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67 steps

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  1. InstantNoodles

    HOT TOPIC My new project is to summarize Tai Lopez's 67 steps. Here are the first two lessons revealed.

    Earlier today I came up with this "great idea" to summarize Tai Lopez's 67 steps (which cost $67.) Many people hate him for his shameless self-promotion on Youtube (many of you have seen ads with his lamborghini and mansions). This is surprisingly hard work. Each of his lessons are an hour long...
  2. M

    NOTABLE! "Tell me the exact steps" (OK, here are all 67 of them.)

    We see it here all the time here at Fastlane. Someone posts a success story or a personal break through, and like clockwork, someone always asks "what exactly did you do? I mean like, tell me the EXACT steps!" How do I succeed? How do I make millions?! How do I X, Y, and Z? Well by popular...
  3. TonyStark

    O/T: FUNNY F*ck This Guy - Tai Lopez

  4. Journey2Million$

    NOTABLE! WTF does Tai Lopez do?

    Just saw a commercial by him today. I think it was on Youtube. He shows a black Lamborghini he claims to own. WTF does he do? I haven't seen him do anything except talk about books, books, books and utter an endless stream of platitudes. Is he just some kind of self-styled success guru or does...
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