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web design

  1. A

    Gained an extreme confidence boost from execution

    I feel like I've finally earned the right to make a thread for myself. After I binge read "Unscripted", I found the Fastlane forum and it didn't take long for me to find @Fox's post for his web design course. I paid for the course and started binging on his content, and at the same time binge...
  2. M

    Web Designers: How long did it take you to get your first high paying project?

    I know that I shouldn't be asking this as someone who's still in the learning process, but I am really curious about it. Thanks.
  3. I

    Analysis paralysis on specialized skill to start

    Hello everyone, having a bit of a dilemma here. I’m starting from nothing and trying to decide which skill to initially learn for income. I’m stuck between web design, copywriting, and running Google ads. For those more experienced, which of these would you recommend for someone with no...
  4. P

    Old dog with new tricks

    Hello world. Just joined the party but looks like I'm way late. I'm retired or trying to be from my 30 year business farming clams, yes I said clams; more specifically the Geoduck clam. I started way back before it was a thing, if it is a thing. Now that I don't spend most of my day 60 feet...
  5. DCG

    Web Design Template Progress Thread

    My parents told me that I can't sell the service of making websites for businesses. But after reading the thread GOLD! - EXECUTION - How to Create a $2k+/mo Passive Income Website in 30 Days (or Less), I thought why don't I just sell website templates instead. This thread is going to document...
  6. Dakoded1

    Reinvigorating a Software Business After a Year in the Slowlane

    Howdy! It has been months in the making and I am happy to finally start this Execution thread as I feel like this is a place I am going to need for the many months still to follow... My story is that I discovered coding and web design at a young age and found success relatively quickly. From my...
  7. P

    Where do I even start from?

    I read the thread of the Fox Legends Program on this forum and downloaded his E-book and read the whole thing. It's a great book and I have the mindset, but given the vast amount of information on the internet and the different advice that every article gives, it is way too overwhelming for me...
  8. DCG

    What are Some Other Ways to get Businesses to Make More Besides Web Design?

    Hi guys, I got a second client the other day. Things are going well but I thought of something. I thought what if I made my offer better to clients. Not really sure how all I now is how to make websites for people but I think maybe there are some other skills would be appreciated. Does anyone...
  9. yashdutt

    Reverse engineering an idea

    Random thought. You need to reverse engineer an idea and work on it But you won't be able to identify the problems In the certain niche you wanna build a business in, if you don't dive into it and learn about it. I want to build a digital product that solves problems in building websites and...
  10. R

    Going from reading the books to trying to reach the pedal on the fastlane

    Hi, im a 20 year old average "just a guy" living in finland, i believe to be lucky to live in an environment that wont absolutely shred me apart if i fail my first few attempts at enterpreneurship, nonetheless i still feel like life could have something more to it than just that middleclass...
  11. danbucknam

    Affiliate Marketing Advice

    Hello, Much respect and homage to the many bright and motivated people who frequent this forum. My background is in Graphic Design and Animation. I have developed and managed websites / E-commerce sites and created graphics print / web / motion / catalogs in the past. I a big fan of the MJ...
  12. DCG

    Getting Clients Journey

    Hello everyone, after reading several threads on this site (MINDSET - EXECUTION - I am doing it, at 16... ) that one in particular, I realized that I've sort of been action faking. Sure I've been making websites, but I haven't been outreaching or actually making sales which was the point of this...
  13. stefandrazic

    ROI on Social Media Marketing for a Web Design Agency

    Hi there! I'm just starting my Web Design Agency for the first time. I've figured out the domain name I'm going to buy. I'm going to get a website up and running. I was just wondering about the benefits of social media marketing and blog for my business. Is it a good return on investment? I...
  14. J

    I'm building my first website

    Last week I found @Fox and his threads about web design. I already had a basic understanding of HTML and themes, but I went online and brushed up. I reached out to some family and friends and let them know I was starting a web design business, and needed 1 or 2 clients to build a free website...
  15. T

    Is there a simple answer to this? Web development.

    Hi everyone! I have recently started freelancing web design part time during my university studies. As it stands, I am currently trying to gain some experience building websites using CSS/HTML and Bootstrap, and I have been doing so by building out some designs for small businesses near me. The...
  16. DCG

    Should I Continue with Web Design or Learn how to make AI

    I've been looking into AI and chat GPT recently and It's crazy, I know that I can still make money with Web Design but I'm not sure if I can leverage that skill because of AI. I could maybe use AI to get more done, would have to figure it out though. I'm still committed to web design but I feel...
  17. DCG

    Actually Going To Do Something Part 4

    Hello I wasn't able to post yesterday. I just want to a quick update on everyting so far. I'm more than half way done with CSS. It would go faster but I've been very busy with school and wresling. I also looked at the chat gpt ai and realized that this could be a very useful tool down the road...
  18. A

    My Web Design Progress Thread (Fox Web School)

    I joined Fox Web School and saw other progress threads, which motivated me to create my own. I have been on the course for a month now, watched it, created a website of my own for my services, a few demo sites to demonstrate my work, and am ready to take sales action. I started prospecting last...
  19. Cereal Entrée

    I told a client I could update his what?

    Client is a loose term. I work in a title office, and there's a gentleman who rents a room in the back for office space. He sells high ticket items in an unrelated, super-niche industry. I would consider him authoritative in his knowledge. I was accidentally listening from my office the...
  20. J

    SEO/Web Dev, step by step?

    I am looking to learn SEO and Web Development to build an SEO business. I got 2.5 months of 100% free time before I begin my new job, and I thought I'd spend this time starting to learn SEO and Web Development. So that I maybe could start an SEO business part-time and work on it till I...

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