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web design

  1. pmb1

    $0 to $100k: my web design journey

    Hello everyone. I am a 20 year old web design freelancer who's goal is to reach $100k in profit by August of this year. I have created this thread to document the process and to keep myself accountable. If I know that there are other people online who know what I'm doing, quitting and going...
  2. Azrod

    Any advice for choosing between one of these two skills ?

    Hey my name is Rémi, Firstly, i want to say that its been approximately 6 months i am reading weekly the content posted here, and i am really grateful for, MJ Demarco, the forum and the people in it. The number of real business educational content you are providing is just mind-blowing compared...
  3. AbdulKamal

    How Can Time Be Effectively Used Whilst In A Full-Time Job?

    OK I need someone to give me a few ideas on how a little amount of time can be used effectively to increase momentum and make progress consistently. I’m on a full-time internship at the moment at a maintenance department of a hotel in London which helps me pick up a few important skills. This...
  4. R

    Web Design Niche

    I want to start with web design and I prefer to specialize in one niche but I don't know what niche to choose so my question is "what business needs a website the most?
  5. Dark Water

    Growing a web dev and integrated services agency from scratch with SEO in 2023/2024; focus on AI

    The goal is to revamp one of my current websites into something worthwhile that provides value. This website has never generated a lead, or really provided anything of value. It's sort of just there so when family/friends ask me what I do, I can point to it as a general "yeah, that!" My...
  6. R

    Create website Beginner(Please advise)

    Now I'm practice to create website with HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT . What next language should I start ? HTML> CSS> JAVASCRIPT>PHP>SQL or something else? Please kindly adivse
  7. Matej Cvetkovski

    15 Year old wanna-be entrepreneur.

    Hello, as of writing this I am a 15 year old and wish to get started with entrepreneurship. I have a handful of skills including: painting, drawing, writing, web design, game dev and a little bit of work with AI. Basically, art, design and programming seem to work with me. Since I've started...
  8. S

    16 year old ai entrepreneur(hopefully soon)

    I’m 16. I’ve been coding games for about 2 years. Made some cool stuff but decided to pivot to ai about six months ago and have been doing web design for a couple weeks now. Enjoyed millionaire fastlane greatly and just read a book called go giver(highly recommend). Currently working on...
  9. Dems

    About Dems

    Hi there! I'm Emmanuel but also known as Dems. Am a web designer and UI/UX designer. I love designing applications and bringing ideas to reality. I have been reading "The Millionaire Fastlane" for a while now and I decided to join the community to meet like mind individuals and grow. I love...
  10. baythewebguy

    From broke to... Still broke Building my first fastlane/CENTS approved MVP.

    Hi all I've been a long time lurker of these forums, now it's finally time to introduce myself. I've started multiple side hustles since I was 15, all of which have shown some level of 'success' (they paid the bills) however I didn't have the right skillset or mindset to truly become...
  11. G

    I need help with getting clients!

    Hi, I started freelancing after reading @Fox’s legendary web design thread. I tried cold emailing (no reply) , cold calling ( no one was interested in) and platforms like fiverr & facebook. I couldn’t find a single client in a little over a week. I tried to talk about their business’ problems...
  12. sampinter

    Hello guy

    Hello, my name is Sam and I'm from Thailand. I'm 18 years old. i read millenarefastlane and unscrpted in thai version I graduated last month So I chose not to go to college and instead work at home with my girlfriend I haven't begun working since graduation. However, I learning web design...
  13. E

    How do I escape? (Ideas, suggestions, and advice needed)

    I feel stuck. I work 2 jobs right now. I work at night and I work part time at Chick-Fil-A. I am also trying to get a degree in Cybersecurity. So, I am very swamped. I do work hard enough though that I have a two nights a week plus Sunday evening to work on personal stuff. right now I use that...
  14. A

    Gained an extreme confidence boost from execution

    I feel like I've finally earned the right to make a thread for myself. After I binge read "Unscripted", I found the Fastlane forum and it didn't take long for me to find @Fox's post for his web design course. I paid for the course and started binging on his content, and at the same time binge...
  15. D

    Web Designers: How long did it take you to get your first high paying project?

    I know that I shouldn't be asking this as someone who's still in the learning process, but I am really curious about it. Thanks.
  16. I

    Analysis paralysis on specialized skill to start

    Hello everyone, having a bit of a dilemma here. I’m starting from nothing and trying to decide which skill to initially learn for income. I’m stuck between web design, copywriting, and running Google ads. For those more experienced, which of these would you recommend for someone with no...
  17. P

    Old dog with new tricks

    Hello world. Just joined the party but looks like I'm way late. I'm retired or trying to be from my 30 year business farming clams, yes I said clams; more specifically the Geoduck clam. I started way back before it was a thing, if it is a thing. Now that I don't spend most of my day 60 feet...
  18. DCG

    Web Design Template Progress Thread

    My parents told me that I can't sell the service of making websites for businesses. But after reading the thread GOLD! - EXECUTION - How to Create a $2k+/mo Passive Income Website in 30 Days (or Less), I thought why don't I just sell website templates instead. This thread is going to document...
  19. Dakoded1

    Reinvigorating a Software Business After a Year in the Slowlane

    Howdy! It has been months in the making and I am happy to finally start this Execution thread as I feel like this is a place I am going to need for the many months still to follow... My story is that I discovered coding and web design at a young age and found success relatively quickly. From my...
  20. P

    Where do I even start from?

    I read the thread of the Fox Legends Program on this forum and downloaded his E-book and read the whole thing. It's a great book and I have the mindset, but given the vast amount of information on the internet and the different advice that every article gives, it is way too overwhelming for me...