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  1. TookAction

    INTRO I Read TMF and Took Action

    I read TMF in 2019 (late to the game) and was very inspired to actually take action and move into the Fastlane. I have a 6# job and save ~50% of my income (no kids, share my apartment to keep my rent low, etc) so I had some income to dedicate to testing out a business. After a lot of back and...
  2. mattsteinman

    Best Way to Exit a Failed Business

    I'll keep this short and sweet. I've been an Amazon FBA seller the past couple years, more recently creating my own brand (with a trademark), and it has fallen off to the waste side. Mainly because I'm in debt with the business and honestly don't have the passion to further pursue FBA. I'd...
  3. B

    Are "professional" Amazon FBA sellers making money from Amazon or from selling online training programs?

    I am keep seeing a lot of professional Amazon FBA sellers on YouTube who are sharing their advice and "secrets" for getting to $100K-$10M/year in sales on Amazon. All of them at the end of the video are promoting some Amazon FBA online training programs which cost in $1K to $3K range. Are they...
  4. No Fluff

    How Should I Introduce My Product To The Market? Amazon FBA?

    What would be the best way to test out your final product to the market? I have thought of listing it on Amazon and eBay and see what happens. Does this sound like a good idea? How many products would be good to introduce, to begin with? 20? Feels like a waste, if I make 100 products and only 2...
  5. Readerly

    Can you solve this Amazon Seller mystery?

    I started an eCommerce business last year. Currently, my primary channel is Amazon. I have 3 products I'm selling through Amazon FBA. I plan to expand in the near future to Etsy, Ebay, and Shopify. My execution thread is here. I've run into a weird problem that I'm hoping one of the Amazon...
  6. Surf16

    My Amazon experience, as directed by Guru X

    Amazon Experience I thought I would tell my Amazon experience as detailed as I can remember as it was over a year ago. The reason why I want to get it out there is to possibly answer/help anyone starting the journey and to just lay it out for myself to review. I am 50/50 on trying another...
  7. MitchM

    Question for experienced Amazon Sellers

    Hey guys! So, up until recently I have just been sending people a digital PDF of The Phoenix Journal or Phoenix Planner as an attachment with order confirmation on Amazon. Recently I decided to attach another PDF which has a link to video tutorials, where they just enter their email and get...
  8. beckbeach

    EXECUTION I started my own business!

    Hi everyone. I am a long-time member here but I usually just read posts on here. I am rooting for each and every one of you to succeed in your own businesses and in life. I started my own business two weeks ago and have set up a blog, Take a look at my blog and give me any...
  9. njord

    EXECUTION Getting started

    Hey guys, after some research iv desided to do amazon FBA selling to pay my bills. (ordering bulk from china and sending it to amazon) Iv followed a detailed cource on the subject and now iv started. Only being stubborn as always I thought I could take some shortcuts... Apparently you cant...
  10. ErikGladiator85

    INTRO Rollercoaster of Doubts and Emotions, but eager to learn

    Hello there. My name is Erik and I'm a 16 year old student from Bavaria, Germany (which might explain spelling errors. I apologize for that). I have been "Interested" in Entrepreneurship and that thought of liberty since the summer of 2015 - fast forward to autumn of 2017, a ton of...
  11. Scot

    Getting ungated for Amazon?

    I’m at whits end. I’m ready to drive to the fulfillment center in Tampa and yell at someone. For those of you who have gotten ungated for a category on amazon, what am I doing wrong? I’m trying to get authorized for the Grocery/Gourmet Food category. I created my amazon seller account...
  12. Bishop

    Case Study For Selling Physical Products on Amazon If you are unsure where to start on Amazon, watch this series and take notes. Greg Mercer is the man, and Jungle Scout is a nice tool to get some product ideas. The free estimator tool he uses in the video for research...
  13. biophase

    MARKETPLACE Biophase - 2018 Ecommerce/Amazon Business Coaching Program

    I have decided to do the coaching program again in 2018 I was on the fence for the past month, but seeing a bunch of last year's clients doing well and even selling out their products during the holiday season made me decide to do this next year! Below are results from four of my 2017 clients...
  14. Unknown

    RANT My Amazon sales are down from 100s a day to 0.

    My Amazon sales have dropped to almost nothing. I'm still in the top 10 for quite a few of my search terms, but yesterday I had 7 sales and so far today I have 0. I had 60 sales on this day last year. Competition has increased so it makes sense for my sales to have come down, but something is...
  15. J

    Amazon's launching in Sweden - upcoming opportunities?

    Everything's pointing to that Amazon will launch in Swedish market (my home country) anytime between New Year's Eve and summer 2018. When I read this, my mind started spinning. This is a great opportunity, right? Here are two thoughts about what I could do in this situation. I'd love to hear...
  16. Laughingman21

    EXECUTION Selling on Amazon (attempt 24) and another eCommerce idea

    I’ve been thinking about putting together a progress thread for a few weeks, but having drifted very slowly from task to task, I think some form of public accountability could be useful in getting my backside into gear. Over the last couple of years I’ve attempted, with little success to sell...
  17. K

    INTRO Hi Everyone

    My Name is Kevin, I currently have a wholesale business around Philadelphia PA. I'm looking to switch to the online business and create more time for me and my family. Be glad to help anyone who is looking to open a wholesale business. Hope to learn more information about the online field...
  18. Laughingman21

    INTRO Confessions of a Money Chaser (Plus a Question for Fastlaners)

    This is a long post, but help would be greatly appreciated as I try to reform my previous money chasing ways. Afters reading @MJ DeMarco ’s Unscripted and it's made me re-evaluate where I'm heading. I’m looking to get some feedback from people with far more experience than me in business and...
  19. doncruz

    EXECUTION Here I come

    So, its about two weeks since I was fired from an eleven years job. I feel blessed, I think God has given me a push and a chance to show what Im really made of. Am I afraid? Yes I am. But I fear not been able to do what Im supposed to do. Which is pursue my dreams: I want to be free to write...
  20. PetePreneur

    EXECUTION (Entrepreneur Vlog) My Amazon FBA Journey + Beyond!

    Hey, so I've been trying to document my process via a vlog. I'm currently selling on Amazon, but wanting to expand into more in the future. Here's the story so far: Episode 1- View: Episode 2- View:

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