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  1. jjspano

    U.S. Marine joining the Fastlane!

    I'm in my late 20's, served in the Navy for 4 years, worked in counter-terrorism when I got out, started a small company with my buddy doing GMB pages and Google Ad campaigns. We had a small amount of success with it (A few clients, but we weren't bringing in enough money + ran out of cash) so...
  2. Kak

    Take it: Six-figure local service opportunity (Better than copywriting!)

    I have a business idea for someone who wants it. Someone please do this instead of copywriting or freelancing. You'll report back having made 6 figures in no time. Reverse osmosis water filteration systems are very popular right now for good reason. City water is F*cking gross and full of...
  3. Eminem

    Roadtrip Platform

    Hello everyone, My name is Martijn. I hereby introduce myself by explaining where I come from, the goal I am working towards and which means of transport I use to get there. Background 37 years old, living in Rotterdam - Netherlands Married – very happy 4 children – 6, 3, 2 and 2 years ols...
  4. ugudango

    Where do you hire your copywriters?

    Hey everyone, I will need a copywriter very soon, and I am looking for a spot where I can find a good copywriter. I have never hired before and I am looking for a good spot to find copywriters for a sales funnel. I know the usual freelance spots (Upwork, Fiver) but I'd be very grateful if you...
  5. I

    Analysis paralysis on specialized skill to start

    Hello everyone, having a bit of a dilemma here. I’m starting from nothing and trying to decide which skill to initially learn for income. I’m stuck between web design, copywriting, and running Google ads. For those more experienced, which of these would you recommend for someone with no...
  6. Hash0101

    Best Tools & Resources for Online Entrepreneurs!

    P.s. Saying thank you is much appreciated! Also if you have any other insightful resources please share in this thread. FREE WEBSITE TEMPLATES HTML UP: Responsive HTML and CSS site templates. Bootswatch: Free themes for Bootstrap. Templated: A collection of free CSS & HTML site templates...
  7. Kak

    You Don’t Have to be a Freelancer

    Copywriting proponents always talk about how it’s good for someone just starting out. I want to challenge them to find a single copywriter that went on to start a successful multimillion dollar unrelated company. It’s a lie, distraction, and cop out. No one shows up to an entrepreneur forum...
  8. M

    Copywriting / SEO Articles and ChatGPT - Is it possible to get customers anymore?

    Hi there, For a few years, I've been running a side-hustle, where I write and translate articles, copywriting etc. Primarily with focus on SEO. Now I want to ramp up my business, but I am afraid that people will reject me, because people now know of ChatGPT. What do you guys think? Have you...
  9. J

    Will ChatGPT destroy copywriters and developers in the next few years?

    Hello friends! I'm curious about the current trend of chat GPT and whether copywriting will continue to be a high-income skill in 2023. I aim to make $10,000 in the coming year but lack specific skills. I'm considering pursuing a career as either a full-stack developer or a copywriter, but...
  10. Royce2

    Free Copywriting for “Fast Laners”

    Hey guys! I’m offering free copy to whoever can benefit from it so that I can gain more real time experience, do business with fast lane thinkers, and most importantly to earn more money in the future. 3 simple reasons why you should give me a shot: 1. It’s free 2. I wrote ad copy for a...
  11. Jcoil

    GPT-3, the Machine Learning Model that (might) Change Everything

    Abiding by the principles of providing value without expecting anything in return, I thought I would make a post about GPT-3, and some of the possibilities it enables. If you haven't heard of GPT-3 before, It is a natural language processing (NLP) machine learning model developed by OpenAI...
  12. C

    I need help with copywriting

    Hello beautiful people, I want to say thanks to MJ for building such a great community here. I recently joined it and have learned so much value here and appreciate all your efforts to help each other. I recently started to learn copywriting and I need advice on what mistakes to avoid as a...
  13. MTF

    Learning Direct Response Marketing (Strategies/Book Summaries/Case Studies)

    A business doesn't exist without sales. You can have the best product ever, yet if you don't know how to find prospects and how to persuade them to try your offer, you'll make a big, fat zero. Ironically, if I were to pick my weakest business skill, it would be marketing and sales. Despite my...
  14. khadush

    Need your support for copywriting service!

    Hey everyone, I am a UX designer from India. One of my friends is learning copywriting, and I have supported her in learning it. Since we had invested lots of time and money to learn it! We want to test our skills. That's why we are offering our copywriting service for free. If you have any...
  15. Kybalion

    AMA: My Long Road To 2K/Month With Copywriting (Non-Native Writer)

    Hey! I've gotten a TON of value out of this forum, so it's time to give back the best way I can - by sharing how I - a "grammatically-challenged", non-native copywriter went from 0 to 2k/month in 2 years. Sounds underwhelming I know. This wasn't a 6-month long journey like I initially...
  16. MJ DeMarco

    A Marketing Must: How to Get More Eyeballs to Buy Your Stuff...

    Want to know HOW and WHY people BINGE WATCH entire Netflix shows in one weekend? What to know why you opened this thread to read what's inside? I'm surprised we don't officially have a topic on this. @Lex DeVille mentioned this briefly in his Guru Cults Exposed thread, but I thought it...
  17. harlansjobs

    Learning Copywriting for Marketing

    I am interested in learning Copywriting for the purpose of learning how to create great sales pages and emails. Can anyone recommend a good copywriting book for beginners? I have seen recommendations for 1. Magnetic Advertising, 2. anything by Claude Hopkins, 3. the classic Lazy Man's Way to...
  18. 0

    I could use some life advice...

    So it feels like I'm at a cross-roads and could use some advice from others. Not entirely sure which way to take things right now and every path seems uncertain. So about 3 months ago I got into crypto, mainly NFTs. Turned 8k into about 40k. (Made a bunch of mistakes and lost some money, made...
  19. F

    How Do I Double my Prices on a Current Client Without Losing Them?

    Hi, I'm a freelance copywriter and I have a client for $45/hr. We have a great working relationship and she consistently tells me how much she values my work, so she's VERY happy with how much value I'm providing her. She's also a very empathetic client and really makes an effort to check in...
  20. C

    How to write copy when not focused on a niche?

    I'm reaching a book called Copywriting Secrets. In that book, there's a chapter where you have to define a F.R.E.D, which basically means your ideal customer. But in the web design industry, I can help anyone I want. For example, I can setup online shops for retail stores, building lead gen...