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  1. bizarre

    The power of a FTE (& this forum)

    Hello everyone, Today I would like to talk about my experience after having had what I would definitely call a "FTE". While I don't feel comfortable talking about the exact details of this event (let's just say it was pathetic, embarrassing & stupid...), it happened about 30 days ago. While I...
  2. Stanisław

    Slowlane BS or a Good Strategy ?

    A moment ago I have seen this video - View: I have watched it because it is said that this guy has a good camera presence and that is a skill that I am working on that will help me explode my INCOME. This dude is retired at 31 with two kids so that does not sound...
  3. ClarkeLDN

    Another Slowlaner looking to switch lanes!

    Hey All, First time on the forum having read TMF whilst on holiday over the past couple of weeks. The book sparked so many thoughts for me and I'm currently reflecting on what I can do next to put myself in a better position. From a slowlane mindset, I'm pretty successful: 30 years old &...
  4. Goose36

    Swimming Against My Current

    So far life has been fairly straight forward for me. I graduated college this past May (without debt, thank you parents) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. My only blunder so far (in the world of financial independence) was purchasing a new car putting me a little under 10k in debt. Currently at the...
  5. doster.zach

    Would everyone living to 1000 years old make the slowlane viable?

    I was thinking about the idea of working 40 years (over 50% of the average human life) just isn't the best thing for most people. But what if we lived to be 1000 years old? I thought about what would change if we lived 2, 3 or maybe even 10 times as long as we do now. I'm not sure much would...
  6. ericaung

    (Investing Advice Needed) Where would u park your money while on slowlane to go fastlane in next few years?

    Hello All, Let me introduce bit abt my self. I am 26 years old guy, based in Singapore, have no responsibilities, no debt and 6 figures salary job. As u read 10 year Plansy in MJ's new book Great Rat Race Escape, couples plan to escape wage slavery. I am also planning to quit my job in next 2...
  7. SalesGod

    27 years old, $140K in the bank and but feel broke

    I know the title may across whiny but nevertheless its how I feel and I'd love to hear from other fastlaners who traded their comfortable high paying slow lane jobs and entered the fastlane. I read TMF over 10 years ago when I was 17 with dreams of hitting the fastlane but never executed on an...
  8. L

    Intro and inviting suggestions

    Hi, I am a Chartered Accountant (equivalent to US CPA) from Mumbai, India. I got my degree in 2008 and joined Ernst & Young in the Direct Tax consultancy division. I had a brief 3 years' stint and I can say, I gained good exposure in this field and secured great networking opportunities. But...
  9. hi5

    How should I use my 100k?

    Just kidding :happy:! With the conversion it's only about 75k usd. Hi everyone, I found this forum exactly 1 month ago from a search on r/entrepreneur for other small business forums (thank you reddit guy MyronGainzyzz if you're here). Honestly I haven't read any of @MJ DeMarco books as I...
  10. MrTrash757

    Sucked back into the Slowlane?

    I thought this deserved its own thread, I haven't really seen a similar topic. How do you avoid the temptation of getting sucked back into the Slowlane? Bit of a backstory as to why I am asking this: I got fired from my job in August of this year over highly questionable reasons. I worked as...
  11. VicFountain

    Is Data Science A Fastlane Skill?

    I'm studying in University for a 3 year degree in Economics and Data Science. I know this forum is called thefastlaneforum and not theslowlaneforum. Indeed, my life goal is owning a profitable fastlane business before the age of 25 (I just got 20). I know the scripted shit about university...
  12. S

    Hello from the unemployed side

    Finally, after lurking around for several months, i convinced myself to post an introduction. Im a 30 years old father/ husband and former salesman, at the moment with no job due to a job offer which went downhill after i quit my last job (the contract was already signed). So at the moment im...
  13. VicFountain

    Ended Up in University: I Regret it Already

    So a few months ago, right after high school, my parents kind of "persuaded" me to go to University (crabs in a bucket mentality, once again). So it's been 3 months now and I feel like my life SUCKS. It feels like I'm wasting my time. I believed I could both study and run a side-hustle. I was...
  14. Haelios

    When Did You Decide To Commit To The Fastlane?

    It's been a while since I last posted and I know, this topic has probably been talked about a thousand times by this point, but it's still an interesting discussion. So, I've got to ask, what made YOU commit to the Fastlane mentality? For me, it was just a few weeks ago. Following my failed...
  15. R

    Fill, don't kill, invest, don't divest

    I'm sitting naked while I type this. I just woke up after a night of drinking, eating and socializing with my girlfriend. It's an exceptional situation because I'm almost never awake before her. What to do? I could wake her from her well-deserved sleep so we could enjoy time together, nope...
  16. Gtas

    Lost or ambitious and driven; Playing safe or risk mitigation; - A not comprehensive introduction

    Hey all! My name is George (39), I have launched a small business when I was 27 with minor success and introduced into the professional freelancer mindset. Worked with small, mid-size and big corporations as employee and contractor and was lucky with a startup acquired by a big company, no...
  17. ATlah2000

    A Turn from the Slowlane Dogma

    Hello, all! I joined this forum a little while ago, and now I want to introduce myself finally. My name is Alyssa, and I am 18-years-old; this was supposed to be my first year of college, but I found it ultimately depressing. The end of 2018 was a harsh time of the year for me---I had started...
  18. B

    Hello! from the world's largest democracy

    Hi guys, I am still employed and very much in the slow lane. 2 years back I spent a year building an e-publishing business but went back to being employed. I regret that I did not capitalize on the start I had on fast lane. All is not lost though. I have now completed MJ's first book and 27%...
  19. Mainstream7

    Should I take a job

    Hey guys...I know you can´t make decisions for me, but I would like to ask for advice. I currently live at my parent´s. I found it to be effective. There are spare rooms and I use very little of their resources. I´m preparing to be an artist, went all-in since the beginning of 2019, have...
  20. Ritalin

    Graduating M.D. With A Slow Lane On The Horizon

    Hey all, I've been lurking on this forum for a couple of months since I read Unscripted. Loved it. Loved it so much that I am for sure not ending up in my otherwise-to-be slowlane job... being a medical doctor. Who am I: 25 yo Belgian Graduating as an MD in July 2019. Would love to work as a...

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