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  1. H

    Is a free college worth it?

    Hello, I’m 17 years old and from Finland. It’s starting to be time for me to decide what I will do after my finnish equivalent of high school ends. As you may know, Finland is known for a high quality educational system and free schooling. Here is my question, should I go to a business oriented...
  2. Matej Cvetkovski

    Start from Ground-Zero and build a business or go to one of the top 100 Colleges for free?

    Hi, I know I have already asked way too many questions on this forum, but there are so many paths and choices, I often feel a little overwhelmed... I'm currently 16, in 2nd year of high school, I have a scholarship from my country that lasts 4 years (until high school graduation). After...
  3. N

    I'm kind of lost and I don't know what to do

    I'm gonna be 15 years old in a week and I don't know if learning playing the guitar, drawing, coding and stock trading is good now. I've asked some people older than me and some said to follow these hobbies some said to just focus on coding and stocks and then on the rest and right now I don't...
  4. A

    Thinking of going to college

    Hi, fastlaners, I discovered this entrepreneurship stuff like 2 years ago, got interested in dropshipping, digital marketing, and business. The truth is I have never really made a lot of money, I was working in construction previously, and just started shifting into the digital world. I just...
  5. N

    I Am 17 Years old , is my plan fine .....

    Hello, I'm Netra, a 17-year-old from India. In this part of the world, you can't just walk away from your studies. It's a whole ordeal—psychiatrists, scolding, slapping, even blackmailing by your parents. Completing at least a bachelor's degree is a non-negotiable expectation, and your...
  6. Eudaemonia

    My struggle to find what I want to study, advice would be loved !

    Hello dear forum users, its actually my first time posting here and hope that from now on, i wont be only lurking around but interacting and hopefully one day also provide value to others. On to my main topic, I would say i have been convinced that the art of entrepreneurship is what interests...
  7. DreamLund

    Go educate yourself (college/Uni)

    Hi This is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. Why wouldn’t you go to college or university? If you have the possibility to do it? This isn’t my fixed opinion but rather a questioning of my OWN belief that: ”going to college is a complete waste of time + the missed ”potential...
  8. Batko


    Hello, I am 20 yrs old and am currently enrolled in Bio-chemistry field in college. I've previously built an agency which was getting me decent amount of money and I loved doing it. But because of my mental health problems I decided to stop doing it with my friend and focus on getting a degree...
  9. S

    Should I go to college

    Hi, I'm currently in high school and want to have my own trucking business. My parents are hardcore slow laners and believe that I should get a 4 year college degree and then graduation school and get something like an mba. I really do not see the point in this because I feel like most business...
  10. N

    I don’t want to be stuck in the Slowlane like everyone else…

    Hi everyone, my name is Noah and I’m a freshman at a university. I’m new to this forum so bear with me if I don’t quite understand how this all works. But I’m sort of in a predicament: My dream is to be a successful entrepreneur and provide a great life for my family. I’m attending a...
  11. S

    What should I do for college?

    Hello, my name is Alex. Am currently a high school senior wanting to get rich early rather than late. I have been reading the millionare fastlane book and now am starting to thinking about my choices in college. I know that college is now very expensive and not worth it in the long run. Also...
  12. AnthonyK

    A Speed Bump in My Journey.

    Hello Everyone I am in university right now and before coming here, I had strong feelings of not wanting to. I didn't tell my parents, or challenge their arguments as I believed university at the time was the only path I could take and here I am, not enjoying my classes and the environment...
  13. JaaYu

    What Major Should I Choose for College?

    Background: I want to explain first why I'm asking this in the briefest way possible. I'm a High Schooler who needs to choose a major and college to go to, and I just want to choose the best major to match entrepreneurship. I'm being forced by my parents and counselor to choose more prestigious...
  14. Cruzin

    Passive Income Ideas For a 18yr Old College Student?

    Good morning, afternoon, and evening to y'all. After some guidance, I realized that I'm at a point in my life where building marketable skills are critical. In order for me to enter the Fastlane, I first have to utilize the slow lane to construct a strong foundation. For those wondering, I'm a...
  15. AnNvr

    Is UNI really worthless?

    Hey lads, here's my first thread. I might going to be mocked for what I am about to post, but eventually I'll find usefull points of view. Brief introduction for a better understanding of my situation: I'm 36. Australia based. Background in hospitality, self-taught on IT systems. Needles to...
  16. Bhavneesh

    Life changing choice

    Hi guys i am from india and currently pursuing engineering I had two choices while joing the college 1) a college with good entrepreneurship environment with civil major(low job opportunities). 2) a college with not so good entrepreneurship environment but with good major I choose option 1. I...
  17. P

    Medical School vs Computer Science

    Hi people. I'm currently creating a decision matrix about my college degree options and would appreciate it if you identify any points I missed or got wrong. My current situation as follows: 19yo Brazilian male Last year, I enrolled in medical school at my local university and did a few weeks...
  18. Kannnn

    I need advice on going to uni/college

    Hey guys, so I'm finishing high school in a bit more then a month and with a gymnasium I'm expected to go to uni. The problem is, my parents. Mom and dad want me to be a vet (we live outside of town in sort of a village). The thing is; I want to make my own fastlane business. Vet university...
  19. Kannnn

    What should i write in for college?

    Hey guys, I'm a (18M) and started reading the book last week and it's amazing but right now I'm under heavy pressure from my parents to write in a college. I have no idea what I want to write in as a career and from the state colleges nothing interests me too much. I'm good at informatics but I...
  20. B

    TIL that collage stole from my wealth, my life and my future

    I am in an interesting position, because in my country college education is free (payed by taxpayes, so not really free - but to no imediate debt to you), if you do it right after high school. So I went to enginering college, which took me almost 5 years to complete. To my unaware slowlane...