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  1. Martin Z

    What is the main reason why people fail in life?

    Evening fellow fastlaners, ever since I was a young kid, I've always been interested in people and to be exact, what's the difference between someone incredibly successful like let's say Dwayne Johnson, Andy Frisella or Tony Robbins to a normal Joe Blow on the street who lives a mediocre life...
  2. Victor Newman

    Lets Talk About Failure In Business (Making Money)...

    I'm starting a podcast about failure in business (trying to make money). I'm looking for guests who want to talk about their attempts at making money that failed. And the reasons they think it failed (and if those reasons are even correct). Doesn't matter how big or small the failure. Nor...
  3. fastlane_dad

    The Failure Thread: How we lost $20K / month and other Business Mishaps!

    So much of today's culture is focused on hustling / winning / displaying your accomplishments, that many of the failures, mishaps, trials of attempt and the struggle get swept under the rug. I've always been fascinated and more curious about the wrong paths taken, the trials and tribulations...
  4. Joa.Tra

    My first business failed but this is what I've learned.

    Hey. I'm Joanna. My first e-commerce business failed. Here's what I learned along the way. From the beginning I want to thank Mj, but also the whole community. For the motivation you guys give me. For showing me that if you put your energy and soul into building a business, you can do it...
  5. X

    Why can't I succeed already? Is something's wrong with me?

    Hey guys this one's gonna be a bit long but I would appreciate it a lot if you guys read it all because I feel like you guys could actually help me with your past experience. I feel like every thing that I try to do fails. I'm currently 17 y/o and last year I tried opening a business/niche of...
  6. A

    My first business attempt failed

    Hi guys and gals Wasn't on the forum for quite some time. I've been working on a business with a good friend of mine and we just decided to "close shop" and move on. a bit of background: (long story short) the business required cooperation from a certain industry's people. neither me nor my...
  7. ZahScr

    We May Have Been Closer Than We Realized: A Lesson in KE

    Skip to bottom for TLDR + Lesson bullets. I recently finished Unscripted, and it made me stop reflect again on my first swing at a business. I started it in 2015 with a good friend. We were in the service industry at the time. We had no idea how to start a business. We had never heard of MJ...
  8. M

    My failures and what I learned from them.

    Hi all, I figured I'd share some of my failures and pains that I've gone through with my ventures and what I learned from. Maybe there's some lessons that might be valuable to people. So, as a kid I always dreamt of working with entertainment as an artist. Like for many, growing up was painful...
  9. S

    Hi. I'm an M33 entrepreneur from India who failed my first 2 ventures. Hear my see-saw story!

    Hi everyone! Here's an introduction about myself. I read TMF because a person who I used to do business with makes $60k a month, and he recommended this book to me, saying that this book really helped him build the mindset to earn that kind of money. After graduating in Chemical Engineering, I...
  10. SD Entrepreneur

    SUCCESS STORY: $3.7+ Million in Sales since 2012 (Service Business)

    Hello everyone! New member of the forum, love the community and inspiration it provides and thought it was my time to join and contribute. A QUICK OVERVIEW OF MY JOURNEY (so far) Graduated college (no loans, paid by working hard in a trade before starting and working during school) Got a...
  11. AG356

    How I went from $0 to $300,000 at the age of 22 (Oh, and back to $0)

    Alright guys, time for round 2 of me throwing out a novel as a thread before I leave another year or two and live to tell another tale. Maybe some of you remember me from my Amazon FBA thread I’ve written 2 years ago. I thought about adding what this story to the Amazon thread, however, I...
  12. Siddhartha

    Foundations, the trigger, reaching olympus

    Everyone wants to claim freedom, everyone wants to claim financial security and freedom from the script. Some have done this; but most of them gloss over what they started with, what they came from, and some of the worst battles. Popular biographies and blog posts tend to be some of the worst...
  13. MJ DeMarco

    Your worst entrepreneurial failure... details please!

    What is your worst entrepreneurial failure... please, let's hear the details! If you share, please let us know how you ACTED, ASSESSED, and ADJUSTED, if at all. I'll start... I mentioned this story in Unscripted but it is what I'd classify as my worst failure... More recently, my worst...
  14. pat9000

    Why do we love losers?

    I feel too many people are soft today. We accept failure almost as equally as a success. They try to make all the kids feel like winners and have no one feel the grief of loss. If you never taste defeat, how can you truly taste victory? I just wonder why we are accepting stuff like this and...
  15. Dragan9

    19 yo Dancing with fear, Call to action, Leaving Home.

    I am a 19 Year old Bosnian. I always hated the 9-5 scam. I hated the idea of selling my soul to a job that i hate. I saw life has more to offer, so when people asked me what do I want to work when i Grow up, I had no plan. I would usually give them a short answer,Doctor,Lawyer bla bla...That was...
  16. F

    GET TO COLLEGE! (Because I failed at business.)

    Here is my perspective. I think that if you're unsure of what you want to to do with your life, you should go to college until you figure it out. I love MJ's book, but one issue I have with it is his hatred of college education and getting a job. The millionaire fastlane claims that there are...
  17. M

    21-year-old uni grad - frozen & stuck because I fear failure

    OK, here it goes. I know I was supposed to do this 3 1/2 years ago, but better late than never. I’m a university grad, born, raised, and schooled in the hellhole known as Toronto. I majored in finance at a business school, & got a job as an accounting clerk shortly after graduation. During the...
  18. MikeS

    When was it the last time that someone failed to sell you something? Why did he fail?

    Recently, I have seen a post on the Facebook from @Fox about how someone has failed to sell him a personal training. I thought it was interesting and realized that it could be a great idea to turn it into a thread on this forum. We can all learn from the mistakes of others. So tell me: When...
  19. D

    Another Slice of Humble Pie for 404, Failed SAAS

    Yet again, I've failed. There are always lessons to be learned with each of these landmines, but this one hit deep. In this episode, 404 violates the Commandment of Need. I've spent 7 months diligently developing a SaaS product that I told the market it needed, but not one that the market told...
  20. MJ DeMarco

    Hate mail, Volume 1: I tried that once!

    Couldn't resist, but sometimes I get the best content ideas emailed to me!

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