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real estate

  1. Vasudev Soni

    Unconventional Investments (What's Your Boldest Move?)

    Ever made any risky, innovative, out-of-the-box investments that paid off big time? Share your most daring financial moves, from the stock market to real estate to crypto to unique ventures. Anything that has paid off 10x, 20x, or even 100x. :bicep: Let's celebrate making smart investments and...
  2. O

    How Should I Invest 20K at the age of 20?

    I am current 19 and a Realtor still trying to find my footing in the business. I work a part time job for now and plan to sell a couple houses by the end of the year. That being said by next year I should have at minimum 20K, at first I was thinking of buying a rental property to generate cash...
  3. Matt Lee

    Would you buy a home, go travel abroad, OR do you do BOTH?!

    Hey, what's guys? This thread is just to satiate my curiosity and possibly those on the younger boats. People who still have traveling-abroad-blood running hot through them. (BUT we understand the power of getting in early in real estate) So to give you some context, I was reading the thread...
  4. biophase

    Why you should buy a home as early as possible.

    I know that this may be a controversial topic, but I want to give you a few examples of people that I know that are slowlaners but are actually doing very well vs. some aspiring "fastlaners" that aren't anywhere in the same position. This topic came to mind when another friend was shocked when...
  5. B

    Real Estate website dilemma. Should I go for it?

    Hello guys, Recently I feel like my city needs a good real estate website to standardize trading. People here still trade properties through individual brokers. So, I want to create a real estate website to help people sell and buy property but there are already beautiful websites from larger...
  6. C

    Business in the medical field?

    Hello I will be moving to the Uk soon by next month hopefully. I will be starting work as a doctor, working in the nhs. However, as we all know that is the slowlane. I want to be able to generate cash flow and I am looking for pathways that are similar to the medical path to start a business in...
  7. amcg88

    My Self-Storage Investment Journey - Follow Along!

    Hello, I'm Alex, and I've decided to document my self-storage facility investing journey. I have years of experience from the land investing space and am now looking to transition into purchasing self-storage facilities. Through this progress thread, I'll be sharing my experiences, challenges...
  8. G

    Property Insurance - Getting the best deal

    What is the forum's take on property insurance? I couldn't find a thread on this in search by title, and that was very surprising to me. Recently it has been HELL getting both homeowner's and commercial property insurance, especially at half-decent rates. Everyone wants to cover sky-high...
  9. wyattnorton

    Attention Losers...

    In the past 6 years of flipping houses (4 with my pops and 2 on my own), I have my fair share of stories about the loser contractors I have dealt with. The losers that you run into in southern Illinois are bountiful. If you want to hire one solid guy who shows up and does the work correctly...
  10. MJ DeMarco

    What does the Cap Rate mean in real estate?

    Real estate investors often refer to a cap rate. Can you tell me what a CAP RATE is, and how it is calculated?
  11. REALTORenrique

    Wanting to build valuable website for potential clients

    Heres the deal, I am a new realtor and to tell you the truth (as embarrassing as it is for me to say) I have yet to close on a deal. Shit I have yet to have more than just one client. (Unfortunately we did not get our offer accepted). Ive been licensed for about 8 months now. I have followed my...
  12. Goodfella999

    First Syndication Investment. Inspired from all of you

    Although not essentially fastlane, I became part equity owner of a 196 Unit apartment complex a few days ago. I was heavily inspired by @G_Alexander's threads about using his Fastlane income for real estate cashflow. Finally had the courage to pull the trigger after 5 years of saving and...
  13. polaroid22

    100K cash

    Hi guys, You have 100K cash, what do you do with it and when? Was thinking about investing in some real estate. But I think if I wait a bit longer, better deals will come along (allthough I expect all prices to move higher due to inflation, but in bad times people will be pressured more to...
  14. S

    Entrepreneur with multiple failures now a real estate broker?

    Right after graduating in 2009, I worked in the corporate sector for 3 years till I realised it is not for me. I started a gaming website in 2011 that saw some mild success, but not enough to cover the bills. I then found two investors to invest in a vaping business, that I led and grew for 2...
  15. Joker_P5R

    The real situation of real estate market and thoughts on what can happen in the future.

    Hi guys and gals, I’d like to open a reliable thread about global real estate market current status. I’m writing from Italy, where the culture is so many different compared to English-speaking countries and other countries, for example Germany, where there is no “home-ownership” strict...
  16. Gregory Diehl

    Seeking Beta Readers For A Book On Rental Property Investing

    I'm looking for a few beta readers for a book my company is producing about building wealth through rental property investing in America. Please comment below or message me if your interested in leaving some critical feedback on all or part of it, and I'll give you access to the shared Google...
  17. Gregory Diehl

    Seeking Beta Readers for a Book on Rental Property Investing

    I'm looking for a few beta readers for a book my company is producing about building wealth through rental property investing in America. Please comment below or message me if your interested in leaving some critical feedback on all or part of it, and I'll give you access to the shared Google...
  18. BellaPippin

    Sell or keep the (seemingly) golden egg chicken?

    Well FUDGE, My equity went through the roof in these two years (I'm kinda only going by the Redfin estimates but wouldn't mind an official appraisal) I'm finally turning in revenue (got paying tenants, cash flow, got a property manager~). I can't refinance because rates are stupid and bc...
  19. L

    Build a Fastlane Business in Africa

    Hello everyone! I’m living in a poor country of West Africa. I’m 19 and not independant yet, and notice that it’d be such a rare prowess at that age for most of us to leave the parental yoke. Actually i’m begining my 2nd year of University and feeling like i’m doing that just to have a degree...
  20. wyattnorton

    Flips, Real Estate, & Landscaping... You gotta Johnny Hustle baby!!

    I am going to post a quick little update on what I've been hustling around doing. Real Estate: Bought 2 flip houses, both for a total of $30k. Been busting a$$ trying to get some people out there to start working on the place. Where these two houses are the people are either jacked busy for 2-3...

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