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  1. RommelMe

    Is it worth doing a communication/sales course In person?

    Do you think a communication/sales course is worth going to in person? I ask this because coming back home I saw one of them and got interested, however I also found some online alternatives, but I don't know if it is the kind of skill that translates well online, if someone has already done one...
  2. Hadrian9

    Feedback for outreach for email marketing services?

    I noticed a lot of E-Commerce stores neglect to send welcoming emails to people who subscribe to their newsletter, even though it's a crucial part of email marketing. I found a bunch of businesses with this problem and made an example welcome email for each one that I could replicate in their...
  3. piano

    I'm going to wash windows for money tomorrow for the first time in my life. Any tips?

    So tomorrow I'm going to try it. Knocking on peoples' doors and wash their outside windows. There is just something that kind of bothers me: -I'm going on foot (I'm just 16 so no car) and I wondered if I should just knock on peoples' doors with all my equip on my back/hands etc. Is this...
  4. M

    What's your underrated outreach method/strategy? (Outreach Thread)

    I'll go first: Industry: Web development (Freelance) Strategy: Reddit has been working for me the best till now. I usually send chat requests (my pitch + portfolio) to warm leads (leads that have shown some indication of interest in webdev services in their recent posts/comments). For example...
  5. Leech

    How do I enter a competitive Establsihed Market

    Location : Germany Ive got a few Problems. First of all. Im trying to sell Unbranded OEM Quality Car Parts to Mechanic shops, but i dont really know how to efficiently enter the Market I get My parts for a really cheap Price which helps me to Compete with the Big Companies. but I dont...
  6. Leech

    On the Onramp trying to reach the fastlane

    Hey My Name is Leech im from Germany im 20 years old i have no highschool degree and a little bit of Money. 3 weeks ago i started working two Jobs to earn a little bit of Money. I work nightshifts at an Amazon Warehouse and during the Day i deliver Pizzas. last Week i ordered the Millionaire...
  7. F

    Introduction for my 3D Configurator Business and my problems

    Hello, my name is Fiete and I come from near Hamburg (Germany). Briefly about my background: I built an agency ECommerce agency with 18 years as Co Founder which is specialized in Shopify, Shopware and WooCommerce store development. We ran the agency with this business model from 2019-2021...
  8. P

    Cold Emails Approach

    Hey guys! I've developed a B2B software product and now comes the sales part. Here are my targeting criteria: - Location: United States - Industry: Window cleaning and appliance repair (These are just examples for the purpose of this post but the actual ones are very similar) - Company Size: 10...
  9. Andy Black

    A chat about selling marketing services

    @xShepherdx posted last week about his frustrations hiring a marketing freelancer. We've never spoken but I offered to hop on a call and chat about it. If you watch then please add your notes and I'll add them to this opening post. What's your takeaways? What will you do different going...
  10. fastlane_dad

    Seven Fastlane Lessons Learned Through My Slowlane Sales Job!

    Too many times – great, applicable lessons in the ‘slowlane’ are dismissed and not broadcasted. I want to share and highlight several lessons that have stuck with me over the last several decades, after I spent the summer of the year 2000 selling CUTCO knives. I was 17 at the time. Looking in...
  11. M

    Investing in “The Marcos”

    Hello Everyone My Name is Marcos, I am a young Portuguese entrepreneur. I have created a global fashion brand. We need some funding to launch our website. I was wondering if some of you could give me some advice how we can raise funds or even help to fund our startup. We have already...
  12. Medellin

    Manual Outbound Sales Thread

    Hi all, Inspired by Alex Hormozi, I've decided to dedicate the next few months to focusing on getting good at manual outbound sales. I think the skill of being in control of your sales, instead of depending on your customers coming to you, is a highly valuable and important skill. Ideas: -...
  13. ethan34

    Focus fully on making app or learning sales too?

    I wanted to make a conferencing app, and was making a very simple version with some key features using a no code app (bubble) to test the idea. Which course of action would you say is a better idea? 1- Continue making the no code version of the app while also learning copy and sales. Make money...
  14. The Composer

    How would you set up a funnel for a $7k+ product?

    Howdy folks, My partner and I operate in the health and wellness niche. We have an established brick and mortar that offers a variety of services, and we're looking to expand to online sales. We have entered into an agreement to act as distributor for one of our equipment vendors with a healthy...
  15. D

    The most important metric for any entrepreneur / scaling a business quickly

    Real talk. I keep it simple and straight. The most fundamentally important metric for any business growth is this one. Other things matter too but if you dont get this right, you just cant make a real business out of it. LTV:CAC ratio LTV= lifetime gross profit you make with a customer CAC=...
  16. proagencyspot

    30 Extremely Powerful Marketing Words To Trigger Sales.

    These Next 30 Words are psychologically proven to trigger more sales and lead for your business. You – write as though you’re speaking to the customer and about the customer, not about yourself.  Because- Give customers a reason why they need to take action.  Free – “Because” we all like...
  17. KopyKidd

    Medicare Insurance Sales With Assurance IQ (Progress Thread)

    After moving all the way from Maryland to Florida in 2020, the pandemic hit my family like a ton of bricks. My husband and I both lost our jobs, my copywriting business dried up almost completely, my son was diagnosed with autism, my husband was hospitalized with COVID for 4 weeks, and we lost...
  18. G

    Banner advertising is dead?

    Hey! :) I'm own a website that is getting a decent amount of unique visitors per month, about 2 million. I'm currently trying to sell banner space to small-medium businesses. The thing is, CMOs seem to not be interested in this kind of advertising anymore. What do you think about banner...
  19. V

    A random message asking if I make websites?

    Today I got a message from a friend of a friend asking if I make websites. I don't know what to tell him... How do I turn him into my first customer as a web design freelancer?
  20. mikecarlooch

    How Do I Sell Without Selling

    I have an audience of about 30k on tiktok in the self-improvement niche, a youtube channel that is growing very nicely, and a solid instagram following of loyal followers. My question is - in MJ's book unscripted he recommended atleast 10,000 impressions or 1,000 clicks before calling it quits...

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