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"Tell me the exact steps" (OK, here are all 67 of them.)

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Apr 30, 2016
Yeah, So.... At what point can we sit down for coffee? Can you also mentor me? How about being a partner in my company? We are going to make a billion dollars.

Forget it's better.
You do not need a mentor but a caregiver to help you do your homework.
What did you understand?
I said the lessons they give to kindergarten children at home.
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Dana Taylor

New Contributor
Nov 2, 2018

We see it here all the time here at Fastlane. Someone posts a success story or a personal break through, and like clockwork, someone always asks "what exactly did you do? I mean like, tell me the EXACT steps!"

How do I succeed? How do I make millions?! How do I X, Y, and Z?

Well by popular demand, I give you the exact steps!

Here we go:

The Exact Steps For Entrepreneurial Success!
  1. Read the book, get excited and post forum declaration about making $10M in the next 10 months!
  2. Act.
  3. Fail.
  4. Learn.
  5. Adjust.
  6. Act.
  7. Fail.
  8. Learn.
  9. Adjust.
  10. Act.
  11. Fail.
  12. Learn.
  13. Adjust.
  14. Act.
  15. Fail.
  16. Learn.
  17. Adjust.
  18. Act.
  19. Fail.
  20. Learn.
  21. Adjust.
  22. Act.
  23. Fail.
  24. Learn.
  25. Adjust.
  26. Act.
  27. Fail.
  28. Learn.
  29. Adjust.
  30. Act.
  31. Fail.
  32. Learn.
  33. Adjust.
  34. Act.
  35. Fail.
  36. Learn.
  37. Adjust.
  38. Act.
  39. Fail.
  40. Learn.
  41. Adjust.
  42. Act.
  43. Fail.
  44. Learn.
  45. Adjust.
  46. Act.
  47. Fail.
  48. Learn.
  49. Adjust.
  50. Act.
  51. Fail.
  52. Learn.
  53. Adjust.
  54. Act.
  55. Fail.
  56. Learn.
  57. Adjust.
  58. Act.
  59. Fail.
  60. Learn.
  61. Adjust.
  62. Act.
  63. Fail.
  64. Learn.
  65. Adjust.
  66. Act.
  67. Succeed!
And the beauty of these EXACT STEPS? They also will tell you EXACTLY where you will fail! Take a look at STEP 3.

That is the place where most people make failure permanent.

STEP 3 is also the final destination for people who say "I gonna give this FASTLANE thing a try!"

Oh really? Going to the gym ONCE ain't gonna make you a fitness model!



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Jan 20, 2019
This thread is bull. I made it to Step 67 and still no succeed. I failed again and again, first an e-commerce t-shirt store with my very own logo designed on Microsoft Paint, then a book I spent one whole week on (not one but TWO drafts), then a jewelry store on etsy!!!

Sure I skipped some steps here and there (“learn” and “adjust”??? C’mon I dropped out of college like Gates and Zuckerberg son, I’m a prodigy), but I was promised a Lambo at Step 67. Where’s my Lambo (red)??? I want a refund on this book (pirated)!!!


New Contributor
Jun 22, 2019
def succeeded?
return if read_mj_books? === false
while @success === false do
# methods or processes
# add more awesome , cents or mj approved processes here..
# check if golden candies or ice cream popout, u got it!
if gold_ball_candies === true || ice_cream === true
@success = true

did u know and study shows that just by having a constant reminder , seeing good inspiring stuff can make your environment happier, successful and inspired ?

and if everyOne in ur circle is happy, successful and inspired
your body hormones will add 5-10years of your lifespan?

not only it will add lifespan, your business income can also grow by 30-40% , oh wow!!!

for just $0.02 a pop! :D buy my " programmer success quotes" now and let u and ur circle succeed in no time;)
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