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  1. wyattnorton

    Flips, Real Estate, & Landscaping... You gotta Johnny Hustle baby!!

    I am going to post a quick little update on what I've been hustling around doing. Real Estate: Bought 2 flip houses, both for a total of $30k. Been busting a$$ trying to get some people out there to start working on the place. Where these two houses are the people are either jacked busy for 2-3...
  2. C

    Thoughts on cashing out a HELOC before recession

    Hi All, It seems like the economy might be heading into a recession at this point. I have an available line of credit on my home that has a variable interest rate. With market downturns, there is always huge opportunity to grow wealth. I'm currently evaluating the risk/benefits of cashing out...
  3. bizarre

    A question about real estate

    Hello everyone! To people that are already „in the game“, this question might sound a bit silly, but it‘s something that‘s kinda been holding me back from getting into real estate too deeply. To put it simply: How does one take care of their properties without losing too much cash? So I will...
  4. IronGoat

    What would you do with $250k?

    Hello everyone. I'm new here and I'm interested in the opinions of savvy investors and entrepreneurs on my situation. Upon the sale of a rental property I stand to make about $250k net after tax and commissions. For a bit of history, I had my FTE last summer and left a six-figure career to...
  5. theautismgenius

    House vs apartment which one is better to start

    Hi ! It's Alexis Autotte again I came here to ask a question that bugs me out a lot these times. So basically since I'm young I'm always told by financial advisors that your house in an investment which I'm not quite sure since you don't own the house at 100 % and you got to afford the mortgage...
  6. Acridtj

    Opinions on 2022 house hacking?

    Good afternoon everyone. I'm new to the forum and just recently have been listening to the millionaire fast lane. I've always wanted more in ln life and have been more inspired lately to forge my own path. I would love your options and advice on currently using house hacking as a way to get...
  7. Kung Fu Steve

    RK vs. GC (Interesting "chat" about RE investing in today's market)

    I know both of these guys (RK less so)... they are both goofy as the day is long... but I trust Grant. He's a standup guy. I don't trust Robert. He's not. But I just thought this was an interesting listen. It really feels like the Kiyosakis keep going back to what worked in the past. Grant's...
  8. O

    House Hacking as a Method of Generating Capital

    Good afternoon, I am a young unmarried man, with a high likely hood of being able to secure a good loan for property. I am a service member who had completed the requirements to secure a VA Loan. I am in the age where most of the people who are my peers are in the college and in need of...
  9. ChrisGav

    Made my first 100k per month at 23 years old, now what?

    HELP. This is nuts guys. I am making more money than I know what to do with and I need some big time help from you experienced guys. I don't even say any of this to brag. I say all of this because everything is moving so quickly, and I have never experienced anything like it. This is LITERALLY a...
  10. G

    Real estate, USA or Canada ?

    Hello everyone, i hope all of you have a nice day. My name is Gonzalo and i live in chile. Im looking move to other country and i have two options to choose, USA or Canada. Before take a decision i have been looking many articles of taxes in both countries but i think is better ask to the...
  11. 2dads

    What you wish you had known - first home?

    GOOOD MORNINGGGG FASTLANE FORUM! This is not a test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Wife and I have been saving to get into the Australian property market, just been confirmed it looks like pre approval/funding is going ahead in coming weeks - excited but until it is done not going to get my hopes up...
  12. thechosen1

    Self Storage Acquisition Options

    Have a nice off market deal on some self storage. 180 units. I’m doing my due diligence but afraid I don’t have the funds to close. Looking at SBA potentially. Anyone have advice on acquiring something like this when you have little money to put down ? I think I could refi my home and use that...
  13. 0

    I could use some life advice...

    So it feels like I'm at a cross-roads and could use some advice from others. Not entirely sure which way to take things right now and every path seems uncertain. So about 3 months ago I got into crypto, mainly NFTs. Turned 8k into about 40k. (Made a bunch of mistakes and lost some money, made...
  14. FNeu

    Established Business, but fairly new to entrepreneurship still

    Hey my name is Freddy and I have been running my own real estate business/investments since March 2020 and it is all remote work. I am 26 and from a small town in Colorado, went to college in Arkansas, and now live in San Antonio, TX. I have an entrepreneurial spirit so strong now I don't know...
  15. thechosen1

    Books About Real Estate Development and New Construction

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone here has recommendations for books revolving around real estate development and new construction. I've read several great books about rental property investing and a couple about remodels/flips but I'm looking for detailed, specific books on the ground...
  16. L

    LF feedback on my new business :)

    Hello everybody, I recently graduated (amidst the pandemic) and decide to embark on an entrepreneurship journey. While in Mexico I worked in a digital marketing agency and I decided to applied what I learned to a rela estate website (think Zillow or After returning to my home...
  17. S

    Real Estate Agent or A Multi Cafe business

    Hello all, I have read both TMF and Unscripted of MJ. The content is really great. I need some advice from fellow entrepreneurs about which business is better when it comes to CENTS framework. I am really passionate about real estate and always learning about it from great real estate people...
  18. thechosen1

    Buying a Franchise - How to Make it SUPER Fastlane and Make MEGA Millions.

    Lol my title is very click-baity but hear me out: I know the common idea here is not to buy a franchise. But what about multiple units of the same franchise? I read a story about the top 10 richest homeowners in some section of Florida (it may have been Palm Beach or something - I found the...
  19. C

    Real estate business owners...

    Do you have any issues integrating systems? Are there any manual (e.g. data entry) processes you have that can be automated with scripting tools, saving labor costs?
  20. Salama2017

    Debt-free! But Now What?

    Hello FLM fam!! It's been a while. I first joined this forum in 2017 and was desperate to make money. I learned a lot from the MFL and the Unscripted as well as from this Forum. I still couldn't focus on one thing due to mounting debt. I would start working on an idea but then would find...

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