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  1. Kandre

    Learning-Entrepreneurship Conundrum: Finding the Right Path

    Greetings everyone, I'm Kévin, 28 years old, residing in Paris. Recently, I experienced my fed-up event where I realized I wouldn't find fulfilment in the slowlane. With a Ph.D. in health biology, I've dedicated 2 years to the pharmaceutical industry. I lack entrepreneurial and managerial...
  2. DCA-TJ

    The Fastlane Journey: An Update and Eternal Thanks

    Hi guys, Some of you OG's might remember me from way back in 2014 when I was a bright-eyed, 20-year-old university student devouring The Millionaire Fastlane and contemplating dropping out to pursue entrepreneurship full-time - you can take a look at that thread here. Well, let me tell you...
  3. EmperorWulf

    Iced Tea Small High School Business

    Hi there! As a high school student and MJ DeMarco fan, listening to the Millionaire Fastlane inspired me to think of starting a simple business involving creating and selling homemade iced tea in my school cafeteria, and eventually the local area because where I live, juices and other non-water...
  4. ChristianGDBG

    Dealing with Overwhelm from wearing all the hats

    Hi guys, I hope you're all well and thriving! EDIT: REFRAME. I've done lots of projects, but never can seem to get anything off the ground. I suppose my main problem is that I don't know how to get trafic or sales around what I've created. Or what I'm proposing isn't of any value to anyone...
  5. O

    Web Design Journey

    Hello Fastlaners, I'm creating this execution thread to help keep me accountable. I've been learning HTML & CSS for the past few months but I don't feel I'm ready to start creating real world websites for clients. I'll make sure I finish polishing my skills this month so I can finally start...
  6. F

    Almost graduated, how to get started?

    Hey FastLaners, I made a post a while ago about getting started. But honestly, I've got no clue where to start. I read the book, and obviously, I've got a job that pays decently, and probably if I apply elsewhere I will find a job that can make me decent money, living expenses are also low...
  7. MJ DeMarco

    The Value-Skew of Saving Lives...

    Here’s a great example of problem-solving entrepreneurship with a distinct value skew and a simple, clearly defined value proposition, a value proposition to save someone's life, perhaps your own. This company was brought to my attention by a reader and I immediately bought one...
  8. FastlanerDoer

    15 year old who wants to live the Fastlane Dream

    Hey bois I'm Bryan, a 14 year old boy who lives in Indonesia. Turning 15 in a week, and recently finished reading TMF a couple of days ago. And for real it actually gave me hope and like a guide to making a Fastlane business and escaping the Slowlane scripted plan. I knew the book from Hamza, a...
  9. AnthonyK

    A Speed Bump in My Journey.

    Hello Everyone I am in university right now and before coming here, I had strong feelings of not wanting to. I didn't tell my parents, or challenge their arguments as I believed university at the time was the only path I could take and here I am, not enjoying my classes and the environment...
  10. ycee

    Has anyone studied high performing entrepreneurs like they study high performing athletes?

    How’s someone (like say Alex Hormozi) able to make $100M before 35 vs. other founders in similar markets only net a few mil every year. Both great outcomes, but one is levels above the other. IK this is like asking what sets Kobe/Jordan apart from others but for the business world. Obviously...
  11. MJ DeMarco

    Father-figure abandonment and entrepreneurship...

    So I recently heard someone say that "entrepreneurship" is very appealing to people who have had father-figure abandonment issues early in life, either through death, or just having a father leave the family by choice. I found it interesting because that certainly was my case. My father left...
  12. Damien Boss

    Testing the market's need for your product

    Hello everyone, How do you test the market's need for your product? I started my Fastlane journey a few months ago when I joined this forum. I had a product idea that could help a lot of people, and I've been building this product for a few months. I'm not yet done, and I'm starting to think...
  13. N

    Need advice regarding company structure

    Context: the mother of my boyfriend (Ms. X) dreamed of having her own art gallery, which she founded. She’s a good curator but she was barely selling anything and the management of the gallery was terrible until I stepped in (I have a background in Communications and Marketing + experience...
  14. K1 Lambo

    A Must Watch For Young Entrepreneurs from 15-30

    This is one of my favorite episodes from Andy Frisella(highly recommend him)! Who's a real entrepreneur by the way. If you're in the beginning stages of entrepreneurship(less than 5 years), this an absolute must watch. It can also be very relevant for successful entrepreneurs on this forum too...
  15. K1 Lambo

    Is entrepreneurship something you're born with?

    What do y'all think about this? I think it's a little bit of both. You got two sides of the spectrum. Guys like Gary V who say that entrepreneurship is something that cannot be taught, he uses the LeBron James example often. Everybody can go out there and play basketball, but not everybody...
  16. Black_Dragon43

    Let's Grow Your Sales, Get You Unstuck, or Get You Started on the Fastlane (100% FREE!)

    Attention Business Owners Making <$50,000,000 in Revenue (that includes those who are making $0 - PARKED!) Let's Grow Your Sales, Get You Unstuck, or Get You Started on the Fastlane (100% FREE!) In 2022 I want to help you explode your sales, get yourself unstuck or even get you to switch lanes...
  17. maxshapira

    Half-Dozen Rules for Success

    After reading and listening to innumerable self-development/entrepreneurship content, it all comes to half-dozen rules for success: 1. Be David Blaine Like David Blaine, you have the power to trick minds. But it comes with a kicker—it works only with YOURS. Trick your mind and become a winner...
  18. Eridius

    6 months of entrepreneurship/lifestyle building & heading towards first millions execution process

    Whatsup fellow entrepreneurs and a$$-kickers. I am Juhani Erdius. This is my first post around here, actually this might be one of the first time I doing this. I am an 18 year old aspiring entrepreneur, and an international college student from Vietnam currently living in US. I has always been...
  19. JosephKB

    Joseph from Cape Town, SA

    Greetings everyone I am Joseph from Cape Town in South Africa and I have always loved Entrepreneurship. That is why I studied Business Management. While I am currently working full time, I also run a side business on the side in affiliate marketing until I am able to build something of my...
  20. T

    Entrepreneurship and social life?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently doing a research. As an entrepreneur do you struggle to keep a balance between your social life and professional/entrepreneur life? If so what would you say are your 2 biggest challenges? Thanks for your insights!