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  1. MJ DeMarco

    The Social Media Duality: Tool of Destruction? Or Growth?

    I'd like to reiterate that social media is a TOOL. This thread advocates deleting social media. My agreement depends on how the tool is used. You can use social media to hammer you over the...
  2. Fox

    How I got to 169,000 Instagram followers

    I haven't dropped a new thread in a while and wanted to give back on something... So here is how I have grown on IG over the last year. This will be for normal style content you can build an "expert" following with. So, not random flexing content - but instead something you can get paying...
  3. J

    Should I Create an IG Profile for personal brand purposes?

    Hello There. First, I'll make the question, then I'll give the context. What would be the first step for growing an IG to create a personal brand? This is one of my first posts in the forum, so pardon me If I wrote on the wrong topic. In 2020 I stopped using all social media except for...
  4. MJ DeMarco

    One metaphor everyone needs to hear...

    From the Fastlane Newsletter being sent out today... Highly relevant to this thread about shutting down social media. ------- My stepson never cared about financial freedom or wealth until he started getting up at 6AM and working Monday through Friday. Now all of a sudden, he's interested in...
  5. Benjamin Pavliha

    Social media strategy: Instagram vs. TikTok

    Hey fellow entrepreneurs, I hope you are well. My niche is helping entrepreneurs and professionals get control of their alcohol drinking. A bit more than 6 weeks ago I launched my Instagram and TikTok account in order to start building my brand and generating leads. If you check both of my...
  6. K1 Lambo

    How to get 10k Instagram followers(or more) in less than 90 days

    Just like the title suggests; I've already uploaded a video that's gonna talk about the main points(see below), but I'm going to write some key points here for those of you who don't have the time to watch the whole video. I'm doing this because I keep getting requests and messages on my Quora...
  7. G

    Influencer Agent / Manager (Side Hustle Idea)

    Hi everybody! I’m looking to start making some money online and came across this video by Sebastian Ghiorghiu. I was really drawn to the idea of being what he calls a deal closer and network manager for social media influencers. I see tons of influencers all over social media, most of these...
  8. mikecarlooch

    Get 100,000+ New Eyeballs On Your Brand

    What does it take to get up to 1,000,000+ eyeballs on your brand? Some people may be thinking "1,000,000? I tried this social media thing and I've barely gotten a single view! What am I doing wrong?" Let me ask you a question - WHAT are you posting on social media? Is it structured for success...
  9. B

    A question about Instagram hashtags

    Do Instagram hashtags matter in terms of business promotion?
  10. G

    949 newsletter subscribers for $0.44 per sub with Instagram Ads

    Or, «The lazy mans way to killer results with Instagram stories» Whether as an entrepreneur or employee/freelancer, you'll always provide food on the table with this skill. Dont spend $997 on a course, heres a free step-by-step guide to Facebook/Instagram ads. 1/ Have a great product...
  11. MJ DeMarco

    Why control is so important and Facebook/Instagram cannot make or break your brand...

    I cannot stress this enough. Stop trying to make social media your business when it simply is a marketing channel. I mentioned this before, by back in the day I was growing the TMF FB page at a great clip. Then suddenly, FB stop showing my posts and continually nagged me to "pay to play" ...
  12. R

    20 years old , committed to staying on the Fastlane

    Hello ! I am Rohit , 20 years old from central India . I have been reading about finance and business since past 1 year (all thanks to corona for slowing down the world so i could think clearly for myself and choose to start gaining financial knowledge). I am currently self employed with a few...
  13. notinuse1245

    Experience with Instagram Pages?

    I was thinking about small side hustles I could start (<4h per week) and was wondering if anyone has experience with growing an instagram page. The focus would be on self-improvement/productivity and I would post daily. For monetization, I thought about basic amazon affiliate marketing and the...
  14. Furniture-brah

    Making my start in the Furniture game

    Hi Guys, Myself and my partner have been looking to move out of the 'slow lane' for some time now, we both work for a corporate making just enough money to scrape by each week. The 9 - 5 wage slave life is soul crushing so we have been aligning ourselves with the sentiments espoused in MJ's...
  15. Reffo

    Instagram advertising / likes on advertised post

    Hey Guys! This is my first post on this forum and I hope that you guys can help with my problem. I am currently advertising on Instagram via their app and via facebook business manager. I am advertising an image that was already posted in the instagram feed, but the likes gained from...
  16. MaxT

    Instagram promotion techniques

    Hello everyone, to promote my Android and iOS applications I use Instagram, in order to increase the growth of Likes and subscribers I would like each of us to share HIS technique. I know there are several and I would also like to have your opinion on mine. Personally, I subscribe to several...
  17. maximusVaio

    A newbie to Instagram

    Hey there everyone! I just joined this forum and would love to document my process as I would be entering the social media app Instagram. My background - I am an engineer who just graduated college and extremely interested in software and entrepreneurship. THE PROCESS - Documenting and...
  18. Jemmalee

    After a few years SM experience

    So I know how to grow a brand to some degree via social media. I can develop new brands really quickly using social media in fact, however, I have made the poor decisions previously to submit myself to the endless scroll holes that be Facebook groups and connections. I get what age groups...
  19. Prodox

    Have You Ever Felt That You Are Not Providing the Value That You Could Be?

    ‘Ello! I’m Prodox, a 25-year-old software engineer, currently working for a fintech company. I read unscripted recently, which brought me to this forum, and am now churning my way through the millionaire fastlane. I’m from the UK but currently live in Tokyo - a pretty busy city, but...
  20. MaxwellXavier

    Monetizing Motivating People, Ideas

    First off, I want to say that I have been a ghost on this forum for ~ a year and a half. I have read Unscripted and TMF and I will say both of these books have greatly changed my perspective on business and life in profound ways. Enough of that though, I decided to finally create an account and...