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  1. MexicanCreator48

    New to Fiverr, do you have any tips to become more successful?

    Hi guys! I started a new Fiverr account a few months ago in which I'm focusing on building translation services, but these gigs aren't getting any attention and I need advice from you guys to succeed in Fiverr. I'm having trouble getting clients on board with my service. Is there any way to gain...
  2. Black_Dragon43

    Get 1000s of B2B Leads WITHOUT Paying For Ads or Spending Your Time!

    I am currently offering Fastlane members a 10% discount off my newest product, which includes the lead generation system that I have been using myself to book thousands of leads. The real price for access is $49 for Fastlane users, please ignore the general, public price mentioned on this page...
  3. Lex DeVille

    Tips for Getting Started on Upwork in 2022 & Beyond...

    It's been a while since I wrote about Upwork. Many new faces want to freelance, so this is just an update on the landscape for those of you who want to do it but aren't sure where to start. Is Upwork Still Worth It in 2022? Yes. Not only is Upwork still worth it, but it has become the single...
  4. Black_Dragon43

    Foundations of Successful Freelancing - Why Many of You FAIL To Make Meaningful Money

    If you have great sales skills, but lack the right foundations, you'll struggle with freelancing. And here's why... the most important thing when it comes to selling intangibles (like most freelancing services) is credibility. Why? Because you can't touch an intangible. There's no way for you...
  5. Black_Dragon43

    Let's Grow Your Sales, Get You Unstuck, or Get You Started on the Fastlane (100% FREE!)

    Attention Business Owners Making <$50,000,000 in Revenue (that includes those who are making $0 - PARKED!) Let's Grow Your Sales, Get You Unstuck, or Get You Started on the Fastlane (100% FREE!) In 2022 I want to help you explode your sales, get yourself unstuck or even get you to switch lanes...
  6. Hitch-hiker

    Facebook Marketplace for services

    Hi Freelancers! I wanted to post an ad about my service on Facebook Marketplace, but for some reason I can't do it. Do you have any experience with advertising your services in Facebook Marketplace?
  7. KushShah9492

    Documenting my journey to become a freelancer

    In the past few months, I have dabbled with a lot of things. I've tried coding, graphic designing, copywriting, SEO. Stuck to something for a while, and then moved on to the next cool thing. I was on the sidewalk. And it has wasted a lot of time. I tried getting clients on upwork/fiverr but no...
  8. KushShah9492

    Web Development as a Skill(A bankable skill for 2021?)

    So, I've been meaning to learn coding and web design for a long time now, and I'm still perplexed. While there a number of services(wordpress, pixieset, wix,etc) I still wonder "Why would Someone go through the process of coding for long hours if he could just customise his site from any of the...
  9. iamonlyanegg

    Software consulting SLA recommendations

    Hey there folks, I just landed a new software consulting client that I plan on invoicing through my company. The service is for a remote, full-time software architect position. My goal is to use the income to cover my personal costs as well as reinvest them on my startup (which is also under my...
  10. G

    How to Charge Clients Properly?

    Hey there, so I started freelancing a year ago and it has been a total disaster. I had difficulties to find clients and I also had huge self-esteem issues that hold me back. I'm currently doing web development (mostly WordPress, Angular, and general HTML/CSS/Javascript) and when I need to give...
  11. Lex DeVille

    She Left a $60k Job to Freelance (with a twist)..

    My wife isn't a member on this board, so I'm posting for her. Back in February, she started freelancing. She's never had a side hustle. Never started a business. Never freelanced. She had a $60k salary at her full-time job. In her first month freelancing, she closed around $100 and doubted it...
  12. AlexDep89

    First entrepreneur steps on Upwork following Lex DeVille's Guide

    After viewing MJ's video From Flat-Broke to Filighy Rich I realized that working as a developer, I'm at the level of specialized labor and it might be time to take it to the next step: Selling specialized skill. I have bookmarked Lex Devilles Upwork Guide a long time ago but always made...
  13. oxygeninja

    I lost my job and starting all over again learning web development @ 40 years old.

    I lost my high paying remote CAD job a year ago. I thought that job would go on forever since the company seemed big, backed up by a billion-dollar investment firm, and has been in the industry for over 30 years. I was wrong. Without warning, we were told that it's shutting down. I was shocked...
  14. SheikhNaveed

    Success is a product, uncomfortable situations are founders

    10 years ago, at Monday morning, when I was pressing the button of my pc at my office early morning around 9.15 am. One of my seniors asked 'Naveed! You need to go to the waiting room and wait for the boss' I said 'Why?' He told because you had not come to the office last Saturday. I went to...
  15. Chx

    Leadership Lessons From the Bottom: A Freelancer's Perspective

    It was a tough decision. Starting out as a freelancer, rather than going straight into a scalable business. It went against much of the advice here — bypassing CENTS for my first venture. I dream of being a leader. A visionary. Shaping the world through business, taking care of my employees...
  16. Fox

    2020 Web design + School Progress Thread

    Last year I was living right on an amazing surf spot in Mazatlan, Mexico. Amazing beaches, lots of sunshine, big waves of the Pacific, great seafood, but... I ended up working most of the time with only a few days spent fully enjoying where I was. I’ve done similar things in other...
  17. MightyBeast

    Feeling scared a bit

    Hello. I hope you are doing well. I started learning web development in July this year. I know basic html, CSS and javascript. This year and last year I was going through a lot of financial stress and childhood trauma. In August I worked for a friend who paid me like $50 for small website...
  18. C

    Can someone please give me copywriting feedback...

    I would really appreciate if someone could please give me some feedback on this mock product description(it isn't real btw I just made it up so I could practice copywriting) I wrote which is shown below: Description: This sexy, comfortable, and patriotic bikini will give you the best of both...
  19. Taktik

    Copywriting/Freelancing to get going

    Hi, I have been on the forum for a couple of months now and tried to take action, but I am sort of paralysed, because I don`t really know, what to do, and I am afraid to lose money. So right now I am thinking of starting in the freelance world as a copywriter. That would have three benefits...
  20. NewManRising

    Mastering the Upwork game with Copywriting

    A quick introduction and background: Around October 2018, I knew nothing about copywriting. I decided to go through and complete Lex' 15 day copywriting challenge/exercise thread. In fact, I was about on day 10/11 when I decided to get the balls to start sending in proposals to people on...

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