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Aug 21, 2017 at 11:37 AM
Aug 19, 2015
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Valetta, Malta


Legendary Contributor, Male, from Valetta, Malta

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Aug 21, 2017 at 11:37 AM
    1. Argue
      Fox, I'm always on your gold thread but I have a question. How much should I charge small businesses? The starting point of $1,000 or if I'm building responsive sites, $5,000? For some reason, I have a doubt stuck in my mind that small companies are afraid to pay that dollar amount ($1,000-$5000). Any help with mindset/price would be awesome. Thank you! ^^
    2. johnnyfriendly
      Hi Fox,

      I'm new to the forum and am watching your thread with great interest. I would like like to send you a PM but can't seem to work out how. I don't see that option anywhere.
    3. Fernand
      Hey Fox, I read in one of your threads that you knew Edmonton well and went to UofA? I currently run a (slowlane) mobile window tinting business to make ends meet. Do you have any contacts in Edmonton that own a shop for commissioned rent? Thanks mate!
      1. Fox
        Hey I lived in Edmonton but didn't study at U of A. I wouldn't have any idea of where to get a shop but that is a cool business idea. You should hand out flyers on the bigger refineries out of town.
        Jan 18, 2017
        Fernand likes this.
      2. Fernand
        That's great to know!

        What do you think my flyers should advertise? My services or the fact that I need shop access?
        Jan 20, 2017
    4. Fox
      1. Walker likes this.
    5. Ankerstein17
      Hey Fox, my good friend from Edmonton here told me you gave him solid advice on building a social media marketing business. He spoke very highly of you and I just wanted to come by and introduce myself to you. :)
      1. Fox likes this.
    6. Tristan95
      Hey Fox, how you built such a great network of people in South America before you went there?
      1. Fox
        Hey man I just showed up with a good attitude and meet people as I went. I didn't know anyone beforehand.
        Nov 11, 2016
    7. WebMedic
      Hi Fox, sent you a PM regarding your strategic alliance post.
    8. MJ DeMarco
      MJ DeMarco
      Yes, edit your post there for your ad. Then we need to approve it.
      1. Fox
        Thanks and will do.
        Jun 8, 2016
    9. Second Saint
      Second Saint
      Hey Fox, I saw your thread about the copywriting mastermind and a few questions popped up. How exactly would we leverage the group? Is it literally just - Goals/Input/Output/Income one time a week in that thread? Sharing content/tips? Peer review? If I did Lex's challenge could I post the results in the group?
      1. Fox
        Good questions. I believe that committing to action and documenting that action will create potential for huge progress. The bare minimum is just reporting what you did (although even that would be a lot) then add in all the extra things you mentioned. Yes do Lexs challenge and join the group. This is exactly what I am doing to start off as well. Head over to the thread and post up your goals and commitment.
        Dec 7, 2015
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