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  1. J

    Dealing with Competition

    Aloha, I am looking to develop an auto detailing business within the Island of Hawaii, but I have difficulty starting up due to competition, Could anyone with experience in the auto detailing industry or those who have successfully navigated a similar competitive market share specific...
  2. Crazy GG

    Dating coaching business - high or low ticket

    Hello there, I have started a dating coaching business where I help men get more dates. So far I have managed to land 4 clients who each paid me $1K for 8 weeks of coaching and have 3 public testimonials (clients are happy). I have a question around designing my offer. Alex Hormozi in his...
  3. I

    Advice Needed: Anybody got a SDR/BDR job that makes 50-60k a year net salary?

    Context: I want to get a sales job (sdr or bdr) at a company (i thought of a tech company) and I want to focus 1 year on selling and then get into entrepreneurship again. I saw on other posts (reddit) that people earn 50-60k a year and 100k OTE and i want that too. I dont really know what...
  4. D

    Advice on starting a side hustle on sales with a hearing impairment.

    Hello, Fastlaners! I have posted in the forums before and suddenly became a lurker...again. I won't lie, having been born deaf and living with hearing loss is a bitch. Mainly because interpersonal relationships and networking is much harder when I've struggled with clear communication skills...
  5. Alexander Mish

    How to improve your sales process

    Information can provide an anvantage. Then, those, who can search for right information, and do it fast, will have an advantage. What was the problem? I didn't know how to find relevant leads for cold calls, and how to do it efficiently. For my work i need information about who makes decisions...
  6. T

    Do I Need A Website To Get A Customer?

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to start doing cold outreach to sell consulting services to small to medium sized organizations that need help managing enterprise software (think Salesforce, Workday, etc) on a monthly basis. Since I have experience with cold outreach from previous jobs I think I...
  7. Andy Black

    Don't Ask, Give

    Too many folks just ASK... How do I find a client? How do I find a mentor? How do I find a business idea? Or they want to give, but ASK how... Can I help you? What can I help you with? Do you need help with XYZ? Don't ask, give. Don't even ask what you can give, or ask for permission...
  8. G

    The Art of Sales

    Why listen to a random young dude on the internet for sales advice you might ask? Here's why, I've been in sales for the majority of my short career so far, and even though it's been short I've had quite a bit of success. According to "Personal Finance Data" I currently am in the top 99.8th...
  9. The Don

    Zero Conversion on Latest Product

    Hi fellow fastlaner! I’m now on my second attempt of launching a successful business, however the results so far are underwhelming. The business I’ve created is called Herbal Tranquillity and the plan is to create a number of products for babies/toddlers that will alleviate a variety of...
  10. E

    17, profited $60k already, but completely lost in life.

    I'm 17 years old, and throughout the las year or so, I've been hopping around from business to business, side hustle to side hustle, and managed to save up $60k. However, none of these "side hustles" have been scalable, and at my best I made just under 7k in one month. For the last month or two...
  11. Perennial

    Finally taking action - Video Production Company

    So. I posted a while back here on the Insiders forum. In the few posts that followed, I detailed how I wanted to start a SMMA. Just like everybody else :( Anyway, a lot of life events happened that threw a bit of a spanner in the works, but I've recently got back on the horse and I'm taking...
  12. perchboy

    Canada's Home Services Empire

    I decided to go with a home service business because the competition here is a bunch of old chinese men who don't know what PPC stands for. I have a HUGE advantage in this niche because I am of the 1% of home service businesses that knows how to put themselves online. I can totally see myself...
  13. H

    Am I silly for changing careers from Engineering to Sales?!

    Hi all, great to be here, I've recently read fastlane millionaire, which opened my eyes to the mindsets and beliefs I used to have that were flawed.. so I decided to change careers from process engineer to sales engineer. I'm a 24 yr old man that had a good slowlane job with with a good...
  14. Stepan

    How To Get Better

    Hi everybody! I really wanted to learn how to sell, so I got this job at a makeup and perfume store. Already worked there for a week and I got a question. Alex Hormozi said: "a 100 sales will teach you more than a 1000 books on sales". And if you want to improve a skill just do it. But how...
  15. Red ant

    Why Google ads, Facebook ads , SEO , sales funnels are not efficient in creating a productocrasy

    The majority of threads in this forum related to marketing strategies praises push marketing which in my opinion is not reliable for companies starting from ground with little or no funding . - From my consumer of view I hate been harassed by ads . - I rarely pay attention to sponsorised...
  16. T

    E-commerce Business - Trying to Get to the Next Level

    Hi! I’m stuck! Product created and selling. Website up and running and converting visitors into sales Socials all set up - beginning to get some influencer created review content Selling steadily - 10 or so sales a day on a $150 price point product. But, really struggling to take things to...
  17. Raedrum

    Clients hate calling/searching, leverage that by standing before them

    So I've just had a call with a prospect about the creation of her future horse riding website and I directly obtained a appointment with her, despite being in competition with several other webdesigners. It is not the 1st time it happened this way and I will tell you why: Initially she posted...
  18. D

    What do people mean by learning sales?

    I always hear or read from successful entrepreneurs that beginners should learn sales. But I don't really get it, how do I learn sales if I still have nothing to sell and am in the process of learning a monetizable skill? Thanks.
  19. DistressedDenim

    Cold calling for web design clients

    Hello, Has anyone here had any success cold calling for web design clients? I'd like some advice if you have any I'll be cold-calling law firms.
  20. Ayush6543

    I need a virtual phone number to call clients for my service, but I don't have a credit card.

    Hi there, As you know after reading the title, I don't have a credit card, but I want a virtual phone number in the US. I checked out a lot of websites, like and, but all of them require a credit card to use their service. Do you know any companies that accept PayPal or...