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  1. S

    EXECUTION I'm skilled in Graphic Designing, Website Development, Digital Marketing, Amazon Listings. How do I leverage my skills to start a business?

    I self taught myself the following: Graphic Designing: I can create complete brand identities Website Designing: I'm adept in Wordpress, I have around 10 years experience with it Amazon Listing Services: I know how to deal with complicated product structuring and complex variation, brand store...
  2. Pritesh

    Ask Me Anything - Facebook Ads [2M+ Ad spend]

    Hey guys, I am here to answer any questions you might have about Facebook ads. I have around $2M+ Ad spend experience on Facebook (85% agency, 15% personal). Total paid ads experience of $7.2 M+ if you include Google Ads. I am here only to talk about Facebook ads, as my experience with Google...
  3. DustinH

    Anyone using IP targeting or geofencing with display ads?

    Looking for some feedback on it's viability, accuracy, and is it worth the effort? Are display ads working anymore? Also, where do these SaaS platforms get the location data to advertise to targeted locations?
  4. LifeLongFreedom

    MEETUPS Motorcyclists, Enthusiasts and Bikers - Please Help

    Hey guys! What are the most common places online - specific groups or forums - where motorcycle owners, riders and industry/market-savvy people spend time and exchange knowledge? I'm asking this because I'm researching the bike market in mostly english speaking countries with the goal of...
  5. Lud3ns

    Do you delegate your digital marketing?

    Hey, best time to you. It became interesting — what experience do you have with delegating digital marketing and what do you fill about it? For example, what benefits and minuses do you see here?
  6. C


    Hi guys Just wanted your take on the way you do proposals I've recently had someone interested in my service (digital marketing) and they asked me to send over a proposal. I sent them a PDF with 4 pages that had a list of our services, what they entail and their prices but I'm not sure this is...
  7. C

    EXECUTION Started My Own Digital Marketing Agency

    INTRO Hi everyone After reading a lot of progress/execution threads on here, I have decided to start my own. Here's a brief introduction: - 22 years old - Live in Scotland - Have a 1 year old son - Have started a digital marketing agency - We offer social media management, SEO, reputation...
  8. A

    INTRO Hi I'm Axe Colver, Interested in SEO

    Hi I am Axe Colver from the US, I'm new here and looking forward to share and ask for great idea especially in SEO Internet marketing. I do love SEO work with latest updates today! Hope I can find here useful tips and share my strategy as well, Bdw I also love to play the piano, watch movies...
  9. Jsoh

    The Seedling Method [Facebook Ads]

    Hey Fastlaners, Anybody out there in Facebook Ad Land? I came up with an analogy that might help some people when it comes to running ads on Facebook... Quick backstory on my experience: Was directly involved with media buying for Tai Lopez (I worked for him), and so I saw on a massive scale...
  10. GrandRub

    Digital Marketing / Webdesign Cold Emailing - What to expect?

    Hey Guys and Girls! all of you doing cold emailing how much (positive) responses and meetings do you usualy get from 100 mails? how many sales? i am sending cold emails out cold emails for my webdesign / PPC Freelance Business - Personalized to each business. i point out 1-2 opportunitys...
  11. 0dysseus

    The ultimate, constantly fresh list of online communities about social media, digital marketing and

    I compiled a list of communities about digital marketing, social media management or any other form of online entrepreneurship (naturally, FastLane is in it). This list was started for my own personal needs, but I soon realized it would be a useful resource to anyone interested in building a...
  12. broncoguru

    INTRO Looking for Local Orange County California Digital Marketing / E-commerce Mastermind Group

    Is anyone interested in starting a mastermind group in Orange County California with me? Must live in the 714 area code or really close to it. I’m looking for digital marketers/e-commerce entrepreneurs or tech-related entrepreneurs. Retailers are welcomed too! Don’t need real estate...
  13. Isaac Oh

    EXECUTION 100 Days of Action Challenge

    Hello, my name is Isaac. I'm a 23 year old living with my mom and brother in LA. Backstory: I created my first business in 2016. It was a great, visionary idea and I knew it would help so many people. My organization would revolutionize the music industry by giving college students across the...
  14. Logan Powell

    Serving the "Instagram Marketer Rush"

    Hey everyone. I want to bounce some ideas off everyone and do some brainstorming. It seems like in 2019 everyone is starting to become an "Instagram Affiliate Marketer" and are rushing into the digital marketing scene to push tangible products or their services. Now, I am trying to think...
  15. Danny01

    Starting a one-man digital marketing agency

    Hi everyone, I'm Daniel. I'm skilled at SEO, WordPress website creation and Design and Basic HTML/CSS and technical web related stuff. I discovered a real need in my locality for digital marketing. Nearly 90% of SMEs in my area does not have an online presence of any kind. I've decided to help...
  16. Jeremy Ellens

    How to build a $720k/year marketing agency by selling quizzes

    My first post is inspired by @Sean Marshall's great article on how he built his agency. In 2015, I lost three clients worth 35% of our monthly revenue and was had two of them threaten to sue me. Since then, we went on to close 189 clients in just two years and grew our revenue to...
  17. MJ DeMarco

    MARKETPLACE Digital / Social Media Marketing For Hire

    I'm exploring the idea of hiring a social media/digital marketing agency to take over a lot of the social media activity for the forum, myself, and my books. Instead of starting this process elsewhere, I thought I start here right at the forum since I know there are a lot of folks here who have...
  18. Rabcats

    INTRO New aspiring entrepreneur here

    Hi all! This is my first time here in Fastlane Forum. I have been a freelancer for 9 years now in the field of digital marketing / SEO. I joined this forum because I would like to learn more about marketing and hopefully be able to start my own digital marketing / SEO agency.
  19. Ian2

    INTRO Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself

    Growing up to be appreciative, and believing that my family had my best interest at heart, I blindly followed their path. A path that led a 27 year old polyglot with an MSc in International Business to depression, to break up his engagement, and to quit his prestigious job at a Fortune 500...
  20. 0dysseus

    How would your ideal social media management and marketing tool look like? Go crazy!

    Answer as many of the following questions as you feel like answering (or just answer the title question): What does it do for you, what problems does it solve? How does it work, what features does it have? How does it help you save time/money/energy? I would love to hear how a completely...

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