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NOTABLE! WTF does Tai Lopez do?

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Apr 4, 2016
So I watched this short clip and it made him look bad, and then I watched the whole 30 minute video thinking that he'd stumble through the whole thing. But the 30 minute video wasn't that bad.

I read some comments before I watched the video and it was full of Tai supporters blasting the kid. But in the end I agreed with them. He asked very poor questions and just couldn't hang with him in terms of business maturity.

So here's what I was thinking. Any real estate investor should know what a cap rate is. But then I thought, did he start out doing SFH or multi-unit deals? Or maybe he went straight into larger deals. He is definitely very vague. If you aren't doing the details or actual work and just putting together deals, you may never calculate cap rate.

In the end I think the other dude is a little flawed. He said that he wouldn't want Tai on his board because he didn't think Tai could help his company, after Tai pointed out that his company had 200k instagram followers and only 300 likes. This tells me that this other dude is not interested in learning or growing his company, he just wants to be right.
Regardless if you like Tai Lopez or not, I would kill to have him promote my business online or get a shout out. Tai IS a master of marketing. We can't stop talking about him, which is indirectly putting money into his bank account. The attention economy is very real and we can all learn from him.

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Apr 6, 2014
So when I first saw this thread a few years back I thought i would listen to a view of his interviews on youtube, etc. And I have.
I like Tai.
BUT, I also dislike Tai.

Watching the youtube videos where he is interviewed they are all pretty much the same... he answers every question by quoting a book. He never gives his answer, or what he really thinks.
any time he is pressed for an answer, he brings up a quote, or another book.

actually it's a bit annoying. It's like a guy that is all fluff, no substance. I don't know if he is "to cool for school" and that's the persona he's trying to show case in these videos, but I find it hard to connect with him Versus someone like Joe Rogan.

Of course, they are different personalities... but Joe Rogan does the long form interviews, but you really get his OWN PERSONAL opinion, and not some rehashed, reworded, quote from a book that Joe Rogan brags that he read.

I agree with Tai that books are good, and I like his over all larger message, and image, and I give him credit for that. The videos he does on his own, they are not to bad, and I think there is a lot of things/ideas/knowledge you can skim from it, and a LOT you can learn.

so there is good and bad.


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Jan 31, 2019
...If I were an aspiring entrepreneur I would pay some serious attention to what he has to say because to be where he is now from where he came from is pretty damn miraculous....I've narrowed down the list of people I gather information from to a very select few and he's one of them.
Haters gonna hate, and if this is a forum to add value and not complaining, i'll add my cents in this post.

We have to be picky to whom we listen to, and there are a lot of guru out there selling how to do stuff and profit from it without actually doing what they advice.

Tai is different, he builds programs to teach people about different methods of making money. From real state, to starting your own social media managent agency, etc. He finds people who really knows how it is done to teach for him. Creates a digital course, adds it in his platform, massive market it and profit. Each course goes around $500, i bought one about Bitcoin and the information is quality. He doesn't teach, he pays other people to teach you. He learns from these people, and shares the knowledge with you.

And if you like marketing, you have to get in his list and check his copy writing. It's a master piece. He is everywhere, has a massive email list. When i see a guy like this, i focus on what i can learn and not what i can hate.

If you learn something from him, follow him. If you think it's a waste of time, don't even think about him, or post about it somewhere.


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Jun 7, 2018
Just saw a commercial by him today. I think it was on Youtube.
He shows a black Lamborghini he claims to own.
WTF does he do? I haven't seen him do anything except talk about books, books, books
and utter an endless stream of platitudes.
Is he just some kind of self-styled success guru or does he have a real business?
Is he trying to be the next Warren Buffet? The next Brian Tracy?
I heard Warren Buffet is always reading.
I don't have time to read a bunch of general advice anymore.
I just need to hustle and get a lot of work done.
I got a bunch of good work done today, which is good.
I think I'm in the zone now.
Look at this video for TJF, you'll get it quickly :


So, possibly nothing to do with reading


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Feb 8, 2019
The secret for these business theme influncer is to have a like-able personality.

I didn’t say that. The conclusion came from Li XiaoLai, who is a bitcoin billionaire who also sell “business knowledge”as part of his side business.

I am not against a business coach having limited success in the real business world before they turned into coaching. As long as they have the experience of getting their hands dirty and drawing meaningful conclusion for their experience and observations.

I actually watch less English speaking business contents these days and focus on the Chinese language based content these days. I get tired watching English speaking guru recycling the old content of Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins and Grant Cardone...


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Jan 1, 2020
Look at this video for TJF, you'll get it quickly :


So, possibly nothing to do with reading
I was just about to post this. He makes $70M a year from courses alone I think.


I always thought he only made like $10M a year or something max. But damn.

Shows you the power of a Personal Brand + Scale + Diversification.

But really just the power of Personal Brand.

I think he literally just partners with Experts and promotes a course that he made with them.

He has the reach. They have the expertise.


Love him or hate him, I have to admit he has an incredible business model.


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Jun 8, 2019
Tai had some excellent advice/thoughts in-between all the info he gives to entertain his young and distractable audience...

He introduced me to stoicism with his book summary of "On Shortness of Life," and some of his interviews like the one with Ferritta are pure gold.

Really interesting also how he gradually climbed up from affiliate marketer, to his own products/services, to actually buying distressed brands/assets like Dressbarn.

He did achieve a lot, but as for anyone else, I believe it's good to learn what you can and forget all the rest with objectivity. He isn't a "guru" that haven't done the stuff he talks about thought, besides his flashy style that screams scam.


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Jul 25, 2016
Regardless if you like Tai Lopez or not, I would kill to have him promote my business online or get a shout out. Tai IS a master of marketing. We can't stop talking about him, which is indirectly putting money into his bank account. The attention economy is very real and we can all learn from him.
LMAO Don Lapre, what a character. Kind of like Roy Batty, he burned twice as hot but half as long.

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