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  1. VicFountain

    Finally Making It...After 5 Years

    First off, I don't know if I should be making this post. I'm not in a position of great wealth yet but I finally started seeing positive results after about 5 years of struggles and failures. In the past 5 years, I tried the following: - Creating a blog and monetizing it (1 year of work) -...
  2. L

    Is it a waste of time to learn code if I don't know EXACTLY what I want to do with it?

    I'm still kind of in the idea phase, still developing a better mindset with seeing opportunities to create value and solve problems and stuff. Spend a lot of time exercising that 'muscle'. I've learned a bit of React JS and now Python in the meantime, and have a handful of ideas I have...
  3. Sirrom

    Embracing My "Enough Is Enough" Moment: From Cold and Hopeless to millionaire at 27.

    Hey Fastlaners, I want to share the exact moment with you that I believe turned my life around. This was my FTE. I finally had enough of the ‘struggle’. The weather was very cold, windy and rainy. I was riding my scooter to the office at 6 in the morning. It was still dark. Besides being...
  4. Hartrun

    CHAPTER XV | Future Millionaire’s Journey As a Former Dishwasher

    CHAPTER XV: NEW DRASTIC GAMEPLANS “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” ― Stephen R. Covey Part I: Fastlane Progress Specialized Labor: This has to be my least-performing month in terms of writing and publishing. I only created 1 article. Specialized...
  5. ajakupi

    In soft phase seeking feedback

    I am currently in the Proof (Soft) phase. I have edited my website incrementally based on the users acitivity but I want to start an ad campaign with one single picture that showcases the physical product (which still doesn't exist, only a mockup). The picture shows a can submarged can...
  6. Oso

    Oso's Authority Website + Project Dump

    Intro Information They say the more projects you have going on, the more your quality drops. I disagree. My current situation is a bit wonky, but I am taking full advantage of it. Lately, we've had an influx of new members, which is fantastic. In this thread, I will be documenting and listing...
  7. General JB2006

    This is the small hurdle that an entrepreneur has to face, which can make the biggest impact...

    If they don't come to you, come to them. This is tedious as F*ck but you gotta do what you gotta do, One cold email and dm every day, small but baby steps at least, I am gonna expand my view of a niche. Making a personalized script too for each client. To other entrepreneurs out there that are...
  8. DreamBliss

    What Would You Do?

    Scenario: You live in a literally one-stoplight town. You could throw a rock in any direction and hit a fast food place or restaurant that is hiring. But there are few if any other opportunities. You are 47 and living with your parents. You are physically beat up and unable to work 8+ hours a...
  9. DCG

    Web Design Template Progress Thread

    My parents told me that I can't sell the service of making websites for businesses. But after reading the thread GOLD! - EXECUTION - How to Create a $2k+/mo Passive Income Website in 30 Days (or Less), I thought why don't I just sell website templates instead. This thread is going to document...
  10. Hartrun

    CHAPTER XIII | Future Millionaire’s Journey As A Former Dishwasher

    CHAPTER XII: SHADOW OF DEATH "What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?" - John Steinbeck Part I: Progress Stats March's Financial Statement Age: 20y & 5m Gross Income: $7,149 Net Income: $4,844 Assets: $8,020 Cash: $20,949 Expenses: $2,459 Debt...
  11. Nightwolf

    Progress of a teen understanding and winning in the real world - Progress Thread

    Hello, fellow fastlaners, From today I will start documenting my progress and transition into a fastlaner. GOAL: 1. Become a multi-millionaire. 2. Move to the U.S. 3. Build a fastlane business. 4. Adopt a fastlane Mindset. 5. Have an impact on this world by helping as many people as I...
  12. ambitio

    The Climb to Success: A Story of a Confused Young Guy Who Tries to Become an Entrepreneur.

    Hello everyone, in this thread I will document my process. As of right now I have absolutely no experience in business & entrepreneur things. My current goal looks like this: Find a need I can fulfill, then scale the idea and sell it to 50 people. A simple two step process.(I hope so...) I...
  13. DCG

    Getting Clients Journey

    Hello everyone, after reading several threads on this site (MINDSET - EXECUTION - I am doing it, at 16... ) that one in particular, I realized that I've sort of been action faking. Sure I've been making websites, but I haven't been outreaching or actually making sales which was the point of this...
  14. DCG

    Actually Going To Something Part 6

    Hello Fastlaners, I just wanna do a brief update on things so far. I'm already half way done with learning that javascript tutorial on youtube and been looking at making my own portfolio. If I really focus on this then I could be done by the end of Christmas break! I found this guy name Alex...
  15. DCG

    Actually Going To Do Something Part 4

    Hello I wasn't able to post yesterday. I just want to a quick update on everyting so far. I'm more than half way done with CSS. It would go faster but I've been very busy with school and wresling. I also looked at the chat gpt ai and realized that this could be a very useful tool down the road...
  16. DCG

    Actually Going To Do Something Part 3

    Hello, I know it's been a while but I've just been very busy with school work and wrestling. About half way done with learning CSS tutorial on youtube. Also trying to learn email marketing as well so I can cold email as well. Although lately, I notice that I sometimes lose focus on the task and...
  17. Hartrun

    CHAPTER IX | Future Millionaire’s Journey As A Former Dishwasher

    CHAPTER IX: SPIRITUAL ROCK BOTTOM "There is no more time to waste. Hours and days evaporate like creeks in the desert." - David Goggins It's been a bit over a year since I created my Financial Planner on Google Sheets, and it seems I've traveled a full circle in terms of my finances. From...
  18. DCG

    Actually Going To Do Something Part 2

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to make a quick update on first part. It's actually going pretty well. I learned html and I'm learning CSS. Also learning time management, and that's just because I have to balance getting schoolwork done and learning web design. If anyone can recommend some good...
  19. Ivan Koretskyy

    Currently at the lowest point of my entrepreneurial life…

    Here to vent to the forum, just going to be vulnerable here. Idc if my grammar is trash. It’s been 1 year and 1 month since I started my entrepreneurial business, building a system that will automate for me when I do get people to use my product and I heavily invested 80% of my journey doing...
  20. DCG

    Actually going to do something

    Hi and after going on this forum, I want to actually want to do something with my self. Right now I'm broke, I'm so broke that I have 20 dollars in my bank account. After watching this video from Demarco ( View: ) I would...

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