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  1. ShankarS

    Looks like I'm goofing around

    Hi , Recently , I thinking about creating YouTube contents or Amazon FDA both of them compromises CENTS. I'm not clear whether I need to continue exploring that. The reason I'm choosing Amazon FDA is to explore and build my analysis , planing and execution. You tube videos , just to keep...
  2. Bence Ur

    What are the most profitable CENTS business models?

    The Fastlane Forum is an entrepreneur discussion forum based on the CENTS Entrepreneurial Framework. The UNSCRIPTED philosophy is based on 5 core Commandments within the Fastlane Business Structure, frequently referred to as CENTS: #1: The Commandment of Control. #2: The Commandment of Entry...
  3. circleme

    Disregarded Control in CENTS. The consequences.

    This post is for anyone who wants to ignore Control in CENTS in their Fastlane business, like I did. I've been in my fastlane for several months now and have/had a few hurdles to overcome. A few skillset hurdles, but above all a lot of mental hurdles. Procrastination, self-doubt, lack of...
  4. J

    Practicing CENTS #2 - Appliance Repair Services.

    Hello There, It's another day to practice CENTS by taking a shot at another productocracy Idea. I will keep doing this for at least a week until I get a hang out of It. However, I won't take It so far as to make It an action-faking method. Let's begin: Today, in the shower, I began to think...
  5. J

    Practicing CENTS - My first business Idea.

    Hello there. I'm an electronics engineering student who doesn't want to spend the rest of his life working like a mule to get only Saturday and Sunday. And since I'm currently working on ideas for my thesis, I figured out I could practice my productocracy-seeking muscles too by making some...
  6. MJ DeMarco

    You get rich owning things you control...

    From the Life in the Fastlane newsletter... Subject: Financial blasphemy: $6 lattes, debt, more... Last week I tweeted the following truth: Among one of those truths, there was one I want to call your particular attention to: If you look at any person who has accumulated wealth (and by...
  7. Owknn

    3D printing business

    Hello, dear entrepreneurs. After 3-4 failed businesses, I’m back here to get some idea’s from you. Currently me and my partner (The dude with the black T on my profile picture) had an idea of Print on demand 3D printing business. What do you think of it? Does it correlate with the CENTS rules...
  8. Andreas Thiel

    Midjourney as a Case Study

    "Midjourney, Inc" is an intereting company to take a look at. I think diffusion models for asset creation have more short term potential than LLMs do. Midjourney might be in a critical phase right now. They do focus on the product and listen to their users. They do micro-polls on their Discord...
  9. sarah_ana

    Starting a business in a saturated Market . Is it too late to start a herbal tea brand?

    This is my first time posting in this forum I discovered @MJ DeMarco a month or so ago and began reading Fastlane millionaire and I've been on my pursuit of living life on my own terms since then. A little about me : I'm 21 years old and from the Uk and have already started 2 businesses (both...
  10. T

    Podcasting CENTS?

    Seems like podcasting doesn’t fit the cents criteria - has anyone built a fast lane business around a podcast? Seems like internet companies in general/ social media influencing would violate E, right? i couldn’t find the answer when I searched but curious what the consensus is. Thanks!
  11. jenna

    Where do I read about ideas that satisfy the commandment of time?

    I would have thought it would be in the "time" tag but that's mostly people talking about how they spend their time. It's not in the "cents" tag or "commandments" tag. I found a tag called "commandment of time" and there's only 3 posts there. To me, "time" is the most important of the...
  12. W

    Kill or develop?

    Hi, I recently came up with an interesting business idea that meets the CENTS premise, and I needed a soft proof if my idea would appeal to the market mind. I conducted a survey in which about 60% of the respondents said they would be interested in my product. I wanted to further test the...
  13. NeoDialectic

    Stop Trying To Make A Squirrel Fly!

    This thread will have two parts. Part one is advice to aspiring entrepreneurs while part two is a request from those that have a good amount of business experience. Part 1 I wholeheartedly agree with the Fastlane notion that your business should not have to be based on your passions. HOWEVER I...
  14. PPrince

    Block chain development as a viable CENTS business model?

    Good day everyone, Two days ago, I spoke to an old friend I hadn't heard from in years. He'd talked about pursuing black chain development certifications and qualifications to forge a "new direction for his existence." His current position as a Trust Officer was draining him of life (and his...
  15. L

    Having to many ideas

    Hey, A fictional scenario: You have found 3 ideas to meet all the aspects of CENTS. What other criteria would you choose to make a decision for one idea (and thus against the 2 others)? (To implement all of them is not possible in this scenario) My Problem is that i have many ideas and i cant...
  16. Hanabi

    How I Found My CENTS Business Model. Tips to Help YOU Find Yours.

    Hello, nice to meet you:smile:! My name is Yoshina, and I’m 24 yrs old. I’d like to tell you my story of how I came up with my business idea that fits the CENTS model and my thought process towards entrepreneurship through the years, if you don’t mind;). (Tips at the end:smile2:) When I was...
  17. Edgar King

    Finding A (Fastlane) Need Is This E A S Y

    So you've read the Millionaire Fastlane, Unscripted, Great Rat Race, even stalked MJ in his backyard to uncover the secret needs formula, but where... is.... that.... KRABBY PATTY FORMULA...I mean...NEED?! You've deep dived through hundreds of forum threads about finding problems and needs in...
  18. Renata57

    Escaped an abusive household, now it's time to escape the rat race!

    Greetings everyone, Well, since you've read the title, let's start with a bit about my situation. I'm currently 22 and moved to a new city in Germany with my girlfriend. I have quit my job August 2021 because we are able to live comfortably on her sole income as a microbiologist. Since then I...
  19. G

    Multiple businesses - handing over the reins and running without you!

    Hey all, something has been on my mind a lot and that is the idea of multiple businesses. You always hear about these investors and companies with portfolios of profitable companies just throwing off all this cash and making their owners rich. My question is, how much of that is fact and how...
  20. hexelbyte

    Investment Manager - Does it make CENTS?

    Hello! I was looking for some feedback on a business model that I've been dreaming (and acting upon for a long time). Backstory: 2016: I was introduced to the stock market back from a friend. I discovered many different strategies like dividend investing, value, growth, etc. 2017: I got...