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  1. theautismgenius

    Porn Blocker potential idea ?

    Hi ! I recently watched a company called WonderShare from what I see it's a company that builds software and I scrolled toward some porn blocker on internet and famiSafe which is a porn blocker from their company seems to be a great bet for parents who need to control children from internet...
  2. Hartrun

    CHAPTER III | Future Millionaire Currently Working as a Dishwasher in Manhattan

    CHAPTER III: HOPE "We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope" - Martin Luther King Jr. Image inspired by @addicted2success from MJDeMarco's IG Part I: Progress Stats How's it going y'all? I hope everybody experienced a fantastic month. Personally, I'm not fully...
  3. Af20abn

    19 Year old with a potential tool to help the world

    Hello, hope you guys are having a great week, I was looking for any advice and I am open to any criticism for my business idea.I am trying to build a website consisting peer-to-peer rental platform, that allows consumers to borrow items instead of buying them, which will allow people to spend...
  4. Af20abn

    Advice for a 19 year old Future Entrepreneur

    Greetings everyone, my name is Alin, I am a 19 year old male from the UK. I have completed most of Millionaire Fastlane and I must say it is fantastic, the best book I have read so far , and it has made me change my perspective in various of fields, it has also made me use my free time solely...
  5. TK21


    Hello everyone, I'm excited to start my Fastlane journey, right here, right now. This will be a live document of my process. I kinda typing right now, know where I am, but I don't know where this journey will end... I don't know what really to type, I'll put some information from the intro...
  6. terrordread

    Ways to reward yourself for meeting goals.

    Working on your business by yourself can be a pretty lonely experience unless you take measures to counteract its solo nature. Because you have no manager per se, I think it's important to reward yourself for meeting certain goals or markers in your plan and in doing so build a positive...
  7. Zooman009

    I found something I finally am ready to start executing on!

    Roughly 5 years back when I was 14, I had pretty severe acne, so we went to the doctor and I had Accutane prescribed to me. The issue was that it caused all of my skin to be incredibly dry and especially my nose and lips to the point where it hurt. I would be bleeding from the cracking that was...
  8. Juke

    Hitting a wall in the desert of desertion

    Can you relate to this scenario? I started my journey in to entrepreneurship in early 2020, just before the global pandemic started. I had been getting more and more sick and tired of my job as a sales rep for a software company for some time and decided to design my own product in the...
  9. Ivan Koretskyy

    Ivan’s Startup Progress Report

    Progress Report: While working on my business I learned pros and cons about venture capital and might change my approach on how to acquire seed money. For now I’ll stick with Kickstarter and indie gogo. The library video content for my website is almost completed with a lot of great features...
  10. J

    When a fire starts to burn...

    Hi Everyone, This is my first real post here after joining a few days ago. So I'll give some background about me. Thought I'd leave a thread so as and when, I get time I could update here publicly about opportunities and action steps towards them. I'll also use it as an open diary where I can...
  11. stantechie

    Years of learning, now time to engage in actual process

    Good morning and hello everyone! I have been silently following along on this forum for some time, and have listened to all three of the books by MJ (Audible versions). I'm re-listening to Unscripted right now after finishing the new Rat Race book, and I'm inspired to actually get started in...
  12. K

    Building a Beauty Empire. From 0 to 180k profit in 8 month and beyond

    Hi all. So this year has been a ride and Im thinking about writing a progress blogg to get input but also to organise my days. Maybe I will get some good advice and maybe others can get some ideas. This all started in june last year with my first business which was a beauty clinic where we...
  13. lollo

    Where do we invest while building our business?

    Hi, I just finished Unscripted and The Millionaire Fastlane and I definitely want to change my lifestyle, financially and personally. Mj, in chapter 44 of Unscripted, says that after our 1) business expenses 2) primary expenses and 3) debit expenses, we should focus on saving our income and put...
  14. C

    How to achieve a certain goal? Spend every minute or run a marathon and take enough breaks?

    Hi all, What is in your opinion the best way to achieve a goal? Can you describe your process in detail? I'm currently in the process of creating a SaaS business. When I work hard one day, I sit at the desk the other day and my brain can't think as fast as it usually can. I can't get anything...
  15. H

    Webdesign Hosting and Creation Process

    Hello I would like to create Wordpress websites for international clients. How can I make the creation process as easy and frictionless as possible? I've seen that with Siteground I can create unlimited websites with the "Grow Big" package. After I have created a website, I would then transfer...
  16. MattWorks

    New Member Eager to Learn

    Hey all, Recently joined the forum after reading Unscripted - that book along with a few other books (Will it fly, Principles, Rich Dad Poor Dad, etc.) have inspired me to venture into this space. My father has started his own consulting business and that is going well. I also have a few...
  17. Process

    How The Fastlane Forum Helped Me Reach The Next Step

    Have you ever felt like you were spinning your wheels in business? When first joining this forum three years ago, I was a wannabe freelancer. A big bookshelf and many failed business ventures were the closest things to assets at that time... Reading MJ’s books clarified that focusing on...
  18. Busch_Jager

    Process thread: Subscription website

    Hello, I feel like I have been a wantrepreneur many times before in my life and this thread is dedicated to it stopping. I have already done a fair amount of work toward the project I am working on and will continue to chronicle it here. I won't explain the full details of the site I am...
  19. Z

    Never been good with ever!

    Ok so I have history of being a true financial f***up. I am about to finish my Master’s degree in Radiology Administration which will hopefully make me more money (not rich slowlane) to help pay my debt. I have quite a bit of debt so it make take me a while to pay it all off. My question is...
  20. R

    Fill, don't kill, invest, don't divest

    I'm sitting naked while I type this. I just woke up after a night of drinking, eating and socializing with my girlfriend. It's an exceptional situation because I'm almost never awake before her. What to do? I could wake her from her well-deserved sleep so we could enjoy time together, nope...

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