

    Today I got a message from a friend of a friend asking if I make websites. I don't know what to tell him... How do I turn him into my first customer as a web design freelancer?
  6. J

    Can you set up a website?

    FLF, I'm looking to get a website set up for my service business venture. I'm not great at doing this and don't really have the inclination to learn to do so based on past experiences. I'm hopeful that someone is looking for an opportunity to sharpen their skills and wants help and if you've got...
  7. Goose36

    The Start of Something Beautiful

    Not sure if this is the right forum section for this post, but let me know and I'll move it to the appropriate section. Hello good folks of FLF! A couple months ago I posted about my learning about the FI community and entrepreneurship and how scared I was to get started. Well, I think I've...
  8. Jobei

    16 Years old, and need business ideas.

    I'm 16 I know how to code (1 year), and do video editing(1 year). I've read all of MJ's books multiple times and I'm ready to start a business. Web design seems really intriguing to me but I want to know other possibilities. So please let me know if you can help. Thank you for anyone who...
  9. Hassan

    Web designers: What's your rate for this project?

    So I thought I could design my own website and fell into the rabbit hole of using a page builder like Elementor to DIY it. After spending 3 hours and learning a little CSS to just make a visible line on my menu disappear, the reality hit me: I suck at design and need help haha! In light of...
  10. A

    Freelancing progress and Choosing a Master's

    Hi everyone, A couple of months earlier I had enrolled on @Fox Freelancing course (not sure if it's still accepting applicants) and an HTML/CSS course on Udemy. I would highly recommend both to anyone interested in the field. I started freelancing as a Web Designer and Developer while I was...
  11. KushShah9492

    Documenting my journey to become a freelancer

    In the past few months, I have dabbled with a lot of things. I've tried coding, graphic designing, copywriting, SEO. Stuck to something for a while, and then moved on to the next cool thing. I was on the sidewalk. And it has wasted a lot of time. I tried getting clients on upwork/fiverr but no...
  12. T

    Having trouble getting any return on cold email outreach

    I've been trying a number of methods for lead generation. Picking up business cards from neighboring towns and cities, using google to find small corporations, using lead generation tools online, looking at business directories online. Everytime I try to use the email cold approach to reach...
  13. hexelbyte

    Starting A Web Design Business - My Journey

    Hello Everyone! This Thread is primarily entries of my journey in web design / sales. From accomplishments and through hardships follow along and learn along with me! If you find anything insights / comments feel free to share them! If you prefer, you can PM me as well. Thanks @Capitalist_Cat...
  14. hexelbyte

    Survey: What Do You Find Annoying Working With Web Designers / Developers?

    I was having a conversation with @Black_Dragon43 and they suggested asking for some feedback about the question in the title of this thread. The reason is to figure out the traps and hurdles that aspiring web designers would face when working with clients. It would be interesting for any...
  15. N

    My success journal - From debts and a job to the fastlane

    Hello there Fastlaners, I’m Nico, 28 years old from germany and happy to be here. After reading theMillionaireFastlane I finally found something I was looking for for such a long time when reading dozens of self-development books - a real and active forum of like minded people. After a first...
  16. Goldfels

    Feeling the Fear and Doing it Anyway: Beginning Entrepreneurship with Web Design

    I bought @Fox 's Freelancing Course four days ago and I've been trying to take notes and fully get the ideas in the course between school and work. A lot of it has me scared. Scared I will mess up on a sales call and not get the sale. Scared a design for a client will not be good enough. Scared...
  17. KushShah9492

    Web Development as a Skill(A bankable skill for 2021?)

    So, I've been meaning to learn coding and web design for a long time now, and I'm still perplexed. While there a number of services(wordpress, pixieset, wix,etc) I still wonder "Why would Someone go through the process of coding for long hours if he could just customise his site from any of the...
  18. Zedd9165

    Cheap & Reliable Web Hosting

    Hello Fastlaners, This is a quick question. I have been using Godaddy for all my domain purchases and hosting services for almost a decade now and the only reason I go with them is that the company is huge and they have some good customer service (as far as what I have experienced). However...
  19. Kal-El1998

    For web design do you guys keep your pipeline full?

    Since web builds aren't necessarily a recurring source of do you keep your pipeline full?
  20. Fox

    Starting a Web Design Biz in 2021 (Video Tutorial Thread)

    Hey everyone. I just started a new series over on Youtube and wanted to post it here. The idea was to work with a real business here in Poland who is finding things tough right now with Covid. I wanted to show how anyone can help people like this with very little technical skills. This isn't...

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