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  1. Fit Tech Goat

    My Progress so far.

    I started to learn about business first when I was 14 years old from guys like Andrew Tate, Iman Gadzhi, and Hamza. I learned some things from them, but I started being interested in books about entrepreneurship, which led me to MJ Demarco's books. I read them and learned a lot more things than...
  2. intotheabyss

    Am I the only one who has lots of browser tabs opened? Time to optimize the web browsing experience.

    Hello to the Fastlane Community! I noticed that I always have loooots of tabs opened in my browser and it started to bother me a bit. It happens during both - professional research and personal browsing. My main motivation to leave things in the opened tabs is: "It is interesting, but I don't...
  3. Rikz

    How do I find saas startups to work with?

    I am a self-taught full-stack web developer about to complete my masters and am looking for saas startups who are looking to hire so I can work to improve my collaboration skills. I have already built quite a few MVPs for founders but now looking for some long term opportunity. Currently looking...
  4. DeNero

    AMAZING Influencer Marketing Strategy that Led to $100,000 MRR - for SaaS & Ecom Founders

    I came across this brilliant post from David Park @Davidpark96 on Twitter, and thought it would be very valuable to many people if I share it on here too. This was his brilliant Influencer Marketing strategy that added $100k in MRR to his business, enjoy: "How we added $100,000 MRR with...
  5. L

    Is this useful?

    Hey everyone! My name is Larry, and I'm dipping my toes into the SaaS industry. I have an idea for a business management software that includes EVERYTHING, e.g. HR, payroll, file storage, messaging, CRM, etc. The idea is to make an efficient program for businesses to increase their workflow...
  6. A

    From Restaurant Tech Support to Transforming SaaS: My Journey of Building HelpDesk Teams and The Power Behind Them

    Hello Millionaire Fastlane community! I'm excited to be part of this incredible forum and share a bit about my journey from being a tech support agent in a major restaurant chain to venturing into the world of SaaS and Helpdesk team management. Quick Story: I cut my teeth in the fast-paced...
  7. Darwin Diaz

    Identifying Chrome Extensions Opportunities For New Software Entrepreneurs

    (if this isn't allowed, let me know. The website is free and doesn't ask anything of the users) Hello all. I've built a web scraper that goes through the Chrome Extension store and returns information regarding Chrome Extensions. Analyzed, this data can be revelatory for people who are...
  8. A

    The Path I am on

    Hey, This is my first post ever on here. Ive read all of MJ's books, finding Rat Race and Fastlane the most interesting. A little about my own path and anything that can help on that path would be great! I am graduated from a top uni in Australia, with an Economics Degree. Half way through...
  9. sethmckilla

    Product Roadmaps for Indie Hackers

    While building out my last product, I found it really frustrating to easily gather user feedback without having to add another bloated tool to my stack. My idea is to simplify this process by basically being able to turn your GitHub (GH) issues / project board into a public facing roadmap...
  10. circleme

    Getting really good at fixing peoples problems with SaaS solutions, but...

    Hi guys, I've been training my problem-solving muscle a lot lately and I'm getting really good at it. I see problems everywhere and try to solve them with software - if possible. The result: many satisfied users. The problem: They are users, not customers. It's mostly MVPs that I launch into...
  11. M

    Business models - eCom vs service vs personal brand vs SaaS vs platform

    Hi all, I currently have 2 services businesses - cleaning + social media agency and am starting a SaaS. I am considering all the pros and cons of each business model and would like to share my thoughts on them: Service - I currently have 2 service businesses - a cleaning business + social media...
  12. Elias

    Thoughts on building a SaaS business through whitelabelling?

    I've seen a lot of SaaS entrepreneurs on the forum and am curious to know what your thoughts are on white-labelled SAAS vs building your own product? Would love to hear about yoiur direct experience building a white-labelled SaaS business !
  13. Nizzy

    Million Dollar Idea? : Auto-Generated Quizzes & Essay Score Predictor For Students

    Hey guys, anyone have some input on if this saas idea is worth attacking. I've been stuck on this idea for some time. I recently graduated college with a undergrad in law and have always wanted some form of tool / platform that could generate quizzes/test me just through my notes while also...
  14. Vasudev Soni

    My Journey to a Million $ Software Business - Progress Thread

    I've been thinking about ways to bring some value to this forum and I think creating a progress thread about my software startup could provide some insight to members interested in starting a software business/startup and also help myself stay accountable for doing what I need to do. I have read...
  15. Vasudev Soni

    How I Got 25k+ Downloads in 4 Months for my Online Marketplace App

    Hi Fastlane Forum members I am excited to introduce my app, BechDe, to this community. BechDe is a user-friendly online marketplace for buying and selling second-hand items nearby. My app has been live for around 4 months and I have already garnered over 24,000 downloads. Currently, the app is...
  16. yevheniiku

    Payment gateway for Ukraine SaaS

    SAAS / APPS 
    I am currently searching for payment gateways for my SaaS app that is located in Ukraine and will be used worldwide. Here are my requirements: Adequate support available Recurring payments (will be using a subscription model) Ability to process payments worldwide Availability in Ukraine I have...
  17. alexkuzmov

    The cheapest email marketing out there (Sendy) and a SaaS discussion

    SAAS / APPS 
    Hey forum, So this is a quick look at, what it can and cant do, pros/cons, installation and setup guide. First of, what is it? Its a selfhosted solution for email marketing which uses only AWS SES (Cloud Email Service — Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) — Amazon Web Services) with an...
  18. MaximilianT

    Building analytics software: Progress Thread

    Me and my partner @gilli after completing a coding bootcamp decided to move into the website analytics market because absolutely EVERY website needs to know their numbers and data. We are currently building the script which then needs to be included on the website to be tracked. We are...
  19. L

    [Looking for Advice] I own a SaaS business that is not making profits yet, and I could be earning a lot per month as a software developer.

    Hello everybody! Let me put you in context. I'm the co-founder (CTO) of a SaaS business that is slowly growing but is not making significant profits yet but has the potential to do so. To give you an example, if I close a few more clients I'll be able to make ~$1k per month with the business...
  20. Pranav_Banerjee

    Landing page for my SaaS

    Hey, forum! I have created a landing page for a SaaS product that I have decided to work on, This is my first time creating a landing page or a SaaS for that matter. I need some feedback on what I can improve on this page before I start reaching out to potential customers. Any...