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digital marketing

  1. G

    Embarking on a Marketing Adventure - Need wisdom regarding new clients

    Hey everyone, I'm starting my marketing company! I've got a bunch of experience from working at a tourism company, running my projects, and growing my TikTok account. So, I'm thinking of offering my marketing skills to small businesses and I've got two ideas on how to start: Offer a...
  2. Shubham Gacche

    Help Carpet Cleaning Businesses Add £3000 - £5000 to there monthly revenue Or THEY DON'T PAY.

    Hello Everyone, i have been working on my Agency from past one week and the Progress i have made till now is as follows, Agency Name: CleanLeeds Media Niche and Location- Carpet & Upholestery Cleaning and Leeds, UK (the Niche and location are selected based on Most Searched businesses on Google...
  3. Valerio Achilli

    Google Ads vs Facebook Ads in 2023: Pros & Cons?

    Fastlaneeeeeersss, first of all I already feel smarter in reading threads on threads, this forum is blowing my mind. Now, I'm studying Facebook Ads (Udemy Academy's course) and in few days I will launch my first Facebook Campaign in order to sell my girlfriend's brand necklaces all around Italy...
  4. bpere11

    Best platform to begin advertising?

    For anyone selling physical products online (via their own website, not Amazon or Ebay) which advertising platform have you found yields the greatest returns? TikTok, Google/Youtube, Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest etc?
  5. bpere11

    How to learn the things you don't know you should know

    Convoluted title hey? Sorry about that. I'll cut to the punch, I have recently started an online private label business via Amazon FBA. I have done a variety of courses on UDEMY and I know the basics but I am unsure if there are any other skillsets that I should be acquiring, which I am simply...
  6. Mahan

    How to start being a fiction writer

    Hi, I'm currently a student studying the last year of my bachelor's in cyber security, Although I know I can get a 6 figure salary in just a few years, I don't see it being enough to achieve financial success. I'm interested in thriller/mystery or fiction books and I'm thinking of probably...
  7. J

    Q&A How I am scaling my digital marketing agency

    This post is a continuation of my introduction post. I've received a lot of questions and a few emails asking me to detail the process of quitting my 9-5 and scaling my digital marketing agency to six figures. I want to be fully transparent and say that I am figuring this out as I go. What works...
  8. D

    Anyone running a somewhat established/successful blog: What is your blogs main source of income(s)?

    Hello. To elaborate on my question... I used to blog A LOT a long time ago with a few thousand article views per day in the end, it was solely for fun and didn't care about the amount of money I was taking in, it was a mental health blog. I dabbled with affiliate marketing a little bit by...
  9. Jo_t95

    Lost 6-Figure Income After Gut-Wrenching Fall-Out With Business Partner. Launching new "do-or-die" coaching business... I'm documenting my journey!

    Hey everyone, kinda new here. Been lurking on-and-off, but decided to create a new account and start documenting my journey. About a month ago, I had a falling out with my business partner of almost 1 year where we ran a mid-ranged 6 figure business together. I'd been making a tidy 6-figure...
  10. Zlatin Manahov

    I'm Scaling a Digital Marketing Agency from $0 to $30K/month and...

    EXECUTION this thread I'll be detailing my progress. Quick Backstory: I am a 19yo uni student majoring in Business Administration and Economics. I only needed one semester to verify that I am indeed wasting my time and money on university. I kept witnessing people my age already seeing some success...
  11. Conor Foley

    Using Go High Level for your agency / business❓

    Hey everyone! Recently, I’ve been seeing a ton of TikTok content promoting the Go High Level tool as a white label SaaS / CRM tool for businesses and agencies to manage sales pipelines, automate reporting and enable various integrations. I’m still researching before I decide to sign up: - If...
  12. O

    Free Google Ads Guide For eCommerce

    Guide > Google Ads Guide For eCommerce | Snowball Creations This does not cover how to set up your google ad account but does try to give a load of more high-level advice to follow all born from what works for my agency and our clients over the years. I think this community is more weighted to...
  13. theazizmoh_

    Does a Digital Marketing agency make C.E.N.T.S?

    I'm curious is digital marketing agency make cents? I do believe the entry is weak! every joe blow can start a digital agency! But it takes some serious skill... what do you guys think?
  14. Cojo

    Should I go into Web designing or copywriting?

    I am having a hard time picking which one to go with. Any time I face some obstacle, I fall back to the next one. But now I want to stick to one. So which one would be the best to enter into?
  15. Gina_28

    Marketing on Quora

    Is anyone using Quora for promoting a business now? Is it worth it? What tips can you share? Thank you!:innocent: :halo:
  16. Black_Dragon43

    Secure 15 to 30 Sales Calls for Your Agency or Online Service Business Every Month

    PLEASE CHECK THE FULLY UPDATED LANDING PAGE HERE: What's New? • We've released the product again, this time it has been updated and there is an extra bonus, a workflow that shows you how to take any conversation you start from the beginning to a booked...
  17. R

    Digital Marketing Strategies for Rea Estate Agent

  18. R

    Web Developer and Digital Marketing Consultant

    Hello, I am Rafi kadir. I am a web developer and digital marketing consultant. I am helping small businesses to increase conversion rates and brand value. I am new to this forum. If you need any kind of help please knock me. I am available to solve your great problem. Thanks.
  19. K1 Lambo

    Running a digital marketing agency

    Hi guys, Context: I've been doing Instagram marketing for over 1 year now. Mostly content management and growth. Bought a course from a guy a little over a year ago(before reading MJ's first book) that included everything from growth to monetization of an Instagram account. You can say it's a...
  20. BizyDad

    Writing For Dollars: Building A Digital Asset For Sale

    Goal: Build a brand new site from scratch, rank it, monetize it, using as little of my own time as possible, and sell it in 2 years for 6 figures. Why: Why not? Because I can? Because for the last 3 years I've gone thru many ups and downs to build an agency and now my guys have a certain...