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    Question on Importing and Shipping Costs

    Importer question: I received the quote from my supplier and I am a little shocked about the shipping price. So there are 10 kg of product. The supplier said there are 3 cartons - 40*40*25cm. He quoted for shipping - AIR - DDU - 300$. This means 30$/kg. I asked in my country people that have...
  2. Mikkel

    Import into US, Manufacturing, Regulations - Brain Dump

    For those who are looking to import or manufacture products and sell them in the United States, I thought I would provide some valuable information in regards to getting your product ready for market. This is not all-inclusive, but things I wish someone had told me, rather than having to search...
  3. Mikkel

    TÜV SÜD vs SGS

    To those who have used TÜV SÜD and/or SGS, what are your thoughts on these companies? I have used SGS in the past to get simple testing done. I like their verification system, but that is essentially the extent of my knowledge. I have yet to use TÜV SÜD and its services. I will say, I have...
  4. LPPC

    Question about a particular shipping method, ground from China

    Hello all, I'm importing this batch of products from China to Germany and as you already know, shipping is super expensive. My supplier is offering a shipping method that cost 6k USD instead of the 10k USD that my forwarder is asking for sea shipment. But the way of the shipping is peculiar and...
  5. Walter Hay

    UPDATES on SOURCING, IMPORTING & LOGISTICS while the upheaval lasts

    Recently I have posted updates in two threads relevant to these subjects, as well as commenting on these subjects in other threads, and judging by the small number of responses, I think they are largely going unnoticed. I believe these subjects are important enough to warrant their own thread...
  6. A

    Shipping goods from China to EU

    Hey everyone, I am planning on importing food boxes made of sugarcane - making it biodegradable - from China, but the shipping costs are so high that it would take all my profits away, making it impossible to even operate with a 10% profit margin. I heard the shipping prices jump high during...
  7. Z

    Stuck on Alibaba shipping + importing

    Hey Y'all, I have an idea for a branded product that I'm looking to execute on. I got the idea after my mom had purchased the product and complained that it was expensive. I don't know if I can make it cheaper, but the point is that I think people will buy it anyways. I found the generic...
  8. MitchM

    Freight costs from China to the U.S. From $8000 to $24,000 per 40 foot container in the past month.

    Hey guys. I'm sure that I'm not the only one dealing with this right now and that's why I wanted to make this thread. In the past month I have seen the cost to ship one full container basically triple. From $8,000 to $24,000. (and of course, it was lower than $8000 not long ago) While my...
  9. S

    Importing / Sourcing recommended books / courses

    I've got an idea for a product that I'd like to create. I've talked to + imported samples before from alibaba so have some idea on the beginning steps of this (although I never fully understood all of the duty/import charges, getting it shipped between the port + amazon's warehouses, if I'd...
  10. Walter Hay


    With Covid 19 causing me to delay the 2021 revision until now, I have decided that the massive changes in international commerce have settled into a pattern sufficient to choose now, after months of preparatory work to finalize that revision. My thread: CHINA PLUS ONE STRATEGY | The Fastlane...
  11. seomatic

    EU - Import of products

    Hey fastlaners, I am working on my private label and plan to import products from china and was wondering which legal hurdles there are to import the products into EU zone? Any good guide, website or consultant? I wouldn't mind to pay for good advice. The official EU website is just horrible...
  12. Walter Hay


    I am in the process of writing a 2021 revision of my sourcing and importing book, but I thought I should post this extract now because it is so important. With the onset of what became known as the Trade War between China and the USA, followed by the pandemic there has been a growing interest...
  13. eTox

    Import duties and fees on Chinese product sold to US customers from Canada

    Hi everyone, I have this simple but interesting question that I can't find an answers to. I think many of us here who are just starting out importing products and selling to US will be interested in this question as well. Given a fictional scenario: Product is custom made in china for each...
  14. W

    Self-Affording my own college tuition and the Next Step

    Hi everyone - I'm Coco, I'm really glad to be part of this forum - many inspirational stories of exciting business ventures! I actually joined the forum 2 years ago, this was when I started my second year in college. I'm from Taiwan, 22, majoring in Architecture in NYC. Reading Unscripted...
  15. P3HSB

    Need help importing from china using Alibaba wholesale "ready to ship"

    hi, i been looking around and found a product i would like to sell. This product was found in the alibaba "ready to ship" wholesale section. I am trying to figure out exact cost shipped to my door. The product cost per unit is $8.00. MOQ is 100, so total cost of the product is $800. Shipping...
  16. AlexVilch

    [Paid] Looking for Expert Advice on how to get product to HomeDepot, Ace Hardware, Lowe's and others

    Hello, We manufacture plastic access doors(panels) in Canada. Spent about $150k for patent (already filed and approved) and to modify everything to be up to standards. The doors turned out to be great because they are easy to open, last longer, and does not damage your drywall. Now we are...
  17. State.Of.Flux

    Importing - Factory Payment Terms

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. Firstly, I'm really grateful for all the advice and information that I have read here. There are some super successful entrepreneurs and a bunch of like minded people here that I've rarely encountered before. Kudos! A little background about me...
  18. M

    I need advice: Importing US to Central Europe

    Dears I need guidance and motivation. I am from Central Europe. At present, I work as an insurance broker, but I lose my motivation. I read TMF all the time and I support you! In addition, my wife sells small items on eBay. I found a product on the US market that is not in Europe. The samples...
  19. Ioachim

    FDA requirements on pet treat imports?

    Good afternoon, Could anyone kindly provide me a brief insight on whether there is any FDA or other US government requirements on importing and selling online imported pet treats and dietary supplements? (the ones I want to import and sell do not need to be refrigerated). Thank you.
  20. Walter Hay

    Walter Hay's Business Books

    Well, I have become a serial business book writer. Three down, with at least one more residing in my brain. The 3 books so far are based on: A lifetime of success in sales and marketing, while designing, copywriting, and structuring all of my own advertising in both major businesses I...