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  1. MJ DeMarco

    Still not rich? Here's why you aren't, and what to do about it.

    Do you think becoming a millionaire, or better, 8-figure+ multimillionaire, is just a fantasy? Impossibly difficult? It isn't when you change your perspective from years to days. These four charts are the most profound understanding you can give your future self. If only someone had given me...
  2. J

    23-year-old with 23 X 3 in debt

    Hello everyone, I have read the Millionaire Fastlane and my entire worldview has shifted. I am 23 years old and living in Minneapolis with around 70k in student debt. I currently work in corporate finance with a salary of 75k; this will never give me freedom. I am currently laying the seeds of...
  3. confuser

    profitable ideas that dont feed into the slow lane mindset?

    I dont like money making ideas that involve making money off of people with slow lane thinking because it feeds more people into the slow lane thinking mindset, if that makes sense haha. One such example would be like renting out a space on a property you own, this keeps the other people in the...
  4. The Racing Driver

    26 and going for first £3000/month

    Hi Everyone, I've joined this forum a long time ago and it's time to break the silence on where I've been and where I'm going: - For the last 10 years I've worked really hard to become a pro racing driver. Due to many personal and outside factors, namely funding, involving myself with the...
  5. RomeoMe

    Are internships worth it, or should I try to learn from Small Business?

    Long story short, I got the opportunity to do an internship in a big company, I still don't know exactly which company yet but it is already a guarantee that I will get an offer, I also have my first actual business idea that I'm getting off the ground right now, which I will have to give up to...
  6. Paco G

    I am 17 and going the Slowlane

    I'm a 17-year-old boy from Germany, currently for about half a year an electrician trainee (I chose this job because if everything fails I can still open an electrician business). For over 1 Year now, I research every day about "How to Get Rich", you ask what I did in the year... NOTHING not 1...
  7. Palcin

    Palcin's Journey to the Fastlane

    Good day everyone, I'm Palcin and I am 24 years old, a lifetime slowlaner, an ultra positive and a naive type of person. I am from Canada where they use french as a primary language. I have a degree in business admnistration with a concentration in managing human ressources. If I compare to my...
  8. Thunk


    Hi everyone! My name is Kristoffer 36 years old living in Sweden with my two young children and girlfriend. Have a bachelor's degree in systems science. Have had many regular jobs in my life such as dishwasher, terminal worker, selling Christmas trees, and chef. But the curiosity to find answers...
  9. MarcusRich


    Hello fastlaners, I am a software developer, father, husband, and espiring/partial entrepreneur. I grew up in Chicago and in extreme poverty. I was fortunate to have an older sibling who was a programmer who got me into the field early and I developed a passion for it. I graduated college in...
  10. P

    How i blew almost all my life savings and how it helped me become financially independent!

    greetings fellow fastlaners today i want to introduce myself by taking you with me on my little journey it all started 14 years ago, when i realized that i wanted to take part of this investment thing. to be clear i wanted to become rich the quick and easy way (yes i was a total slowlaner) by...
  11. D

    The power of a FTE (& this forum)

    Hello everyone, Today I would like to talk about my experience after having had what I would definitely call a "FTE". While I don't feel comfortable talking about the exact details of this event (let's just say it was pathetic, embarrassing & stupid...), it happened about 30 days ago. While I...
  12. hexelbyte

    How much of a return is no longer considered "Slow"?

    Hello Everyone! I wanted to ask this question, what % of a return, whether a business or an investment is no longer considered "slow"? Let's say I invested in the stock market and get an average return of 8%/ year. Obvious 8% is just too slow and unreliable considering recent events. What if...
  13. Stanisław

    Slowlane BS or a Good Strategy ?

    A moment ago I have seen this video - View: I have watched it because it is said that this guy has a good camera presence and that is a skill that I am working on that will help me explode my INCOME. This dude is retired at 31 with two kids so that does not sound...
  14. ClarkeLDN

    Another Slowlaner looking to switch lanes!

    Hey All, First time on the forum having read TMF whilst on holiday over the past couple of weeks. The book sparked so many thoughts for me and I'm currently reflecting on what I can do next to put myself in a better position. From a slowlane mindset, I'm pretty successful: 30 years old &...
  15. Coordin

    Swimming Against My Current

    So far life has been fairly straight forward for me. I graduated college this past May (without debt, thank you parents) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. My only blunder so far (in the world of financial independence) was purchasing a new car putting me a little under 10k in debt. Currently at the...
  16. doster.zach

    Would everyone living to 1000 years old make the slowlane viable?

    I was thinking about the idea of working 40 years (over 50% of the average human life) just isn't the best thing for most people. But what if we lived to be 1000 years old? I thought about what would change if we lived 2, 3 or maybe even 10 times as long as we do now. I'm not sure much would...
  17. ericaung

    (Investing Advice Needed) Where would u park your money while on slowlane to go fastlane in next few years?

    Hello All, Let me introduce bit abt my self. I am 26 years old guy, based in Singapore, have no responsibilities, no debt and 6 figures salary job. As u read 10 year Plansy in MJ's new book Great Rat Race Escape, couples plan to escape wage slavery. I am also planning to quit my job in next 2...
  18. SalesGod

    27 years old, $140K in the bank and but feel broke

    I know the title may across whiny but nevertheless its how I feel and I'd love to hear from other fastlaners who traded their comfortable high paying slow lane jobs and entered the fastlane. I read TMF over 10 years ago when I was 17 with dreams of hitting the fastlane but never executed on an...
  19. L

    Intro and inviting suggestions

    Hi, I am a Chartered Accountant (equivalent to US CPA) from Mumbai, India. I got my degree in 2008 and joined Ernst & Young in the Direct Tax consultancy division. I had a brief 3 years' stint and I can say, I gained good exposure in this field and secured great networking opportunities. But...
  20. hi5

    How should I use my 100k?

    Just kidding :happy:! With the conversion it's only about 75k usd. Hi everyone, I found this forum exactly 1 month ago from a search on r/entrepreneur for other small business forums (thank you reddit guy MyronGainzyzz if you're here). Honestly I haven't read any of @MJ DeMarco books as I...