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  1. lifemaker

    My Fastlane Journey, or a visual example of making and learning from mistakes, producing by compounding effort and making dreams alive.

    If you think this is another amazing story an executor/learning machine/hottie/millionaire/billionaire/Elon Musk/the new world leader, than you are very mistaken. Well, at least it isn't now when I am writing this post and it will only depend on me if story will be about a successful man, or a...
  2. mateusz24054

    What should I do during my long two hour commute drive to work? 4 hours a day

    Hey there fellow commuters, I find myself spending a significant amount of time on the road during my daily commute to work, and I'm getting tired of just listening to music and watching those "get-rich-quick" YouTube videos. I want to make better use of this time and be more productive. I'm...
  3. Gepi

    If you decide to go Fastlane, you are setting yourself up for failure...

    Yes. If you decide to turn your life around, pursue an entrepreneurial life, try to start and grow your own business instead of working for someone else and finally uncouple cashflow from time, you are setting yourself up for failure. This thought occurred to me while I am in the midst of...
  4. Timo.

    How to find good quality Google Ads resources?

    Hey, my name is Timo and I just finished school in Germany. Because of that I have currently a lot of free time that I am going to use productively. For the last couple of months I researched this forum and MJ’s books but I never participated or took action towards my goals. I felt like I was...
  5. D

    How to fully understand 1 thing at a time instead of juggling

    Hey everyone! I'm a high school graduate currently working as a senior founding MLE for a company. There are so many things I feel I need to learn in order to improve my skills and grow in general. However, I find it tough to focus on one thing at a time. In my life, I want to make progress in...
  6. sofia.elizarova

    Any great podcast or book recommendations?

    As I'm reading The Millionaire Fastlane's chapter about learning, I'm realising that I can really squeeze a little more learning into my daily activities (Toilet University anyone?). I'm a 20 year old co-founder of a generative AI startup. Do you have any recommendations for great books and...
  7. RomeoMe

    Is it worth doing a communication/sales course In person?

    Do you think a communication/sales course is worth going to in person? I ask this because coming back home I saw one of them and got interested, however I also found some online alternatives, but I don't know if it is the kind of skill that translates well online, if someone has already done one...
  8. G


    I am a 14 year old boy and I want to have a fastlane business in the future. Right now I am researching social media marketing and dropshipping and I am planning on using the dropshipping store to practice making ads. My plan is to focus on school and learning right now, are there any skills...
  9. RebornPhoenix

    Who are some other individuals like MJ and Alex Hormozi?

    Yes, yes, action-taking is the way to go. However, in some of my down-times and mundane work periods, I would love to know and consume from genuine and value-providing individuals in the business sector like our MJ DeMarco and Alex Hormozi. Ideally, the person: Has results. Practice what...
  10. MarcusRich


    Hello fastlaners, I am a software developer, father, husband, and espiring/partial entrepreneur. I grew up in Chicago and in extreme poverty. I was fortunate to have an older sibling who was a programmer who got me into the field early and I developed a passion for it. I graduated college in...
  11. SDE

    Programs and Courses That Added Value To Your Life and Business

    The best time to read a non-fiction book or take a course is when you're trying to solve a specific problem in your life or business. Using this approach (thanks MJ), you get high ROI from the learning materials. With that being said, what are the programs, courses/online workshops you took...
  12. J

    An introduction and an important question

    Do you ever have those surreal moments in time where everything stops and you get a glimpse into reality and a true sense of self? Hi, I'm Jack. I just finished reading Millionaire Fastlane and the feeling of urgency to turn my life around is heavy. Making it through each chapter put a...
  13. Shergill

    Driving in the Fastlane starts now – Plan and accountability thread

    So, I read the TMF and unscripted 2 years ago. Like many here I did get inspired to start my own Fastlane journey. I already had my own freelance business and knew I wanted to work for myself. 2 years later that has not happened… I would say the main factor for this is comfort. I am very lucky...
  14. B

    Time to start reading intensely

    MJ and other successful people really kicked my a$$ in terms of what I am willing to do to and need to do to be successful. I need to be honest with myself and understand that I have probably read less then 30 books in my life. And im 25. That is really scary :s. So I just ordered 10 topical...
  15. B

    Learning Java Script - Progress Documentation

    Hey all. Where to begin?... I've been reading the forum for a week or 2 now, learning, soaking up wisdom like a sponge. I want to learn programing and web development, because I'd like to change my job at the very least, but hopefully become a freelancer, so I can work from home. I'm 25 and...
  16. LifeisSuffering

    Best Web-Sites to Learn English(Or any language)?

    Hello Every One, I hope you doing Good in the middle of this pandemic If a person wanted to learn or improve his English (mostly grammar and speaking ) what are the best resources (courses, web-sites,...) to achieve that ?
  17. Island Guy

    Island Guy - Watching the Fastlane First Hand

    Hey everyone I've been a long time lurker and now seems like a good time to get involved My Adult life in a nutshell I used to be someone who was "succeeding" at the Slowlane. I found Mr. Money Moustache 7 years ago, when I was in school, and chose the FIRE path for my life. After I landed...
  18. MattWorks

    New Member Eager to Learn

    Hey all, Recently joined the forum after reading Unscripted - that book along with a few other books (Will it fly, Principles, Rich Dad Poor Dad, etc.) have inspired me to venture into this space. My father has started his own consulting business and that is going well. I also have a few...
  19. stellarowl12

    A Facebook group for learning & improving our entrepreneurship skills together

    Ok my apologies, I hear yall loud and clear. Post removed.
  20. K

    Learning to code, pays of, even before you can code.

    (Sorry for my english, it's not my first or second language:hilarious:) This is my progress thread on learning to program from absolutely scratch, not even knowing, what i don't know. A couple of weeks ago, I determined that I wanted to learn to code. The decision was made on getting a firm...