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  1. Abenh

    Who had the Same Problem Before ?

    i have a construction materials (production and selling) business located in two different region that both have their own phone numbers for clients to make order and two different Facebook pages. And now i'm adding a third sell point in a new region. What should i do about phone numbers ? and...
  2. MTF

    Learning Direct Response Marketing (Strategies/Book Summaries/Case Studies)

    A business doesn't exist without sales. You can have the best product ever, yet if you don't know how to find prospects and how to persuade them to try your offer, you'll make a big, fat zero. Ironically, if I were to pick my weakest business skill, it would be marketing and sales. Despite my...
  3. Black_Dragon43

    Let's Grow Your Sales, Get You Unstuck, or Get You Started on the Fastlane (100% FREE!)

    Attention Business Owners Making <$50,000,000 in Revenue (that includes those who are making $0 - PARKED!) Let's Grow Your Sales, Get You Unstuck, or Get You Started on the Fastlane (100% FREE!) In 2022 I want to help you explode your sales, get yourself unstuck or even get you to switch lanes...
  4. harlansjobs

    Learning Copywriting for Marketing

    I am interested in learning Copywriting for the purpose of learning how to create great sales pages and emails. Can anyone recommend a good copywriting book for beginners? I have seen recommendations for 1. Magnetic Advertising, 2. anything by Claude Hopkins, 3. the classic Lazy Man's Way to...
  5. F

    How Do I Double my Prices on a Current Client Without Losing Them?

    Hi, I'm a freelance copywriter and I have a client for $45/hr. We have a great working relationship and she consistently tells me how much she values my work, so she's VERY happy with how much value I'm providing her. She's also a very empathetic client and really makes an effort to check in...
  6. rymf

    Zero sales, clothing brand...

    I've started a small clothing brand but I haven't got any sale yet. I spent $1000 (it's a lot for me now) to create first products - everything is sewn locally etc - about 25 pieces. (creating it took about 6 months, everything made out of scratch. My first real business ever) I started selling...
  7. Martin Z

    Is door to door still effective?

    I'm thinking in terms of local businesses, not approaching some huge a$$ corporations who got 50 different managers . But businesses in your local town who are small-medium sized. Like not approaching them in a salesy type of way, but genuinely caring about solving business owners' problems by...
  8. M

    Movie Scenes That Exemplify Negotiation

    We all know that being a skilled negotiator pays dividends in business. Learning about the intricacies of negotiation, including the nuances of human psychology, how to shape your environment, and understanding how you are being impacted is a complex art. Question: What are some movie scenes...
  9. C

    Marketing vs. Sales

    Hey guys, I'm curious as to the difference of when someone would want to prioritize marketing vs. sales in their business. My impression is that marketing is a more scalable option, so why waste time attempting to convert clients via cold calling, or in-person? I'm assuming that given how...
  10. Xpo

    How's my sales approach / strategy?

    Hey there fellow entrepreneurs! I've started designing & selling websites 1 year ago without a lot of success to say the least :happy: Anyways, I've figured my problem was my sales approach and strategy- I've tried selling websites on IG and tried promoting it there, it did not work very well...
  11. F

    Where can I find clients for our E-Commerce Agency?

    Hello guys my name is Fiete and i live in Germany, in the near of Berlin. I am currently running an e-commerce agency with my business partner. We get a lot of recommendations and have a good customer network. But we don't just want to rely on our regular customers, now we want to invest more...
  12. BizyDad

    How Turning Down Business Can Lead To More Business

    You may already know I run a search engine marketing agency. We are a 99% referral shop, and we only take on at most 3 new marketing clients a month. This might change soon, but historically, I turn down most leads that come my way. I did it again today, and I want to share the story to maybe...
  13. K

    Building a Beauty Empire. From 0 to 180k profit in 8 month and beyond

    Hi all. So this year has been a ride and Im thinking about writing a progress blogg to get input but also to organise my days. Maybe I will get some good advice and maybe others can get some ideas. This all started in june last year with my first business which was a beauty clinic where we...
  14. T

    How to obtain more appointments by phone

    Hi everyone! In this thread, I'd like to ask all experienced entrepreneurs/salespeople here for specific advice. You'll be surprised to see me ask for THIS type of advice, given my past statements on this forum, but I'm convinced I need that advice. Here's the subject: How to obtain more...
  15. _Denis_S

    Sales = Magic Pill to Entrepreneurship?

    Hello Everyone I vividly remember the "wake-up-moment" I've had after my first time reading the Millionaire Fastlane while studying for my engineering degree. Being young, uneducated and maybe even really naive about my future, I thought that this paper called degree would be my ticket to a...
  16. Champion

    E-Mail Marketing Agency (Not Webdesign, but same Principles apply)

    Hey Everyone, I want to use this post to share my Journey in building an E-Mail Marketing Agency, which I believe is a similar goal to many of you who are building your webdesign agency. I have experience running my own Shopify store and was making around 40k Revenue per month at the maximum...
  17. thechosen1

    Could YOU build a business with only one product??

    Hey all, I have a product that I've had for sale for the past year. The first 2 months I sold about a dozen of these for total sales of around $700. Not bad, but I have about $6,000 worth of inventory. Ever since then, I have not made a single sale. My primary sales channels were Amazon and...
  18. S

    The Story of my Marketing- & Sales-Agency

    Hey there, so I decided to do this sort of diary, to share my story and my process. Mainly for myself, to reflect on the process, the problems and my mind (-set) but on the other hand I think it is great to share experiences so someone can maybe get inspired or not to feel alone with certain...
  19. S

    What's the best strategy to take a trash bag business online?

    I have a trash bags business. I sell offline through my networks and a very little quantity via Amazon. Amazon has tons of trash bag sellers so the competition is very high. I have noticed, in my country, there is no recognizable trash bag brand yet (like in the US, UK). So it is a void I can...
  20. Harsha Vardhan

    have a doubt in Web development?

    Hello and I am new to this forum and my name is Harsha Vardhan I'm from India. so recently only my friend and i have started a web development business and we're doing pretty normal at sales and selling stuff and one thing.. that I want advice from you guys is that like how do you get clients...

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