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  1. GuitarDude

    Young Social Media Influencers Make 60k Profit per Month

    I'm constantly seeing YouTube and Instagram videos featuring young entrepreneurs who claim they're making 60k or more a month through dropshipping and e-commerce. People like Sebastian Esqueda, Sebastian Ghiorghiu, Biaheza, and others featured on their channels. It's tempting to try and copy...
  2. anti_businessman

    [INTRODUCTION] I am trying ecommerce again

    Hi everyone, Navs here. From Australia. I have been in and out of ecommerce for the last few years and haven't really had much success. My biggest success was probably dropshipping chess sets for a few $K. I have tried other stuff too. My biggest mistakes are related to not taking more risks...
  3. Paco G

    I made my Shopify Dropshipping Store but now im wondering how i get customers with ads.

    Hello Everyone, I just finished my First Shopify Store and now im wondering how to get Sales, like i want to use the product videos from my Supplier but i dont know where to start with advertising. My Store: (its German)
  4. Simon Angel

    Where to acquire lists of affiliate marketers and dropshippers?

    Hi guys, I've been working with a client (an agency rather than my usual e-commerce brand clients) that has presented a new challenge: Acquiring massive lists of dropshippers and affiliate marketers for cold emailing. We'd need to buy them and they'd also have to be half-decent obviously since...
  5. MJ DeMarco

    What GURUs are really selling you...

    TLDR; Gurus sell easy hustles like dropshipping that are trash opportunities selling trashy imported goods from China. Meanwhile, if you sell those shitty courses to 1,000,000 fools who buy the BS, you make bank. Nothing has changed in 40 years...
  6. RayanMargham

    First Business Venture, was a bust but I know what I got myself into!

    I decided F*** it and I went ahead and started a dropshipping business not for profit but rather experience. I knew I was throwing money down the drain on this venture but the experience value it provides me is more then enough for me to do it anyway. So here's what I did. I began searching for...
  7. Mester

    0 conversion rate - when should I give up

    Hi I'm new to the forum, sorry if I chose the wrong section, but I'm still learning how to navigate through this. About 2 months ago I started dropshipping (with shopify). I've spent some money on advertising since then, but I've also expanded social media. I focused on tiktok, youtube and...
  8. eTox

    AMA - $500k+/mo Dropshipper With Rebills

    Hey guys, it's been a long journey since the first date I joined. I haven't been really active for the past few years. A lot has happened since then. I am immensely grateful for the value that I've got from reading progress threads and insider threads (highly recommend!!!). I've learned a lot...
  9. $MakingMitch

    First Dropshipping Store

    Hey Fastlane, I decided to get started dropshipping this year and made my first store I would appreciate it if anyone of you could look at the site and let me know what you think The purpose of the site is to combine your smartphone and wallet so it's easier to...
  10. Frost

    Creatives Finder For Dropshipping Ads

    Hey guys, While going through the painstaking process of finding creatives (videos/photos) to make ads for a product I want to test, it suddenly hit me that this could be a real need that dropshippers face. AFAIK the current MO for many dropshippers is to use a service called AdSpy for product...
  11. Frost

    Scaling A Dropshipping Store

    Hello, I've been running a dropshipping store for a couple of months now, using Pinterest ads. The product that I started with seems to be doing well, but it needs more optimization (margins, conversion rate, ROAS) to be worth it. I took the opportunity to start looking for agents in China in...
  12. G

    This former dropshipper did $10 billion dollars in sales last year

    Chris Xu went from dropshipping wedding dresses to creating a $47 billion clothing company that releases between 700-1,000 new items EVERY day. Don't believe me? Here's how he does it In 2008, the SEO expert Chris Xu saw an opportunity in dropshipping wedding dresses from Chinese manufacturers...
  13. ohmamecr

    What do you guys think about dropshipping?

    I will start a dropshipping business with about 300€, if goes well i will make a brand, ill be spending 200 in the IA of facebook ads, that's my 2nd project. If i fail ill dont care becaus i will have learned something more for the next project that im looking with a friend. What you recommend...
  14. A

    Shipping goods from China to EU

    Hey everyone, I am planning on importing food boxes made of sugarcane - making it biodegradable - from China, but the shipping costs are so high that it would take all my profits away, making it impossible to even operate with a 10% profit margin. I heard the shipping prices jump high during...
  15. RobbieFoston

    Advice on launching a T-Shirt business using Printful (or similar)

    Hi Guys, I'm looking at launching a business with some custom t-shirts I'm designing. They're focused on the bodybuilding market as I already have an audience (10k+ on instagram). I know there's demand for the product but I was looking to see if anybody had any advice. I'm looking at using...
  16. R

    20 years old , committed to staying on the Fastlane

    Hello ! I am Rohit , 20 years old from central India . I have been reading about finance and business since past 1 year (all thanks to corona for slowing down the world so i could think clearly for myself and choose to start gaining financial knowledge). I am currently self employed with a few...
  17. S

    Hello and thank you for adding me

    Hello, I am creating a drop shipping enterprise and am looking to connect to any other European dropshippers to discuss and share idea's and solutions to roadblocks we have come up against. Look forward to reading the posts and sharing some of the tools/idea's already being used. Martin Lennon...
  18. OneLife

    My Journey to Freedom, Entrepreneurship and Impact (eCommerce)

    Hi! I'm Liel, 20 years old from Israel. Before I start, I wanted to say that I feel like this community is amazing and I'm grateful to be a part of it. Although not being an active user for long, I already got tons of value here. This is my attempt to give back a little, hopefully inspire...
  19. D

    One Or Multiple Product Type?

    hello, as I’m working out my master plan for my niche canvas art Shopify Store...I ran into a problem... Do I sell one type of product ? (just canvas art) Or do i sell other type of products my audience would like as well ? (IE statues, and other home decor) example of a one product type...
  20. StoveOngle

    I'm here because my girlfriends mum said I couldn't do it.

    Let me introduce myself first of all. I’m Stove, I’m from Scotland (UK), I’m 29. I’m a hobbyist filmmaker/ photographer and I currently work in digital marketing for a campervan manufacture company. I own my own successful small local business too, which recently got all but destroyed thanks...